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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    About Acehnese Indonesia Tribes

    Duniacare-About Aceh Tribe Indonesia.Here we go to know Aceh Tribe one of  Indonesia Tribes.This one most popular in Indonesia too cause Aceh place the start of Indonesia island.Acehnese is the name of a tribe that inhabited the northern tip of Sumatra. They are Muslims. Their language is a language spoken by Acehnese are still related to the Mon Khmer language (Champa). Acehnese language is part of the Malayo-Polynesian west, a branch of the Austronesian language family.

    Acehnese have a long history of the glories of an Islamic empire to fight over the Dutch East Indies colonial conquest.Many of the Acehnese culture that absorbs the Hindu culture of India, where many Acehnese language vocabulary Sanskrit. Acehnese are tribes in Indonesia who first embraced Islam and founded the Islamic empire. The people of Aceh majority work as farmers, miners, and fishermen.


    Aceh residents are descendants of various tribes, people, and nation. Acehnese ancestor came from Peninsular Malaysia, Cham, Cochin, Cambodia.

    In addition, many of them descendants of foreign nations in the land of Aceh, Arabs and Indians known closely related to post the spread of Islam in Aceh. The Arabs who came to Aceh many originating from the province of Hadramaut (Yemen State), evidenced by their clans al-Aydrus, al-Ethiopia, al-Attas, Al-Kathiri, Badjubier, Sungkar, Bawazier and others, who all a clan clan Yemeni Arabs. They came as scholars and trade. Today many of those who had intermarried with the indigenous people of Aceh, and eliminate the clan name.

    While the Indians mostly from Gujarat and Tamil. Can be evidenced by the appearance of the face of the nation Aceh, as well as the variety of food (curry), and also the cultural heritage of the Old Hindu (names of villages taken from Hindi, for example: Indra Puri). Indian descent can be found scattered throughout the province. Due to the geographic proximity of Indian descent fairly dominant in Aceh.

    Chinese merchant traders also never had a close relationship with the people of Aceh, evidenced by the arrival of Admiral Cheng Ho, who had stopped and reward Aceh with a large bell, which is now known as Cakra Donya Bell, stored in Banda Aceh. Since that time the trade relations between Aceh and China is quite intimate, and Chinese sailors were made Aceh as a major transit port before continuing his voyage to Europe.

    In addition, many descendants of Persian (Iranian / Afghan) and Turkey, they never came at the invitation of the Kingdom of Aceh to be scholars, arms dealers, trainers and soldiers war warrior kingdom of Aceh, and today their descendants descendants are scattered mostly in Aceh Besar. Until now the people of Aceh really like the names of Persian and Turkish heritage. Even the title Banda, in the name of the city of Banda Aceh also is a legacy of the Persians (Bandar meaning: port).

    In addition there are also descendants of the Portuguese, in the territory of Kuala Power, Lam No (west coast of Aceh). They are descendants of Portuguese sailors under the command of captain Captain Pinto, who was about to sail towards Malacca (Malaysia), and had stopped and trade in the region of Lam No, and most of them stayed and settled in Lam No. History records this incident occurred between the years 1492-1511, at the time under the rule of Lam No small kingdom Lam No, leadership Meureuhom King Power. Until now their descendants can still be seen the face of Europe still has a profile that is still strong.
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