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    Monday, March 30, 2015

    WaterFall Mu'Ambolo Nias Indonesia

    Duniacare-Waterfall Mu'Ambolo Nias Indonesia.Okay here we to find a exotics waterfall in Indonesia.Here from Nias North Sumatera Indonesia a beautiful waterfall we can visit and enjoy with a good passion.Nias Island is one of the small islands that are part of the province of North Sumatra. Although the size is very much different in compare Sumatra island, but it has a variety of Nias Island Attraction exotica equally beautiful nature could even rival the natural attractions located on the island of Sumatra.

    One of the natural attractions is Niagara Mo'ambolo. This waterfall is among the most popular waterfalls on the island of Nias. In it like a waterfall in general, Niagara Mo'ambolo is certainly has its own exotica quite unique and different than the waterfall in general.

    Located in District Bawalato, which is popular as the region's largest producer of rice plants on the island of Nias, Niagara Mo'ambolo looks dazzling in the middle of the village Hiliwarokha. Even fame was also invited tourists to visit attractions on this one.

    Access to the Niagara Mu'ambolo can be quite complicated. Why? Therefore, there are several access roads are sometimes confusing tourists. In some parts of the road seemed still filled with rocks that require footsteps to be careful.

    Keep in mind that to get to Niagara Mu'ambolo before tourists are required to walk away from a major road in District Bawaloto, because it is not possible to use a motor vehicle in the middle of the track that looks like a footpath.

    The distance is probably not too far away, only about 1 kilometer only and may be gone for half an hour. However, natural panorama unfolds beautifully when crossing the cobbled streets as uplifting to be able to go to the location of Niagara Mu'ambolo.

    Panorama in the form of rice fields and plantations surrounding communities with green colors that dominate these plants. Occasionally also seen a farmer who was active in agricultural areas belonging to them by using traditional equipment.

    Yes, this atmosphere is classic and exotic atmosphere that will never be found in urban areas! Moreover, the air around the area was very clean and natural!

    Tired? You can take a break before traveling to attractions Niagara Mu'ambolo. Around the track there are several gazebos. It is not known gazebo was built by anyone, whether the Tourism Office or the local community?

    However, many tourists seen some brief rest at the gazebo. After rest and relieve fatigue, then a trip can be resumed.

    This trip did not take long, only about 10 minutes just to get to Niagara Mu'ambolo. Heard the sound of a waterfall pouring until a few meters before reaching the location. The sound as if calling to provide a 'signal' to tourists to immediately get to attractions Niagara Mu'ambolo.

    A very beautiful panorama unfolds in front of the object when set foot in Waterfall Mu'ambolo. Panorama of water that falls across the rocks looked so enchanting.

    The rocks are rocks that form the type stalagtik looked protect the location of the lake where the water fall and predicted hundreds of years old. Some communities around disclose information bahwasa formerly Niagara waterfall Mu'ambolo is legendary stories that have a history.

    You can also unwind at the moment this waterfall while enjoying the sensation of a waterfall that falls from the top of the rocks. Ponds in the waterfall is not wide but tasted very fresh at all when soaking in it.

    Not only that, in the vicinity of Niagara Mu'ambolo attractions also include Camping Ground area that you can use when you want to carry out activities with your peers in the open.

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