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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Gamelan Javanese Music Intrument

    Duniacare-Gamelan Javanese Music Intrument.Ethnic groups in Indonesia, must have its own characteristics that become their identity in life. One of these identities can be obtained through the music used by the ethnic groups, one of which is a "musical instrument Javanese"

    There are several music kinds of instrumental Javanese are still often found even be used in a variety of occasions. Collection of musical instruments such Javanese, often referred to as the gamelan. Gamelan itself is a collection of traditional musical instruments "musical instrument that has a pentatonic melodies.
    In gamelan musical instruments, consisting of several types of musical instruments. Gamelan itself is composed of several kinds of musical instruments made of bamboo, metal, and wood. Each tool has a different function in the musical performances. & Nbsp; Western society often refer to as the gamelan orchestra as music composition consists of several types of instruments as orchestra in the Western region.

    The term gamelan, namely Javanese musical instruments, taken from the Java language that is gamel which means hitting or beating. Suffix behind an gamel word, change the wording into a noun. However, gamelan is defined as a collection of musical instruments that are played simultaneously.
    In the study of history, there is no data to be able to explain about how gamelan created. However, many believe that this nascent musical instruments since the arrival of "Culture of Central Java" Hindu-Buddhist culture to Indonesia. Moreover, many of the hallmarks of the gamelan music that is similar to the Indian musical instruments.
    Despite experiencing some progress, there are still inherent similarities between gamelan with Indian musical instruments. One is in the process of penyanyian song, for a male singer called wiraswara and female singer known as waranggana.

    However, if examined from the history of Java, gamelan is a musical instrument of the creation of the Master during the Saka. Sang Hyang Guru is a god who has the power in all the land of Java, and beristana at Mahendra mountain located in the area Medangkamulan. The mountain itself at this point is known as Lawu located in Karanganyar, Central Java and Magetan, East Java.

    Gong is a musical instrument that was first created in the Java myth. & Nbsp; Gong was created as a tool to gather the gods. & Nbsp; Moreover, Sang Hyang Guru also make other equipment in the form of two gongs with a smaller size. The goal is to convey a special message to the gods. From this process, a set of gamelan eventually be formed.

    In the kingdom, especially when Majapahit still standing, the gamelan music began to experience growth. This happens because of the many musicians and also developments in the field of technology. Gamelan developed during the Majapahit empire at the moment is what we know and are common in various areas such as Balinese, Sundanese, and Central Java.

    One proof that the Majapahit period, the orchestra has been found is with the discovery of relief on the wall of Borobudur. The temple was founded in the 8th century, featuring some of the sculptures that show some musical instruments in the gamelan. This shows that when Borobudur was made, the instrument is already known by the public.
    During its development, the orchestra in the modern era like today many functioned for various activities. For example, gamelan is used to accompany the puppet show or dance. Progress will gamelan is also indicated by the collaboration between modern music with gamelan are able to create a "history of music" interesting and unique rhythm.

    Gamelan developed in Java, Central Java in particular have differences with gamelan in Bali or Java West. Therefore, Javanese gamelan has a soft tone characteristics, different from Balinese gamelan tend smart or Sundanese gamelan mendayu and more dominant in the sound of the flute.
    Experts say, the difference resulting from the concept of a live view of the Java community in general. Central Javanese people have the view that in life there must always be harmony and balance.

    Harmony and balance that exists in the physical and spiritual life, as well as correspondence between actions and words. & Nbsp; That is why, the Java will try to avoid exploding expression as well as trying to create tolerance for others.
    Those things are symbolized in a variety of musical instruments in the gamelan. For example, the pull rope fiddle balance, harmony in sound kenong, saron drums and xylophone, and is described in the voicing of the gong to mark the end of the rhythm.
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