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    Monday, March 30, 2015

    Waterfall Luaha Ndroi Nias Indonesia

    Duniacare.-Waterfall Luaha Ndroi Nias Indonesia.Okay here we go,as duniacare try to explorer Nias inside North Sumatera Indonesia.In this time duniacare will bring you a beautiful and absolutely exotics waterfall from Nias North Sumatera Indonesia.

    Indonesia is a lot of attraction of outstanding natural beauty, ranging from marine and coastal tourism, mountains, hills to the river and waterfalls. However, some of which are rarely exposed to so many people who do not know.

    Just as there is on the island of Nias, the island has an area of ​​5,625 square kilometers it also has some of the attractions of nature whose existence is rarely exposed.

    However, despite that fact that the natural attractions have natural scenery is no less beautiful than the natural attractions that name is already quite popular.

    Even some of which was apparently also been traced by foreign tourists, although only a few local tourists ever trace it.

    One of the natural attractions of the named Niagara Luaha Ndroi. Have you ever heard the name of the natural attractions of this one? Yes, perhaps the name of the natural attractions of this sounds quite foreign, Niagara Luaha Ndroi because his name is not as popular as it is natural that other attractions in the island of Nias.

    Although not too popular, but in fact Niagara Luaha this Ndroi already familiar name among nature lovers and some foreign tourists who've been to the island of Nias. Niagara Luaha Ndroi there are in a village called Village Fulolo, precisely in the green jungle.

    Niagara Luaha Ndroi a two-tiered waterfall that size is very large. Thundering waterfall is so large, so that from a distance of several hundred meters already sounded so clear.

    This waterfall comes from a river that flows on it, the river reportedly never dry despite the dry season.

    This waterfall falling into a lake, the lake is a lake that formed naturally with depths up to 5 meters. Yes, the lake is usually used by tourists to soak while enjoying the freshness that is created from grains of water that falls on it.

    Even some tourists also juggle this attraction as a location for camping ground because it is a very large extent.

    To go to Niagara Luaha Ndroi this, you have to go through a fairly complicated path as far as 2 kilometers. Why? Therefore, to go to Niagara Luaha Ndroi located in the middle of the forest there is not yet supporting facilities such as trails that are good for tourists.

    Path to the Waterfall Luaha Ndroi this is just a path that is decorated by rocks and soil. Even in some parts there is a path that requires you to climb and hold on the branches of trees which grow in the left and right lanes. Usually this track as the rainy season when his very slippery, so be careful!

    Just as there is a tourist attraction in the middle of the woods, of course, during the trip to the Niagara Luaha Ndroi you will be presented with natural panorama of green trees that adorn.

    Every now and then there are also hundreds of birds fly above the trees with kicaunya voice sounded so melodious. The air in the middle of this forest was decidedly fresh and natural.

    Yes, it seems to be at this attraction we have to loosen respiratory cavities in order to breathe the air that naturally like this, which certainly would not have ever come across in urban areas.

    In addition, the path to Niagara Luaha Ndroi also yet there are some locations that are used to rest for tourists. So if you want to rest for a moment, you can use makeshift pedestal.

    Not only that, such as toilet facilities were also not found around the track and in the tourist sites, so if you want to use the toilet, for the time being may only be able to ride around the houses of the villagers.

    Stalls were also not found in this region, so for those of you who visited attractions Niagara Luaha Ndroi, are expected to bring their own food that has been prepared from the house.

    Yes, although the location of the wilderness is still relatively quiet, occasionally you will find some of the villagers who are doing activities complete with carrying farm equipment.

    Of course, for the greater part of the population in this village are farmers in the fields, even the location of their farms were located around this wilderness.

    Even if you are not too know the path to the attractions Niagara Luaha Ndroi, some of the villagers did not hesitate to take you down to the location.

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