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    Monday, March 30, 2015

    Welcome to Kedongan Beach Bali Indonesia

    Duniacare-Welcome to Kedongan Bali Beach Indonesia.Okay here we again with a beautiful beach and familiar with seafood fresh on beach.Kedonganan Beach offers pristine white sand, grilled seafood dishes and views of the sunset and not inferior to Jimbaran beach Bali.Pasir White, Fish Market & Cafe Seafood

    Then the question arises, where I get a beach that provides seafood and also offers views of the sunset than at Jimbaran beach? In addition to Jimbaran beach in Bali, Beach Kedonganan also a favorite of tourists who want to enjoy a seafood dish for a holiday in Bali. Rows café -Cafe grilled fish, which sells food tastes teaser can be found in the southern part coast. The menu offered every café is generally the same, but it feels different. Depending on the expertise of the cooks prepare the base material.
    The grilled fish is a favorite menu every visitor who comes. Kind variety such as snapper, carp, pomfret, rabbitfish. In addition there are squid, crab, scallops, shrimp and lobster. Travelers can freely choose the size or weight of the desired base material. Of course the price will follow the order number and weight of fish. Red seasoning grilled fish or seasoning sauce to be served with a plate of white rice, plecing kale, fried peanuts, red chilli and raw sauce.

    Not only visitors to the café that enliven the beach, tourists are just a stroll, sunbathing, and swimming broke the silence of the atmosphere of a quiet beach. Clean white sand, the waves are not so hard, giving comfort and natural atmosphere for every tourist who comes. When tourists sunbathing they will not be disturbed by mobile vendors as well as on the beach Kuta.Ingin buy fresh fish in Bali? This is the place. Traditional fish market located on the north coast Kedonganan. The fish are sold is the catch of the locals are mostly eye percahariannya as fishermen. If you intend to buy fish, you should buy the fish before 11am. When the fish is fresh and you are free to choose the catch of better quality. If it comes too late, the rest only fish that is not fresh and the rest of the options. You know, all fish are served in cafes on Jimbaran beach fish from the fish market in the get-dory Kedongan.Perahu lined look at the seaside. At around 4 pm tourists began to arrive. Seafood restaurant waiters began to set the table and chairs on the beach. It was a sign of their restaurant opening soon. By evening lights lit candle. From a distance you will see the sun started to go down and this is a reddish color around.While you should start eating a meal that you have a previous message. Enjoy grilled seafood in while enjoying the atmosphere and views of the sunset, these things that are excellent and one of the goals of tourists come to Bali. Grilled fish on the beach Kedonganan today has become one of the favorite eating places in Bali.

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