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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Top 10 The Best Tour Place in Yogyakarta Indonesia

    Duniacare-Top 10 The Best Tour Place in Yogyakarta Indonesia.Here we go the sweet place tourism in Yogyakarta Indonesia.Actually in world version like international tourism,Jogyakarta famous with Prambanan Temple.But here duniacare share Top 10 the Best Tour Place in Yogyakarta Indonesia you must visit and enjoy when was tour to Yogyakarta Indonesia.

    A number of attractions in Yogyakarta are the favorite destinations in the list attractions in Indonesia, famous among domestic to the foreign tourists. Jogja is a tourist area with various unique and fascinating cultural richness. In addition, the region led by a sultan also has enchanting natural beauty and unique local community life.

    In Yogyakarta, you can find two landmarks that have been declared by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, namely Borobudur and Prambanan. Borobudur is one of the wonders of the world. While Prambanan is the grandest Hindu temple in Indonesia, is the largest in Southeast Asia as well. Not least is when you explore the natural beauty of Gunung travel to tourist charm Ground at the foot of Mount Merapi that gorgeous.

    Charm of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta can even meet with the shopping experience and taste a variety of culinary Yogyakarta compelling. Buy some souvenirs of Jogja is one of the activities are prevalent tourists who never set foot in the city which is also known as The Student City.

    Yogyakarta tourism statistics prove that the growth of tourism in Yogyakarta experienced an average growth of 5.8% per year during 2005 - 2012. tourist visit Yogyakarta in 2012 recorded a figure of 3.4 million domestic tourists and 148 thousand foreign tourists.

    The following are a number of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is the most famous and attractive tourist destinations to visit Yogyakarta.

    1. Prambanan Temple

    This is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia, altitude 47 meters and has been declared as one of the world cultural heritage in 1991 by UNESCO. This is also the most magnificent Hindu temple in Indonesia. Prambanan temple is situated on the border between the two provinces of Yogyakarta and Central Java. Attractions Jogja has panoramic nan alluring, exotic indeed at dusk when the sun shines the temple with a stunning gradation. Up close, you can see a view of the architecture and design of the temple which is so beautiful.More about Prambanan Temple Click Here.

    2. Parangtritis Beach

    Located approximately 28 miles from downtown Yogyakarta, Parangtritis Beach is the beach in Yogyakarta with waves large enough, has towering cliffs and black volcanic sand berhampar sheen when exposed to sunlight.More about Parangtritis Beach Clik Here.

    3. Ground resort

    Here treat nan alluring green landscape with air that is so cool in Jogja. Ground Tourism is one of the best place to escape the hustle of the city and a variety of daily activities. Located on a plateau with an altitude of 900 m above sea level, the cool air was refreshing for the body.

    4. Malioboro

    This is the way in Jogja which became one of the favorite choice of travel enthusiasts to spend time in Jogja. Along Malioboro street, you can shop for fun and get one of the unique items of Jogja. If you prefer, you can even down shops in Beringharjo during the day. Malioboro This is one shopping destination famous Jogjakarta.

    Did you know, Jalan Malioboro originally used as the ceremonial and forming a straight line if drawn from the Sultan Palace to Mount Merapi.

    5. Sultan Palace

    Sultan Palace is the best example of traditional Javanese architectural masterpiece of the most interesting. This palace was completed in 1790. It is the center of activity in the sultanate of Yogyakarta. Sultan of Yogya is the governor in the province of Yogyakarta, at the same time also is the head of culture in Jogja who respected and loved by all the people of Yogyakarta.
    Sultan Palace

    6. Sonobudoyo

    This is a museum in Jogja that you will be presenting the history, culture, and architecture of Java, which is awesome. Inaugurated by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana VIII in 1935, houses a collection of Sonobudoyo is culture and history of the most complete Java in Indonesia after the National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta.

    7. Plaosan

    Plaosan located close to the Prambanan Temple, has a unique charm among a number of tourist attractions in Jogja temple. Plaosan was built by Panangkaran, one of the kings of the Sailendra dynasty, who also founded the Borobudur and Sewu. This temple is also called the twin temples, divided into two parts, namely Plaosan temple and Lor Temple. The layout of both were close together, only about 100 meters.

    8. Baron Beach

    The beach which is about 65 miles from the center of Yogyakarta city has beautiful panoramic charm and is a place for those who want to eat a variety of seafood. Baron Beach is actually a bay with the existence of two hills that flank the left and right side.

    9. Kota Gede

    This is where Panembahan Senopati, founder of the new building his kingdom of Mataram in 1575. From his line, Panembahan Senopati is a direct descendant of the ancient Mataram rulers who built Borobudur and Prambanan.

    Kota Gede is a tourist place in Yogyakarta that is right for you who want to enjoy sightseeing on foot. In this area, you can find traditional silver shops and mosaic-tiled houses lined the street, formerly of these houses is the home of the nobility and royal merchants. You can browse and buy handmade silver highlights of this place.

    10. Goa Selarong/Selangor Cave

    Tourist attractions Jogja this one is also known as a place of religious tourism in Yogyakarta. Many visitors come to Goa Selarong to perform meditation and various other rituals. Selarong Goa is a place where the struggle of Prince Diponegoro centered, which became the headquarters of the guerrilla war against Dutch colonialism.
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