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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Alas Tribe Aceh Indonesia Tribes

    Duniacare-About Alas Tribe From Aceh Indonesia Tribes.Of the eleven tribes residing in Aceh, Alas Tribe is one of the tribes that settled in the district. Southeast Aceh, Aceh province and the so-called Land Foundation. The word "pad" in Aceh, Alas means "mat". It has something to do with the state of the area that stretches like a mat flat on the sidelines of the Bukit Barisan. Lawe Alas (Alas River) is one of the many rivers that pass Alas land area. With such a natural character, we can be sure that the area is very fertile.

    Historically, the relationship between the Foundation and the Batak tribe has existed for hundreds of years ago. Harahap (1958: 36) writes that according to legend Siraja Batak descent, of Samosir Batak people scattered to the corners of the Land of Batak, namely: the Gayo, Alas, Karo, and Simelungun to the north of the lake. Days of yore, is expected in the 12th century King Lambing migrated from Karo to Land Alas, settled in the village Batumbulan, descendants and followers are merga Selian.

    In the Land Alas King Lambing has three children, King Lelo (Raje catfish) and his descendants in Ngkeran, later King Adeh which is his and his people Kertan, and the third is Raje Kaye are descendants settled in Batumbulan, including Inner. Raje descendants Lambing in Land Foundation until 2000, has been a bona fide descent to 26 who live scattered in the region Land Foundation (Effendy, 1960: 36; Sebayang 1986: 17).

    However Siahaan (1964: 113) concluded that the influence of the environment awareness Batak tribe belonging dwindling. Gayo Alas tribes and not willing to call himself Batak. But the investigation of the clan system, customary law, and the language can give the conclusion that many features in common between the three tribes, especially among the Batak tribe Foundation.

    In terms of language, tribe Alas possess the structure of language and vocabulary that is almost the same as the languages ​​in Batak, South Tapanuli (or Mandailaing and Angkola), Toba, Dairi, Simelungun, and Karo, but Alas language has no script as owned by Batak tribes. This happens because the tribal bigotry against Islam Alas, berakibatkan writing their language with Arabic script, or better known as Jawi script, not the Batak script.

    From the point of view of the settlement, the village of Alas called kute. A kute usually inhabited by one or several clans, called merge. The merge or clans of the tribe Alas, namely: Bangko, Deski, Rivet, Kepale Dese, Keruas, Pagan, and then present another clan Selian Acih, Beruh, Gale, Kekaro, Mahe, Menalu, Mencawan, Munthe, Pase, Pelis, Pinim, Ramin, Ramud, Sambo, Sekedang, Sugihen, Sepayung, Sebayang and Terigan clan.

    Southeast Aceh, which has a natural scenery and ethnic diversity that makes the life of every element of society is very colorful and varied. Every element of society mingle and interplay between the culture with other cultures. Mutual support and bertoleran. Never knew the intersection between them.
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