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    Sunday, March 29, 2015

    Tureloto Beach Nias Indonesia

    Duniacare-Tureloto Beach Nias Indonesia.Okay here we go to North Sumatera Nias Indonesia.Here we can find most of beautiful beach.One of other beautiful beach here is Tureloto Beach.

    Nias Island is part of the North Sumatra province who deal directly with the Indian Ocean. The island has a lot of natural beauty such as the beauty of the beach like a small island. But there is a unique beach on the island of Nias, namely beach Tureloto that beauty not to be missed.
    Tureloto beach directly opposite the famous Indian Ocean has a great surf. But on the beach there is no such thing as a big wave, it is due to the presence of coral clusters are located at a few hundred meters from the beach are lined resembles a fortress as a breakwater. Antiquity beach is like a beach that is commonly encountered, the existence of abundant sand beaches on the shore line. But after the earthquake in 2005. This makes face turned into a stretch of beach rocks scattered in the area between the coastal region and the white sand beaches add exotics
    The right time to visit this beach is during the day, because of the beauty of the color blue color combination of blue sea and white sand smooth shimmering into an exquisite blend of enchanting eyes. Coral reef stretching and large has a unique shape, a structure like the human brain so that several surrounding communities call the Stone Brain. With the castle rocks make this beach seemed like a natural swimming pool and freely without fear of waves when you're swimming. The most unique in Turkish Tureloto this is when we swim will easily float as a phenomenon of the Dead Sea in Jordan countries. Due to the relatively high salt content makes the human body lighter if they are in the water. So who can not swim do not have to worry about drowning.

    The beauty of the underwater world at the beach is also spelled out very beautiful, unique variety of marine life and coral reefs are still awake from awasome. coral stretch of coast of Sumatra Nias tureloto beach witha snorkeler is the right choice to enjoy the beauty of the underwater because no need to place more in to say hello. In addition to swimming or snorkeling, the end can also enjoy the atmosphere of the beach with a fishing boat to enjoy a stretch of coast around the cluster of rocks and enjoy the beauty of the underwater sea from above because herevery beautiful water.Tureloto Beach located in the village Balefadorotuho, Lahewa, Nias North, North Sumatra Province.


    This beach is about 80 miles from downtown Mount Sitoli. To reach this beach you can travel from Gunungsitoli Mayoralty or from Nias Binaka Airport by car. Distance of about two hours from downtown / airport.

    Facilities and Accommodation

    Some facilities at this beach is fairly complete, there are several toilets and eating places serving a variety of seafood with a distinctive flavor of Nias. But there is no lodging in the area surrounding the beach, lodging can be obtained in a nearby town.
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