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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    List Of Indonesia Tribes 2016

    Duniacare-The list Of Tribes Indonesia 2015.Indonesia famous with kinds of Tribes.In Indonesia so much the tribes kind of.So when was you visiting Indonesia you will find the different people style and skin hair etc.That's all cause Indonesia have much of Tribes kinds.Here Duniacare share The List Of Indonesia Tribes.


    Acehnese in Aceh: Aceh main of City Click Here for more information About Acehnese Tribe.

        Alas tribes in Southeast Aceh district.Click Here for more information about Alas Tribe.
        Alor tribe in NTT: Alor district Click Here For More Aout Alor Tribe
        Ambonese in Ambon
        Ampana tribe in Central Sulawesi
        Suku Anak Dalam in Jambi
        Jamee Aneuk tribe in South Aceh district, Aceh Southwestern
        Arab tribes-Indonesia
        Tribe Aru in Maluku: Aru Islands
        Asmat tribe in Papua
        Abung tribe in Lampung


        Balinese people in Bali comprises:
            Balinese people Majapahit in most of the island of Bali
            Karangasem Bali Aga tribe and Kintamani
        Balantak tribe in Central Sulawesi
        Tribe Banggai in Central Sulawesi: Banggai Islands
        Baduy in Banten
        Bajau tribe in East Kalimantan
        Banjarese in South Kalimantan
        Batak tribe in North Sumatra comprises:
            Karo Karo tribe
            Tribal district Mandailaing Christmas Mandailaing
            Angkola tribal district of South Tapanuli
            Tribal district Toba Toba Samosir
            Tribal district Pakpak Pakpak Bharat
            Simalungun people in the district Simelungun
        Batin people in Jambi
        Bawean tribe in East Java: Gresik
        Bentong tribe in South Sulawesi
        Tribe Berau in East Kalimantan: Berau
        Tribe Betawi in Jakarta
        Tribe Bima NTB: Bima
        Boti tribal district of South Central Timor
        Mongondow Bolang tribe in North Sulawesi: Bolaang Mongondow
        Bugis in South Sulawesi
            The Bugis Pagatan in South Kalimantan, Kusan Hilir, Tanah Bumbu
        Bungku tribe in Central Sulawesi: Morowali
        Buru people in Maluku: Buru
        Tribe Buol in Central Sulawesi: Buol
        Bulungan tribe in East Kalimantan: Bulungan
        Tribe Buton in Southeast Sulawesi: Buton and Bau-Bau
        Bonai tribe in Riau: Rokan Hilir


