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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Alor Island Tourism Indonesia

    Duniacare-About Alor Island Tourism Indonesia.Here we go to know a sweet and absolutely beautiful island doing for tour in Indonesia it's like Alor Island.Here Below the detail About Alor Island.

    Alor regency in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is an archipelago consisting of 20 islands. Nine of the island has been inhabited the island of Alor, Pantar Island, Temple Island, Island Tereweng, Ternate, Kepa, Crocodile Island, Kangge Island and Turtle Island. While 11 other islands are uninhabited.
    Alor is a most beautiful island in the district, adjacent to the Pantar Island. Alor Island has many natural attractions and exotic culture. The beauty of the beaches, marine life, as well as the best spots for diving into the target tourists. Clarity of sea water with colorful fish made famous Alor sea throughout the world. Alor marine park even touted the second best in the world after the Caribbean. Alor exoticism, has the second best marine park in the world.
    Transport to the island of Alor
    Coming from Jakarta, Surabaya or Denpasar, you will get to Alor via Kupang. Lion Air, Batavia Air, and Sriwijaya Air is the airline nonGaruda serving the route from Jakarta to Kupang with prices starting from Rp 700 thousand. From Kupang, TransNusa airline flights to Alor every day. Trips taken during the 50 minutes, with ticket prices ranging from Rp 350 thousand - Rp 678 thousand. Alor also be achieved by using the ferry / PELNI. Fery ships serving routes Kupang - Alor 2 times a week, while Pelni from Kupang to Alor scheduled for two weeks, with a 18-hour long journey. Ticket price of Rp 90 thousand for adult passengers, and Rp 195 thousand for motorcycles. along the coast lined Kalabahi Port / Pier Kalabahi good for the ferry berths, Pelni ship or ships Pioneer also ship goods. There is also lined with hundreds of boats - a small boat / Fleet ants who serve the community of Kalabahi to several regions in Alor District.
    Airports Mali
    This pioneering service was built in 1994, worth based aircraft Fokker, Twin Otter or Casa owned Merpati and Transnusa. When stepping on the airport, be prepared to receive the condition that the tourism potential of the Alor Island remarkable not directly proportional to the facilities and infrastructure available. Public transportation from the airport to the city of Mali Kalabahi (capital of Alor) is not available, so travelers must charter travel or unofficial motorcycles, and even then not easily found. If you are lucky to meet pengojek, you can negotiate, to Kalabahi purpose or one of the inns in this city ranges from Rp 20 thousand to Rp 30 thousand. Whereas if the ride car travel rate of Rp 50 thousand to Rp 100 thousand per person.

    City Kalabahi
    This is the capital city of Alor district that has its own natural harbor. Kalabahi is Alor language meaning kesambi tree which used to be found in this area of ​​town. In 1911 the Dutch colonial government moved the government in Alor is from Small Alor to Kalabahi.
    To stay, there are several options, with room rates start from US $ 65 thousand for the type of economy. For example, Adi Dharma Hotel Sana Road just 200 meters from the Port Kalabahi Bed in the west side of the harbor, and the hotel is not far from the beautiful Canary Hotel Pelangi Indah in Jalan Diponegoro. As for banking transactions, there are three banks, Bank BNI 46, BRI and Bank NTT.
    In this small city public transportation is public transportation and bus DAMRI with relatively low rates of Rp 1,000 for students, and USD 2000 general. However, the route is only about Kalabahi City. While public transportation, despite these numbers, trayeknya based on passenger demand, ranging from Rp 50,000 per goal.
    In Kaledang Traditional Market, you can buy fish like red snapper or yellow tail fish at very cheap prices. Costs Rp 10,000 for a stack of fish (4-5 browse tail). There is even a setumpuknya price of Rp 5,000.
    Tourism Alor
    For cultural tourism, visit the Museum in 1000 Moko and Ikat Weaving Museum. In 1000 Moko Museum, you can find the largest and original moko found in Alor Island named Nekara. Moko is a heritage Alor since the Bronze Age. It looked like a tube drum / drum and across a surface there is a relief carving. Formerly used by soldiers in battle, beating for the encouragement of war. Local communities trust moko obtained supernatural, which rise to the surface of the soil buried. Over time, moko used for ritual ceremonies and dowry (bride price). Until now there are still some tribes that still use moko as a dowry.
    Ikat Weaving
    Looking at the process of making ikat typical cultural tourism Alor Alor is very unique. Every tribe and village has ikat motifs with different philosophical meaning. Traditional villages rich cultural heritage worth your visit. Like the traditional village Takpala and Monbang who have traditional home lopo and ceremonies. So diverse and unique tribes Alor Island, so in 1944 a book entitled The People of Alor written by foreign anthropologist named Dr. Cora Du Bois. This book examines the uniqueness of the tribes on the island of Alor, based on personal penelitiaan for 1.5 years on this island.
    To achieve these traditional villages requires a struggle, not a bit of time and cost. In addition to its location in the mountains with road uphill and rocky, rental rates kinds of off-road vehicles (hard top) pretty expensive around Rp 750 thousand per day.
    For natural attractions, there are 20 large and small islands around the island of Alor. One of them Kepa island size is less than 2 ha. The location is across from the Port Kalabahi. Small Alor visible from the beach of Tanjung Kepa which has white sand beaches, although not widely lips.

    Towards Kepa Island of Kalabahi about 45 minutes by motor vehicles, followed by renting a motor boat fishermen. In addition to the shuttle, this boat also serves the inter-roving Kepa Island. The fares are relatively inexpensive and can be negotiated, ranging from 75 thousand per person. The attraction Kepa Island is an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. Snorkeling can be done for half a day, then back to Kalabahi. As for diving takes more time, because they have a motor canoe to the dive site. There is a resort named Cedric Kepa Island Resort & Bungalows, belonging to French citizens who rent snorkeling and diving equipment.

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