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    Monday, March 30, 2015

    Lagundri Beach Nias Indoenesia

    Duniacare-Lagundri Beach Nias Indonesia.Here we go with a beautiful beach you can find in Indonesia like in Nias North Sumatera Indonesia.That's a beautiful beach like Lagundri Beach.Lagundri beach is a maritime tourist attraction on the island of Nias potential for surfing activities, besides Sorake. Located in the region of South Nias, Lagundri Beach is not far from Sorake because of its location just about a few kilometers away and can be reached by foot from Sorake.

    Waves contained in this Lagundri beach was also still a line with waves contained in Sorake, so the potential for surfing activities.

    When first visiting Lagundri Beach, you may be a little surprised by the high waves at this beach. The waves are seen to reach the shore with the current is so strong, and then back flat on the surface of the ocean.

    Waves like these that give exotica for tourists, especially fans of the sport of surfing activity. Yes, the waves on the beach is estimated to have a height of about 15 meters could be even higher due to the strong impulse currents of the sea.

    Usually high waves are included in the May to July, because in these months is a moment where the ocean currents around the island of Nias so strong. However, if you did not come in the months then you certainly will not find high waves, even Lagundri Beach was seen at low tide.

    Not only that, the surf beach Lagundri also invite many surfers who are not only from Indonesia alone, because in the month of May to July we will also find there are a lot of surfers who come from various parts of the world to visited attraction this one.

    Even some of the surfers-surfer surfers whose names are very popular in the world. The surfers are apparently very challenged to face the brunt of the waves contained in Lagundri Beach, so when you arrive at the beach Lagundri they soon 'hold' the attraction around the coast.

    Things to activities carried out by the surfers into separate entertainment for the other tourists who were around Lagundri Beach. So as not infrequently, some tourists also looks immortalize moments with their cameras.

    Not only as a location just surfing activities, because water clarity and beauty of nature in Turkish Lagundri also be a major attraction that brings many tourists.

    The water looks blue from a distance and sparkling white sand, add exotica contained on this beach. For those of you who love snorkeling activities, you also can perform these activities in these coastal waters.

    As information, Lagundri Coastal waters are many different types of marine life that adorn, marine life is very guarded and preserved its existence. So the snorkeling activities are activities you must do if you want to see the various types of marine life in the waters around Lagundri Beach, even some of the marine life is a rare marine species. Interesting is not it?

    Additionally, for those who want to stay, in some beach Lagundri there are many inns that offer a wide range of facilities. The inn is an inn run by local people, and usually the manager to fix the price of Rp. 80.000, - up to Rp. 200.000, - per night depending on the type of indoor rooms and facilities available.

    Accommodation is usually always crowded by tourists who visit the island of Nias to surf.

    To go to the beach this Lagundri was not difficult, you can use the two-wheeled transportation or four wheels with a very good track. Even public transportation across the beach area is also very easy to find and is quite a lot, so you do not have to worry for a trip to this exotic beach.

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