        Damal tribes in Mimika
        Dampeles tribe in Central Sulawesi
        Dani tribe in Papua: Baliem
        Dairi tribe in North Sumatra
        Dayak comprises:
            Ahe Dayak tribe in Kalimantan Barat
            Bajare Dayak tribe in Kalimantan Barat
            Damea Dayak tribe in Kalimantan Barat
            Banyadu Dayak tribe in Kalimantan Barat
            Bakati tribe in West Kalimantan
            Punan in Central Kalimantan
            Kanayatn tribe in West Kalimantan
            Krio Dayak tribe in West Kalimantan: Ketapang
            Dayak Laur River in West Kalimantan: Ketapang
            Simpangh Dayak tribe in West Kalimantan; Ketapang
            Iban in West Kalimantan
            Mualang tribe in West Kalimantan: Sekadau, Sintang
            Bidayuh tribe in West Kalimantan: Sanggau
            Tribe of Mali in West Kalimantan
            Seberuang tribe in West Kalimantan: Sintang
            Sekujam tribe in West Kalimantan: Sintang
            Sekubang tribe in West Kalimantan: Sintang
            Ketungau tribe in West Kalimantan
            Tribal village in West Kalimantan
            Sleepiness tribe in West Kalimantan
            Ot Danum tribe or Dohoi in Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan
            Click Here PROFILE STORY and HISTORY
            Limbai tribe in West Kalimantan
            Kebahan tribe in West Kalimantan
            Pawan tribe in West Kalimantan
            Tebidah tribe in West Kalimantan
            Bakumpai tribe in South Kalimantan Barito Kuala
            Barangas people in South Kalimantan Barito Kuala
            Hill tribe in South Kalimantan
                The Dayaks Pitap at High Cliff, Balangan, South Kalimantan
            Dayak Hulu Banyu in South Kalimantan
            Balangan Dayak tribe in South Kalimantan
            Deyah Dusun tribe in South Kalimantan: Tabalong
            Ngaju tribe in Central Kalimantan: Kapuas
            Lunch tribe Murung in Central Kalimantan: Moody Kingdom
            He Bara tribe in Central Kalimantan: South Barito
            Ot Danum tribe in Central Kalimantan
            Lawangan tribe in Central Kalimantan
            Bawo Dayak tribe in Central Kalimantan: South Barito
            Alas tribes, Kutai Barat, clumps Ot Danum
            Benuaq, Kutai Barat, clumps Ot Danum
            Bentian tribe, Kutai Barat, clumps Ot Danum
            Bukat tribe, Kutai Barat
            Busang tribe, Kutai Barat
            Ohong tribe, Kutai Barat
            Kayan tribe, Kutai Barat, clumps Apo Kayan
            Bahau tribe, Kutai Barat, clumps Apo Kayan
            Penihing tribe, Kutai Barat, clumps Punan
            Punan, Kutai Barat, clumps Punan
            Modang tribe, East Kutai, clumps Punan
            Basap tribe, Bontang-East Kutai
            Ahe tribe in Berau
            Tagol tribe, Malinau, clumps Murut
            Brusu tribe, Malinau, clumps Murut
            Kenyah, Malinau, clumps Apo Kayan
            Lundayeh tribe, Malinau
            Sand tribe in East Kalimantan: Pasir District
            Dusun tribe in Central Kalimantan
            Maanyan tribe in Central Kalimantan: East Barito
                People Maanyan Paju Sapuluh
                People Maanyan Paju Epat
                People Maanyan Dayu
                People Maanyan Nails
                People Maanyan Continent Five Maanyan Paju Five
                The Dayaks Warukin in Tanta, Tabalong, South Kalimantan
                Samihim tribe, North Pamukan, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan
        Dompu tribe NTB: Dompu
        Donggo tribe, Milky
        Donggala tribe in Central Sulawesi
        Dondo tribe in Central Sulawesi: Toli-Toli
        Duri tribe is located in the northern part Enrekang Tana Toraja Regency, covering three districts Anggeraja parent, Baraka, and Alla in South Sulawesi


        Indonesian-European tribes (or Eurasian Indo-Indonesian)


        Tribe Flores in NTT: East Flores


        Gayo in Aceh: Aceh Gayo Lues Central Bener Meriah
        Gorontaloan people in Gorontalo: Gorontalo
        Gumai tribe in South Sumatra: Lahat


        Tribe India-Indonesia


        Bantenese in Banten
        Tribe Cirebon in West Java: Cirebon
        Javanese in Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta
            Tengger tribe in East Java
            Osing tribe in East Java: Banyuwangi
            Samin tribe in Central Java: Purwodadi
        Tribe Jambi Jambi: Jambi City


        Kei tribes in Southeast Maluku: Southeast Maluku District and City of Tual
        Kaili tribe in Central Sulawesi: City of Palu
        Kaur tribe in Bengkulu: Kaur District
        Great Wood tribe in South Sumatra
        Tribe Kerinci in Jambi: Kerinci Regency
        Ogan tribe in South Sumatra: Ogan Ogan Ilir, Balfour
        Konjo tribe Mountains, Gowa, South Sulawesi
        Coastal Konjo tribe, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi
        Koto tribe in West Sumatra
        Kubu tribe in Jambi and South Sumatra
        Kulawi tribe in Central Sulawesi
        Tribe Kutai in East Kalimantan: Kutai
        Kluet tribe in Aceh: Aceh South
        Krui tribe in Lampung


        Sea Tribe, Riau Islands
        Tribe Lampung in Lampung
        Lematang tribe in South Sumatra
        Lembak tribe, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu
        Latitude tribe, South Sumatra
        Tribe Lom, Bangka Belitung
        Tribal Lore, Central Sulawesi
        Lubu tribe, the border area between the province of North Sumatra and West Sumatra Province


