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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Alor Tribe From NTT Indonesia

    Duniacare-About Alor Tribe From NTT Indonesia.Here we go to NTT Indonesia.From here we can find one of Indonesia Tribe is call Alor Tribe.Alor is a district located in East Nusa Tenggara, the capital of the province is Kalabahi. Alor itself shaped islands off point where trade perlayaran Ocean, in the south of the island of East Timor and Alor is Ombay Strait, North section Alor Flores Sea, in the western part of the Strait Lomblen and the district, while in the East with the West Southeast Maluku islands. Alor including one of the 92 outermost islands in Indonesia because it is bordered by East Timor and Ombay Strait in the south.

    According to history, the oldest kingdom in Alor is a mountainous inland empire Abui Alor and kerajaraan Munaseli residing in Pantar Island. One time, this work involved the war
     events like this are found in the work-empire of antiquity, because people still believe the old days with the things that are taboo. This war is done by the two kingdoms are mutually said some unseen. It is said that based on history, says that the bees while the kingdom Munaseli send Abui send hurricanes and fire at the end of war was won by Abui. Unfinished war, after losing the royal Abui, Munaseli also engaged in war with neighboring Clever him. Due to the defeat of the Kingdom Abui, at that time the kingdom Munaseli ask for help in the kingdom of Majapahit Majapahit but found only ruins of the kingdom of Majapahit Munaseli other words send reinforcements after residents of Munaseli has run

     themselves to various places in Alor so do not be surprised if a lot of people looking Java found in Munaseli. Not only kingdom Munaseli and Abui course, on the coast there is the kingdom Kui, Flower Bali, Blagar, Smart and Baranua which has close ties to each other, do not be surprised if they claim to originate from a common ancestor. The majority of the population Alor religion is Christian Catholic and Protestant Christians, but not a few of the people of Alor which adopts animism and dynamism that worship Larra / Lera ie sun, Wulang the month, could be called a river Neda is also the god of water, Addi that forests can also known as the god of the forest and the sea that day could be referred to as god of the sea. Partly Moslem, Buddhist and Hindu. Christianity came to Alor initially because the contents Leserborn decision dilayah East Nusa Tenggara divide into two which requires Alor for the Dutch colonial master. Around 1900 the Dutch sent two prisoners were exiled to the mainland due to Alor Alor which at that time was still steep and mountainous, two delegates were named Mingga and Heo diverse Christian, where they entered the community of faith, pastoral kristeani. Alor natives who still adhered to the belief in his tribe would occasionally go down to the beach Makassar to shop, where Mingga and Heo settled. Here there was communication with residents who come for transactions as well as proficiency in Zegi Pastoral Christians and sociology, so many people are sympathetic and converted to Christianity. Mingga and Heo make Zegi Pastoral understand if not just hang out with fellow Christians but also followers of the religion of Islam, and therefore they are also exploring the indigenous people who still live in the mountains and to communicate and make friends with the parents as well as children. So around 1905 made the educational system is also called the Sunday School.
    . The first one contains general education efforts to teach children to letters, which both yatu give oemahaman about Christianity, the third is devoted along with reading the Bible, preaching, benyanyi. Until the 1980s the Christian missionaries came to Aor alternated with various jobs, there are pastors, doctors or nurses. The first church was built in 1912 in Alor is Kalabahi church, the church now be shot with a pattern and be aware that the worker to make this church is also the artisan Islamic religion, this proves that the existence of inter-religious tolerance in Alor long ago.

    Inter-ethnic tolerance proven Alor has awakened from the outset, there is no feel uncomfortable or envy between one religion to another religion. Background which led to respect for one religion to another religion is, the people thought that they think society Alor derived from the same god and the absence of inter-religious prejudice that would mengancm the existence of other religions. It might be interesting to dibahaa is, if there is a big celebration like Christmas or Eid Alor society regardless of beliefs, they still help each other. Dikala Eid, religious gatherings, as well as other Islamic events that will be his cook is the Alor who are Christian. Conversely, if Christmas came eating Muslims in Alor will be invited to become the Christmas committee. Alor community believe there is some sort of holistic values ​​that arise among them, namely the human values ​​that unite the universe and humans associated with it they found the creator, the universe and human alama become one kesatuaan the total and can not be changed or absolute. The beauty of Alor itself still awake because, in kabupataen Alor there are traditional tribal customs Flores has not changed much since the stone age. Culture still awake that makes Alor a destination for many tourists both inside or outside the country, the friendliness and simplicity of its people are easy to adapt also become an important point for the tourists who visit.
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