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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Lego-Lego Dance From Alor Tribe NTT Indonesia

    Duniacare-Lego-Lego Dance From Alor Tribe NTT Indonesia.Okay here we to know about the dance of Indonesia Tribes.Like Tor-Tor Dance From Batak Tribe.But in this section duniacare wamt to share about Lego-Lego dance sourcing from Alor tribe NTT Indonesia.

    When talking about Alor not complete it to not discuss dance-Lego Lego therein. Lego Lego-dance is a traditional dance that inhabit villages Abui Takpala

    This dance is performed in bulk where the competitiveness of one another to form a circle holding hands while mengelilingin three-tiered stone called the altar with rhyme song echoes in indigenous languages. This dance is usually performed overnight with the accompaniment of gongs and typical moko.tarian native tribe Alor involves four elements in the presentation. They were brought together in a circle dance. The outer circle is filled rows of men and the second circle by the readers of poetry, which also serves as the leader of the song. While the third circle and the inner circle of women filled the musicians who played gongs and moko.

    If tourists want to see the dance-Lego Lego, tourists previously notify in advance to travel agencies so that citizens can be conditioned Takpala for presenting this dance. Unfortunately, over the times-lego Lego own dance usually danced only by residents who are elderly or sebegai formality if their marriage or other ceremonial rites. Alor District has a museum where the museum store moko is a kind of musical instruments such as drums. This museum houses called moko moko terbesr nekara, usually used as a tool upcara which is the result of the Bronze Age culture. Hardly any people in Indonesia who collected moko traditional tribes in Alor should, to the extent made belis moko, dowry or dowry. There's also assume that moko is important because it reflects the existence of romance, the bond of love between oemuda and girls in various tribes in Alor.
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