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    Monday, April 6, 2015

    Dance Five Ones from Karo Tribe

    Duniacare-Dance five ones from Karo Tribes.Okay here we go talking about the art story from this one tribe.In the other post duniacare already share the history of Karo Tribes Medan,North Sumatera Indonesia.So know for complete the information as a good reference for you are here we talking about Dance Five ones From karo Tribe.

    Dance Five Ones estimated that there are around 1960, according to Sempa Sitepu, et al, in his book Cultural Pillar Karo (1996: 200). According to Mr. sources. Malem Measure Ginter in interviews said that dance Five Series of existing since the public knows Karo tribe dance about 1956. So it can be concluded that the dance Five Ones appeared circa 1956-1960.
    Dance is one of the Five Series of dance that serves as entertainment, as noted by one expert dance is Sudarsono which states that the function of dance is divided into three, namely: a ceremonial dance, dance as a performance, and dance as entertainment (Sudarsono, 1972: 22). There are several dance traditions for which serves as entertainment besides dance Five Seranngkai of ethnic Karo, such as: Piso Surit dance, dance Light of the Moon, Ndikkar dance, dance-Gundala Gundala, Sweet Bread dance, and others (Sempa Sitepu, et al, 1996: 200).

    Dance Theme
    Theme in dance Five Ones are elements that exist. Intent element there is an event or experience life very simple example of folklore, epic, legend, animals and others.
    However, the theme of the dance Five Ones is something unusual, because the purpose of the dance is the communication between the work of art with the people who enjoy it. This Ones Five themed dance association, the association in question is Amy Karo. Namely meeting suave pair of human beings customarily acquainted Karo (ertutur), then Amy said this could be close friends (dating) and finally they love relationship until until kejenjang wedding.

    Structure Dance
    According to Big Indonesian Dictionary (1989: 246), understanding the structure of the relationship patterns have meaning components or parts of the organization. The structure is a formal system of working relationships that divides and coordinates the tasks of people and groups of people in order to achieve objectives. Meanwhile, according Surayin (2001: 574), the General Indonesian Dictionary states that the structure is the way things are arranged or constructed in accordance with a certain pattern. From the definition above, which is intended to structure in this study is the composition or dance elements in Lima

    Ones in the Karo people.
    To perform a dance performance prepared Five Ones are 10 dancers, which consists of 5 men and 5 women. Five Ones dance danced by young people that age are not restricted but not married. Usually dancers in the group are students who are members of a dance studio. There are no special requirements to become a dancer Five Ones, anyone can be as long as there is a willingness to learn and try. Before doing the show, the dancers have been practicing to do uniformity dance.

    In addition to dance training, the dancers also have to prepare a dance costume. Dance costumes used the dancers are kebaya, gloves, and hood nipes uis (beka reed which has been formed into a head cover) for female dancers. Dress shirt, long pants, gloves, beka reed 2 pieces (1 placed in the shoulder and one hand-held). Five Series of dance performances often featured in Guro-guro drum Aron and Work Year event. Guro-guro drum Aron and Work Year event is usually done in an open hall (Jambur), where all the villagers watch dance performances. Five days now dance Triad also been raced. In some places in Tanah Karo frequent dance festivals Five Ones. The festival was organized by government agencies or private, schools, and churches.

    Presentation Place And Time Performance
    To perform an activity that gathers many people Karo people usually gather in the open hall called Los / Jambur. Five Dance Ones displayed on Employment activity Year (Kerja Tahun) and drum Guro-guro Aron, shown in Jambur. Five Series of dance usually danced beginning of the event activities, as an opener that is entertainment. Implementation Work Year (Kerja Tahun) and drum Guro-guro Aron every place is not always the same, it is adjusted with the agreement of the local community.

    Dance Five Ones that are discussed in this paper is a dance Five Series of the difestivalkan. Implementation can be done outdoors festival (Outdoor) and indoors (indoor). Results of research from several places, the festival was held on 27th January 2009 at the Open Stage, Berastagi an outdoor show and on 3 November 2010 at Hotel Sibayak, Berastagi an indoor show.

    Performers Dance
    In dance Five Series of the perpetrators is a dancer. Dancer is an important part of the dance performances because penarilah Five Series of Five Series of demonstrating the dance and he will be the center of attention of the audience. Five dancers Ones is Amy (age not limited), which pairs. Usually the number of dancers 10 people, with 5 men and 5 women. In determining the dancers no specific way that is done, anyone can become a dancer Five Ones as long as there is the ability of players to be able to dance and time owned the dancers.
    The dancers practice for studying the movement in the studios where they join such workshop Karo district government exercises in the Hall Regent Office Kabanjahe. Dance coaches usually are those owners who are experienced in the dance studio Five Ones, that never learn to dance the Five Ones, or those engaged in the art of dance (dance teacher example, traditional leaders). In each of these has a dance studio dancer and dance instructor, who works not only as a dancer and dance coach, but has another job. At the time of the show, the dancers will interact with fellow dancers on the stage in the motion.

    Makeup and dressmaking Dance
    Makeup and fashion dance Five Ones is not too special, meaning makeup and fashion still resembles most traditional dances of other Karo. The use of makeup and clothing adapted to everyday conditions setempat.Meskipun dance community is always presented in front of lots of people, but only using makeup makeup beautiful. The purpose of the gorgeous makeup is makeup that is used does not describe a specific character or characters. Clothing dance Five Ones that are used to support the concept and the theme of dance.

    The costumes used in dance performances Five Ones are:
    Female dancer:
    Kebaya, clothes that are always used by the Karo people in every cultural activities and during the dance.
    Gloves, an outfit which is used by the Karo people in daily activities or the activities of customs.
    Beka reed hood is shaped into a head covering female dancer.
    Uis nipes is customary red cloth which is the hallmark of the Karo people.

    Male dancers:
    Dress shirt, an outfit that is commonly used by men Karo in cultural activities and other formal occasions.
    Trousers, men's clothing used during traditional activities and official events.
    Gloves, a used clothing Karo people in everyday life as well as in traditional activities.
    Beka reed, there are 2 beka reed used by male dancers. Beka reed reed beka laid shoulders and held hands. Beka reed held hands will be used at the time of dancing, formed to cover the so-called head-headdress headdress.

    Dance Function
    In the Karo people dance has a value of beauty, danced a dance can be done alone and can also be done in a gang. Karo traditional dance can be seen from the shape and pemampilannya events can be divided into three types namely:
    Associated with traditional dance
    Dance related to Religion
    Dance relating to entertainment

    Five Series of dance is a dance that is entertainment, which is usually displayed in Guro-guro drum Aron and Work Year. In addition to dance entertainment is also has a function in the life of the Karo people.That's all about Dance Five Ones From karo tribes as most popular live in Medan North Sumatera Indonesia.You can read first the Information about Karo Tribes History just Click Here.

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