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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Top 10 Ulos Batak Tribe

    Duniacare-Top 10 Ulos Batak Tribe Indonesia.Here the Top 10 ulos batak using when was have a ritual like custom party in Batak tribe North Sumatera Indonesia.Here the list below share by Duniacare.Hope can help you to explorer batak Tribe Indonesia.

    traditional woven cloth Toba Batak tribe which is often used as souvenirs typical of Toba by tourists. Ulos cultural values ​​every life cycle so that the Batak tribe Ulos types and different functions. Ulos widely used both in everyday life and also in every ritual or ceremony Batak whether it likes or duka.Sejarah Ulos Batak culture began when civilization emerged as a form of appreciation of life cycle.

    1.Ulos Padang Ursa
    Ulos Batak can be used as a shawl or a binder, usually Bataknese use it also as parompa (sling)

    2.Ulos Manggiring
    Ulos Manggiring is Ulos cloth given someone the first newborn child. This Ulos give meaning that the child can later lead her sisters in line with expectations and traditions Batak.

    3.Ulos Maratur
    Star Ulos Marartur (read: bittang maratur) is a symbol of joy. Ulos is often used in the traditions and rituals such as mangulosi Batak (give Ulos to the bride or the conduct celebration). Ulos Bittang Maratur can also be used as a substitute of Ulos Manggiring.

    4. Ulos Antak-Antak
    Ulos childhood a symbol of grief, this Ulos used when visiting the funeral home or funeral of the deceased.

    5. Ulos Bolean
    As with Ulos Antak-Antak, Bolean also typically used when attending a funeral ceremony.

    6. Ulos Yeast Huting
    Ulos is already very rare to find, in accordance with the times. This Ulos yore used by Batak girl, wrapped around the chest. In addition it is also used by parents when traveling.

    7. Ulos Pinan Lobu-Lobu
    Ulos Pinan-Lobu Lobu often used by Batak tribe as a shawl, functions as the aesthetic value of the causes why designers often use it as a mode of Ulos.

    8. Ulos Yeast Hotang
    Yeast Ulos Ulos Hotang is the most common used by the Batak tribe. Ulos is usually a gift for the bride who is holding the wedding of traditional rituals. However Yeast Hotang also often used as a shawl or parompa.

    9. Ulos Pinuncaan
    Ulos Ulos Pinuncan is one of the most expensive in the Batak, Ulos is composed of five parts, are woven separately and then together. Its function can be used when the joy and sorrow subject to certain customary conditions.

    10. Sense Ulos Sibolang Pamontari
    Ulos with long names are used when grief. Used by the family who gets misfortune, his name will be changed into Ulos tujung, worn by the wife / husband abandoned by their partner and they do not have grandchildren. His name will also be changed to Ulos saput when used by a husband / wife and they do not have grandchildren and their children are still immature.
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