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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Tor-Tor Dance Batak Tribe Culture

    Duniacare-Tor-Tor Dance Batak Tribe Culture.Here we go one of the most popular Batak tribe culture is call "Tor Tor" Tor-Tor is mean dance with traditional wearing Batak Tribe.Here below the detail share by duniacare for you are.Enjoy Batak Tribe Culture from Indonesia.

    When we hear the word "Tor Tor Batak" then we would imagine a group of people (Batak Toba) dancing (manortor) accompanied by a set of traditional musical instruments (gondang sabangunan), with a merry dance movements, swaying monotonous, which was held in a party of joy and sorrow in the Tapanuli region. Tor Tor dance is also very well known to the world, is evident from the number of local and foreign tourists who want to learn this dance, this is because the Batak people who wander too proud to always show Dance Tor Tor North Sumatra perhelatannya event.Dance Tor Tor is one type of dance originating from the Batak tribe on the island of Sumatra. From around the 13th century, dance has become a culture Tor Tor Batak tribe. The estimate presented by a former member of the North Sumatra pavilion 1973-2010 and Dance experts Tor Tor. Formerly, Tor Tor traditions exist only in people's lives Batak tribe in the area of ​​Samosir, Toba region and parts of Humbang. However, after masukknya Silindung Christians in the region, is known for its culture of singing culture and modern dance. In the area known Pahae happy dance and song berpantun called Tumba or also commonly called Pahae do first ni Tumba.Previously, this dance is commonly used in the ritual performed by several statues made of stone that has been entered into the spirit, then the stone statue will "dance".Tor Tor Dance type:

    Tor Tor Pangurason is cleaning dance held at the big party. But before the big party is held, the location of which will be used to show a big party shall be cleaned with lime media. It is intended, at a large party lasted no disaster happened.
    Tor Tor sipitu cup or also called Dance Seven Grail. Tor Tor is held in the removal of the king. Tor Tor sipitu 7 Grail tells daughter from heavenly down to earth and shower in Mount Pusuk Buhit and at that time the Seven Knives Gloves (Piso sipitu sasarung) come.
    Tor Tor Single Panaluan which is a cultural ritual. Then there is the Tor Tor Single Panaluan carried out during ritual ceremonies when a village was hit by the disaster. To Tor Tor, the dancers performed by the shaman for guidance in dealing with the accident.Today Dance Tor Tor became a cultural art is no longer a dance closely related to the spirit world. Because as the development of the times, Tor Tor is a culture device in any Batak tribal life.In the case of Tor Tor dance fashion is very simple. Someone who wants to dance Tor Tor in a party that followed, enough to wear Ulos which is woven Batak. Ulos used are of two kinds, Ulos for headbands and scarves Ulos for. But the motive Ulos to be used must be in accordance with the party that followed.Besides simple in terms of fashion, Tor Tor is also simple in terms of movement. Movement of the hands and feet are quite limited is one of the characteristic dances Tor Tor North Sumatra. Pounding feet of dancers moving in magondangi accompaniment. Magondangi itself consists of various traditional musical instruments namely gondang, tagading, flute, trumpet hobo, ogung (Doal, Panggora, Oloan), sarune, odap gordang and hesek. As mentioned above that the motion Tor Tor Batak different in every type of music that is played and the different motion Tor Tor male and female Tor Tor motion. According to observers of Tor Tor, Tor Tor dilakonkan that also differentiated between Tor Tor Tor Tor Natorop King. While other devices in the event tortor Batak usually somebody has to be the leader of the group Tor Tor and organizers / spokesperson (paminta gondang), for the latter is much needed ability to understand the sequence gondang and interwoven words and umpasa in asking gondang.However, Tor Tor Batak is Batak community cultural arts identity that must be preserved and not lost by the times and human civilization. Tor Tor Batak dance contains the values ​​of ethics, morals and manners that should be imparted to the younger generation. And this is our collective duty as citizens of Indonesia so that no native culture and art heritage of our nation's ancestors claimed by other countries.
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