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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    5 Balinese Music Instrumental

     Duniacare-5 Balinese Culture Music Intrumental.Here some of Balinese music instrumental traditional.Traditional Musical Instruments Bali in general can also be found in several other provinces in Indonesia. But apart from the difference of course the name of the instrument has a good characteristic shape ornaments, carvings or how to play it that makes it different even though the function and sound the same. And here are some traditional Balinese musical instruments that we can know:

     1. Traditional Musical Instruments Bali - "Gamelan"

    Bali which we know as the island of the gods also have gamelan as well as other provinces in Java. Gamelan itself is a set of traditional musical instruments consisting of gongs, drums, and xylophone kempul. Gamelan-making materials include metal, resulting in a loud voice and a great echo, used in religious ceremonies and accompanying dance.

    Although it can be said to have the same functionality as Gamelan of Java, but the form of ornamentation or decoration of Balinese gamelan be one of the characteristics that distinguish it.

     2. Traditional Musical Instruments Bali - "Rindik"

    Rindik is one of the traditional musical instruments of Bali. Musical instrument played by means of the hit is made from bamboo structure.
    There are five basic tones owned by Rindik. Rindik used as background music folk entertainment "Joged tube. However, along with the times, now Rindik been more flexible in its use. Some of them are as a complement to the wedding / reception and can also to welcome guests.

     3. Traditional Musical Instruments Bali - "Ceng-Ceng"

    Balinese traditional musical instruments, hereinafter referred to Ceng-molasses. Ceng bell is shaped like musical pieces 2 pieces cymbals made of metal, which is played with the cymbals Carame madukan pieces. Balinese traditional musical instruments of the gamelan is used to accompany and rindik.

     4. Traditional Musical Instruments Bali - "Pereret"

    Pereret traditional musical instruments of Bali is a kind of ancient musical instrument trumpet made of wood shaped in such a way that it becomes a trumpet. This instrument was made in many areas of Jembrana, Bali. Usually this instrument is used to accompany the art Sewo Gati. How to use this Pereret is to blow the instrument so out sound very melodious and enchanting.

    In Bali antiquity known as Pereret loving compassion. This is because typically this tool is often used by a virgin to enchant a girl who loved her, and then play it at night on a high tree, so that his voice could be heard faintly tunable from a distance of approximately one kilometer. Prior to use, the device must first be filled with supernatural powers by Jero Balian (Shaman) by giving the sacred offerings dedicated to Trance Pasupati.

    5. Traditional Musical Instruments Bali - "Genggong"
    Genggong is a unique instrument that shakes the less known. Its uniqueness lies in the resulting sound gives the impression that if felt much like the sound of frogs rice bersahut merry-replication at night. Its uniqueness others are utilizing the oral cavity as a resonator people who ring it.

    Balinese traditional musical instrument is sounded by way of sucking (yanggem) in the section called "palayah" her. Finger left hand holding the tool tip to the left and right hand clutching a small bamboo stalk connected by a rope yarn with the tool tip on the right. To ring then the thread pulled to the right side slightly angled to the front, but do not blow it. Only the oral cavity as a resonator, zooming in accordance with the low or high tone desired.

    In Bali this Genggong instrument used solely for entertainment, for example in the event of marriage. Artist craftsmen who are still active genggong makers are abundant in Batuan Village, Gianyar, for example on a called I Made Meji. There are times when the goods are made as "souvenirs" were sold for the tourists.

    Ingredients to make genggong is the stem of a palm tree in Bali called "pugoug". Whichever is quite old and dry, preferably dried in the trunk itself. Selected outer skin, made sliced ​​rectangular cross section with a size of approximately 2 cm wide and twenty centimeters in length. The inside is soft cleaned up living outside the hard thick roughly a quarter cm. Palayah or vibrating parts of the instrument is located in the middle slice both ends within two centimeters of the boundary end sectional slices. Palayah half cm width. Palayah composed of body and end palayah palayah which is or leads to the left side of the wedge. This palayah end cultivated as thin as possible with a width of approximately ten mm. Similarly palayah body parts are made of thin, approximately 2 cm at the top made remained thick, the overall cross-sectional slices of thick slices. Furthermore, on the right end sectional slices made a hole where the rope yarn, which is approximately 5 cm in length.

    The thread also tied on a small sprig of bamboo round, round 10 cm. Time rang genggong right hand holding the rod vertically to pull the thread to play thrilled.

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