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    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    Bali Culture Ceremony Teeth Cut (Mepandes)

    Duniacare-Bali Culture Ceremony Teeth Cut (Mepandes).Here we go one of others Bali's culture as unique one and still continue until this time in new era modern life style.This one as a culture doing for adult only.Okay here below will explain the detail and how this ceremony doing.

    Bali is the last link of the ranks of the islands lush tropical Indonesia. East of the island, along the strait that separates Bali Lombok Lombok island, visible line of distinction between the flora and fauna of the race turned into a sub-tropical flora and fauna of Australasia race.

    In terms of ecology, "Australasia" is an area that has a uniform evolutionary history and a number of flora and fauna that can only be found in the Australian region, the island of New Guinea and surrounding islands. Including the island of Lombok and Sulawesi and islands in Indonesia are located east of the two islands. Shadow line dividing the Asia Australasia is the Wallace Line - Borneo and Bali to the west, namely in Asia.

    On one side of lush green land, on the other hand brown soil; on the one hand there are monkeys, squirrels, various kinds of birds, on the other hand there is a large reptile and cockatoos. Enchanting island is divided by rivers, canals, and valleys covered by forests and rice fields to the end of the beautiful beaches. Decorated by a lake that fills the rest of the volcanic crater. Beauty-beauty showed a plateau that blends fantasy with reality.

    In the 15th century AD, when the empire of Majapahit kingdom of Mataram was defeated by the character of Islam, hundreds of Javanese-Hindu people from various groups; nobility, clergy, artists, intellectuals and ordinary people that in fact the faithful Majapahit fled to the island of Bali.

    Thing that stands out in Bali is the vision that inspires confidence every living soul in Bali to harness nature wisely; human creativity in various fields such as: engineering sculpting, dance, architecture, music and other artistic expressions.

    Ceremony Cut Teeth (Mepandes).
    This sacred ceremony shall did by Hindus in Bali. The purpose of this ceremony is a symbol for cleaning 6 vices (sad Ripu) or properties Butha time (giant) that exist in man.

    6 vices (sad Ripu) was as follows:

    • Lust
    • Voracious / Greed / greed
    • Wrath / anger
    • Drunk blinded the minds
    • Discomfiture
    • Jealousy / envy

    Who should do this tooth filing ceremony showing for women who are menstruating and for men who have experienced puberty that his voice had changed. because people who have not stepped up in terms of not experiencing dirty cloth (menstruation) is considered sacred still not have dirty nature. With this ceremony also children delivered to a mature life themselves. If you already carry out cutting teeth later, at the time of death will meet with the parents, the parents in question is the Creator God Almighty / Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Because the ultimate goal of the religious community is returned to the gods in the Hindu religion called Moksa.Why cutting teeth cleaning symbolizes as bad in human nature? Sharp teeth or what we call the canine always connected with the depiction of a figure Budha Kala (Giant) which has properties of sad Ripu (vices). A child who is growing up will have the canine teeth, and therefore to avoid the giant is in the nature of human beings perform the procession of the cutting teeth.
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