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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Gondang Music Batak Tribe Culture

    Duniacare-Gondang Batak Tribe Culture.Gondang is a instrument music on Batak Tribes art culture Batak North Sumatera Indonesia.Here below the detail how Batak Tribe use this tradition and play with Tor Tor Dance.

    Tor-tor is presented with a ceremonial dance music gondang. Although physically tortor is a dance, but the deeper meaning of the movements showed tor-tor is a medium of communication, where the motion presented by the interaction between the participants of the ceremony. Tor-tor and gondang music is like a coin that can not be separated.

    Batak dance in ancient times is the primary vehicle for religious rituals. Also dancing performed well in such happy events after harvest, marriage, who was still breathing mystical (trance).
    Ring the traditional party event gondang sabangunan (complete with music devices), closely connected with the worship of the gods and the spirits of ancestors (ancestral) in ancient times.
    But it can be done by following the procedures and requirements before the event is done openly.Like first host (hasuhutan) do special events that call Oldin Gondang, so the blessing of gondang sabangunan. In the implementation of the dance one of hasuhutan (which has to be ask intent to drummers demand gondang with words polite and courteous as follows:
    "Amang pardoal pargonci ....... (call the Gondang player in Batak Tribes language)
    1- "Alu-aluhon ma tu Jolo omputa Debata Mulajadi Nabolon, nasa Adong Jumadihon na, na jumadihon manisia dohot sude ni contents portibion." (with Batak Tribe Language)
    2- "Alu-aluhon sumangot ni tu ma muse omputa sijolo-Jolo Tubu, sumangot ni omputa paisada, omputa paidua, Sahat papituhon tu." (With Batak Language)
    3- "Alu-aluhon ma Jolo sahala tu ni na clay figures nalolo Amanta king." (Batak Language)

    Each completed a request always interspersed with punches gondang with a certain rhythm in a few moments. After the third request / appeal is carried out with both the row suhut families who have prepared manortor (dancing) regulate the composition of the founding place to start dancing. Back spokesman of hasuhutan memintak gondang types, one by one type of song gondang, (there are 7 types of songs Gondang) to do Hasuhutan to memdapatkan (old ni gondang). The conduct dance with passion and joy. The type of demand for the type of song that is emitted is like: application to the Gods and the ro-suhut ancestral spirits that families who held a given safety prosperity, happiness, and abundant sustenance, and ceremonies that will be implemented into a source of blessing for suhut and the whole family, as well as the last gondang petitioned undangan.Sedangkan is gondang hasahatan. Dancing In many restrictions that are not allowed, such as hand sipenari should not cross the line at shoulder level and above, if it is done means sipenari are ready to challenge anyone in the field of shamanism, or martial arts fighting, or fighting an inner power and others.

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