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    Thursday, March 26, 2015

    10 Best Sweet Place Tour In Bali

    Duniacare.-10 Best Sweet Place Tour In Bali.Welcome to Bali.Here we when was you are arrive in Bali.And of course wanna to make something feelin happy and fun.That's the main purpose the people coming to Bali.So here Duniacare share the 10 Top and the Best Sweet Place Tour In Bali.

    Bali Top 10 tours present you with select excursions from Bali's treasure trove of attractions. Travellers to the island will find stunning beaches, expanses of terraced rice fields, together with a wealth of historical sites, temples, art and the culture that Bali has long been known for.

    The various highlights located across eight different regencies continue to attract visitors with different sights to suit any preference. These have been specially designed to maximise your Bali holiday experience, with inclusions of the most important highlights. Get the most out of your visit with these options, and journey to see the very best of Bali!

    1.Highlights of Bali Tour
    This not-to-miss tour offers an introduction into Bali's vibrant heritage. It takes you to see three fascinating sites: Kertha Gosa, an 18th century royal court with magnificent Kamasan-style ceiling paintings; Besakih Temple, Bali’s largest temple complex; and Gunung Kawi, an 11th century temple featuring stone shrines carved into both sides of a valley.For more about Klunkung and Kertha Gosa Click Here.

    2.Uluwatu Cliff Temple, Fire Dance and Beach Dinner
    This stunning combination of sunset, temple, cliff-top setting and visual arts make for a memorable experience in Bali. Uluwatu Temple is among the significant sea temples on the island located on Bali's southern peninsula. Grey long-tailed macaques inhabit the region, and the Kecak fire dance performance adds an exotic appeal at sundown.For more about Uluwatu Cliff Temple and Fire Dance Click Here

    3.The Amazing Tanah Lot Experience
    This tour highlights the best of Bali's west, starting with Pura Taman Ayun, which dates back to the 17th century. Next is the Alas Kedaton monkey forest with its tall nutmeg trees. Tanah Lot temple as last stop, is built atop a huge rock with waves crashing against its rock base. Add sunset, and you'll easily have one of Bali's most iconic views.More about Beautiful Tanah Lot Bali Click Here.

    4.Ubud Discovery and Active Volcano Tour
    A delightful blend of tradition, art, nature and spirituality defines the true essence of a Bali experience, and this is what you will get from this tour. Visit the Barbutan art village and delight in the spectacle of the Barong and Keris dance, a story telling dance detailing the fight between good and evil.

    5.Bali Elephant Riding Tour
    This elephant riding tour invites you to traverse through traditional villages and wander along tropical jungle paths. The gentle giants will take you on a steady stroll through refreshing scenery, then visit a botanical garden that houses one of the island’s largest collections of orchids and palm trees.
    6.Whitewater Rafting at Ayung River Tour
    Ayung River runs through Bali’s heartland, home to among the island’s most fantastic landscapes. Ayung features Class II and III rapids, winding through deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, dense tropical rainforest jungle and ravines. An excellent lunch is served on a terrace river café at the end of the trip.

    7.Sunset Dinner with Bali Hai Cruise II
    There's no better way to spend a balmy tropical evening than on Bali Hai's evening Dinner Cruise. As the sun goes down, set off on a relaxing cruise around the harbour.  Take in the cool night air on the top deck, enjoy live entertainment by the famous strolling trio Batakos Singers or a troupe of cabaret dancers.

    8.Anika Cooking Class
    Anika Cooking Class shows you some insights into local heritage cuisine through traditional techniques and exotic ingredients. After an exciting day in the kitchen and learning how to select ingredients at a traditional market, you will soon master the art of combining and balancing various flavours to create an array of unique tastes.

    9.Bali Sea Walker Tour
    Have you ever felt like walking on the bottom of the ocean and exploring all that goes on there? Now you can do it. You can walk right on the bottom of the ocean and witness sea life of all kinds. A safe and exciting underwater adventure, SeaWalker is a unique diving system providing an opportunity to observe the underwater.

    10.Bali East Coast Discovery Tour
    There’s something both mysterious and romantic about embarking on a road less travelled; a journey to the east coast of Bali will only confirm this. Bali’s eastern region offers an ideal escape for those in search of a 'hidden' paradise. Get to know the island’s spiritual side at the Besakih Temple complex.
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