        Moronene tribes in the Southeast.
        Madurese in East Java
        Tribe Makassar in South Sulawesi: Gowa, Takalar, Jeneponto Bantaeng, Bulukumba (partially), Sinjai (Gowa Regency border section) Maros (partially) Pangkep (partially) Makassar City
        Tribe Mamasa (West Toraja) in West Sulawesi: District Mamasa
        Tribe Mandar, West Sulawesi: Polewali
        The Malays
            The Malays Tamiang in Aceh: Aceh Tamiang
            Riau Malay tribes in Riau and Riau Islands
            The Malays Deli in North Sumatra
            The Malays Jambi in Jambi
            The Malays Bangka in Bangka Island
            The Malays Belitung Belitung Island
            The Malays Sambas in West Kalimantan
        Mentawai tribe in West Sumatra: Mentawai Islands
        Minahasa in North Sulawesi: Minahasa district comprises 9 subetnik:
            Tribe Babontehu
            Bantik tribe
            Pasan tribe Ratahan
            Tribe Ponosakan
            Tribe Tonsea
            Tribe Tontemboan
            Tribe Toulour
            Tribe Tonsawang
            Tribe Tombulu
        The Minangkabau, West Sumatra
        Mori, Morowali, Central Sulawesi
        Muko-Muko tribe in Bengkulu: Mukomuko
        Muna tribes in Southeast Sulawesi: Muna
        Muyu in Digoel District, Papua
        Mekongga tribes in Southeast Sulawes: Kolaka and North Kolaka


        Nias tribe in North Sumatra: Nias, South Nias and Nias North of two Japanese and Vietnamese descent

        Ngadha tribe in NTT: Ngada


        Osing tribe in Banyuwangi East Java
        Ogan tribe in South Sumatra
        Ocu tribe in Kampar, Riau


        Tribe Padoe [1] in Central Sulawesi
        Tribe of Papua / Irian
            Asmat at Asmat
            Tribe Biak Biak Noemfoor
            Dani, Baliem Valley, Papua
            Ekagi tribe, Paniai region, Abepura, Papua
            Amungme in Mimika
            Bauzi people, Mamberamo downstream, northern Papua
            Arfak in Manokwari
            Kamoro in Mimika
        Tribe Palembang in South Sumatra: Palembang
        Pamona tribe in Central Sulawesi: Poso district
        Pasemah tribe in South Sumatra
        Pesisi tribe in North Sumatra: Central Tapanuli
        Sand tribe in East Kalimantan: Pasir District


        Swamp Tribe, Rokan Hilir, Riau
        Rejang in Bengkulu: Kepahiang District, Lebong, and Rejang Lebong
        Rote tribe in NTT: Rote Ndao
        Tribe cavity in NTT East Manggarai Regency


        Saluan tribe in Central Sulawesi
        Tribe Sambas (Malay Sambas) in West Kalimantan: Sambas Regency
        Sangirese people in North Sulawesi: Sangihe
        NTB Sasak in Lombok
        Tribe checkmate Bangka
        Sekayuq tribe in South Sumatra
        Semendo tribe in Bengkulu, South Sumatra: Muara Enim
        Serawai in Bengkulu: South Bengkulu and Seluma
        Simeulue tribe in Aceh: Simeulue
        Sigulai tribe in Aceh: northern Simeulue
        Tribe Sumbawa in NTB: Sumbawa
        Tribe Sumba in NTT: West Sumba, East Sumba
        Sundanese in West Java


        Talaud tribes in North Sulawesi: Talaud Islands
        Talang Mamak tribe in Riau: Indragiri Hulu
        Tamiang tribe in Aceh: Aceh Tamiang
        Tengger tribe in East Java Pasuruan and Probolinggo slopes of Mount Bromo
        Tribe Ternate in North Maluku: City of Ternate
        Tribe in North Maluku Tidore: Tidore
        Tidung in East Kalimantan: Land District Tidung
        NTT East tribes, Kupang
        Chinese-Indonesian tribe
            The Chinese Trenches Pelaihari, Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan
            The Chinese Fortress in Tangerang, Banten
            Hokkien Chinese in Java and North Sumatra
            Hakka Chinese people in the Pacific and West Kalimantan
            The Chinese Hainan
            Chinese Cantonese
            The Chinese Hokchia
            The Chinese Tiochiu
        Tojo tribe in Central Sulawesi: Tojo Una-Una
        Toraja in South Sulawesi: Tana Toraja
        Tolaki tribes in Southeast Sulawesi: Kendari
        Toli Toli tribe in Central Sulawesi: Toli-Toli
        Tomini tribe in Central Sulawesi: Parigi Moutong


        Una-una tribe in Central Sulawesi: Tojo Una-Una
        Ulu tribe in northern Sumatra: mandailing christmas


        Wolio tribes in Southeast Sulawesi: Buton
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