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    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    Bali Culture Ceremony Birth (Jatakarma Samskara)

    Duniacare-Bali Culture Ceremony Birth (Jatakarma Samskara).Bali have so much and unique culture.And until at this time Bali still conserve the culture. Althought here in new era have like modern life style but here in Bali culture still number one for a good and comfortable life.Okay here we go to know more one of Bali culture like Ceremony Birth (Jatakarma Samskara).

    Of the many scattered islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is the most famous island in the world. The island is located in the south of the equator it has an area of ​​approximately: 80 km long and 150 km wide that resembles the shape of a fish. Civilization noted that Bali has a remarkable microcosm of the history, legends, literature, art, nature, and man himself.

    Bali is the last link of the ranks of the islands lush tropical Indonesia. East of the island, along the strait that separates Bali Lombok Lombok island, visible line of distinction between the flora and fauna of the race turned into a sub-tropical flora and fauna of Australasia race.

    In terms of ecology, "Australasia" is an area that has a uniform evolutionary history and a number of flora and fauna that can only be found in the Australian region, the island of New Guinea and surrounding islands. Including the island of Lombok and Sulawesi and islands in Indonesia are located east of the two islands. Shadow line dividing the Asia Australasia is the Wallace Line - Borneo and Bali to the west, namely in Asia.

    On one side of lush green land, on the other hand brown soil; on the one hand there are monkeys, squirrels, various kinds of birds, on the other hand there is a large reptile and cockatoos. Enchanting island is divided by rivers, canals, and valleys covered by forests and rice fields to the end of the beautiful beaches. Decorated by a lake that fills the rest of the volcanic crater. Beauty-beauty showed a plateau that blends fantasy with reality.

    In the 15th century AD, when the empire of Majapahit kingdom of Mataram was defeated by the character of Islam, hundreds of Javanese-Hindu people from various groups; nobility, clergy, artists, intellectuals and ordinary people that in fact the faithful Majapahit fled to the island of Bali.

    Thing that stands out in Bali is the vision that inspires confidence every living soul in Bali to harness nature wisely; human creativity in various fields such as: engineering sculpting, dance, architecture, music and other artistic expressions.

    Social Life and Culture
    Social order in Bali is built upon social strata division is divided into:
    1.Brahma, the highest strata are filled by the clergy.
    2. Knight, a stratum which is filled by the nobles and royal officials
    3. Vaishya, the strata are filled by soldiers and traders
    4. Sudra, strata for ordinary people.

    Despite struggling with lacing globalization brought along with tourists and foreign traders, as well as the rapid entry of information and technology, distinctive culture that has long been rooted remain sturdy as their hallmark.

    The name of each individual can be seen as well as the existence of social strata bookmark culture in Bali, for example: Ida Bagus or Ida Ayu is the name used by the Brahmins. Anak Agung Cokorda or god is the name used by the Knights. I Gusti is the name used for the Vaishya, and Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut used by the Sudra.

    Bali Culture, Culture Ceremony Birth (Jatakarma Samskara)
    Various ceremonies began the day before birth. For example, there is a series of prohibitions for women who are pregnant, namely: should not eat food fresh bloody, the law should not be like when a menstruating woman entering the temple; women who are pregnant are not allowed to eat buffalo meat or pork; should not see people who are injured or blood let alone see people who died; and shall dwell in the house with a purification ceremony that allows birth normally.

    The father of the baby is expected to be present at the birth of the baby and accompany his wife. When the baby is born, the father had to cut the umbilical cord using a bamboo knife, then put in a bag, and then looped around the neck of the baby at a later date.

    On day 21 after the birth of the baby, according to the Balinese calendar, the baby will be dressed in clothes, such as; bracelets of gold or silver in accordance with the existing social system. Maturation for women size is determined from the time the first menstruation and readiness for birth and puberty menikah.Upacara only the opening of a series of ceremonies and celebrations that accompany every Balinese people's daily activities, from eating until bedtime, from walking up to the spoken word.
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