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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Classification Gondang Music Batak Tribe Indonesia

    Duniacare-Classification Gondang Music Batak Tribe.Before already share about Gondang play to celebrate party in Batk culture tribe.You can read here about Gondang play for Tor Tor Batak Music.And than here below the detail classification of Gondang Music from Batak Tribe as culture Batak Tribe North Sumatera Indonesia.

    Although Dance Tortor and Margondang always associated and never separated in a custom event. However Margondang itself had begun in the classification of the Margondang temukannya.
    In general, among the Batak Toba, ensemble gondang hasapi and gondang sabaguan always included in every ceremony, both ceremonial and ritual that includes gondang religi.Upacara in the implementation of the call with Margondang (played gondang). While the name of the ceremony where gondang played in dentik with Margondang name, such as custom Margondang, Margondang Saur matua and so on. The foregoing is a complete perception of gondang very essential role in traditional and religious ceremonies. On the basis of the hobo community activities Margondang can dikalisifikasikan in his day, namely Margondang in ancient times and Margondang at the present time.

    The meaning of the ancient period is the period where before the influence of the Christian religion to the ground hobo, which at that time was the flow of the trust that is polytheisme.Pada ancient times gondang use in the context of entertainment and performances have not found .Keseluruhan community activities aimed at traditional ceremonies and religious ceremonies that are sakral.Oleh therefore Margondang ceremony in ancient times can be divided into two parts, namely:
    1. Margondang custom, which is a ceremony that included gondang, is akualisasi of rules accustomed to human relationships and human (horizontal relationships), for example: gondang Tubu children (newborn child ceremony), gondang manape goar (naming ceremony / title Boru to someone), gondang pagolihan children (girls are married), gondang mangompoi Huta (the inauguration of the new settlement), Saur gondang matua (funerals of people who already fruitful) and so on.

    2. Margondang religion, which includes gondang ceremony, is akualisasi of a tau beliefs held belief in man's relationship with his or her god worshiped (vertical relationship), for example: gondang saem (ceremony to ask for fortune), gondang mamele, ( awarding ceremony of offerings to the spirits), gordang papurpur sapata (ritual cleansing of the body / exhaust unlucky) and so on.
    Although the ceremony Margondang ancient times was divided into two parts, but the relationship with the customs and religion in a ceremony always noticeable. This can be seen from the procedure performed on each ceremonies that always include a religious element and also preferably at any religious ceremony which always include custom elements. Religious elements contained in traditional ceremonies can be seen from several aspects that support the ceremony, for example: the inclusion gondang, where in each execution gondang always begins with making the old ni gondang (play core of gondang), which is a kind of ritual sort of asking permission to mulajadi Nabolon and also to the gods were regarded as the gondang owners. While traditional elements contained in the religious ceremony can be seen from the elements Dalihan na tolu are always included in at each ceremony. According Manik, that in the beginning of religious and ethnic customs Toba Batak have a close relationship, so every bit of the many traditional ceremonies are religious and religious ceremonies or less each governed by customary (1977: 69).
    Although the relationship of both customs and religion always seem evident in the implementation of a ceremony, a difference of both ceremonies can be seen from the main purpose of a ceremony held. Where a ceremony held for the worship of human relationships, the ceremony will be classified into religious ceremonies. When a ceremony is done to the relationship between human beings, then the ceremony can be classified into traditional ceremonies.
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