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    Friday, April 10, 2015

    Explorer Lake Toba Tourism North Sumatera Indonesia

    Duniacare-Explorer Lake Toba Tourism North Sumatera Indonesia.Okay here we go to find and explorer all the lake Toba inside a beautiful place and it's suitable to make a beautiful holidays goal.here below the detail.check and enjoy your holidays traveling.

    Getting Around on Lake Toba
    If you're on Samosir, take time to explore the island by driving around the edge of the island. Rent a bike for explorer part of this wonderful place while feeling the cool breeze. Although the path is not paved and winding, this street provides a spectacular view of the lake from the highest peak of the island.

    If you stay in a Tuk Tuk, the best way of waste time is with a leisurely walk down the street, looking at the beautiful natural scenery.

    Balige was once the capital of a district Toba Samosir. Enjoying Lake Toba from Balige arguably enjoy Lake Toba from a different side. The city is cool, and a lot of tourist destination spots are not known to many people. For example, panoramic view of Lake Toba from Bukit Pahoda, Traditional Market Balige in which there are so many sellers Ulos and culinary like noodles are cheap and tasty. After enjoying nature and culture Balige city, you can go directly to Samosir Island has white sandy beaches captivating.

    Balige there is a special museum contains relics of history in the land of Batak, Batak Museum TB Silalahi, which was also founded by a son Batak ie TB Silalahi. In addition to the Batak Museum, a mainstay attractions Lumban Silintong and Tara Beach Flowers, exotic places on the shores of Lake Toba. There is also the tomb of the famous hero of the land of Batak, Heroes Singamangaraja XII.

    Many other destinations which can be visited in Balige, like Hill Pahoda, Traditional Market Balige (herein do not forget to try the noodles Gomak). and who like the fabric Ulos can hunt in this Balige Traditional Market. It is unique from Balige is made of Vespa engine rickshaw and traditional markets (Onan) Sopo shaped.

    If in Bogor no peak tourist Brastagih then have the field that also cool in the hills. In Brastagih you can enjoy views of the verdant and volcano Sinabung and Mount Sibayak. Brastagih famous as the producer of vegetables and fruits, especially passion. In Berastagi, there Sipiso Piso where it is located is surrounded abyss. The scenery around the waterfall with elevations of 130 meters is very beautiful. Lake Toba is visible from the top of Berastagi. And next to Lake Toba is also visible Sipiso Piso. Once satisfied to see Lake Toba from the top of Berastagi you can down the stairs to the waterfall.

    To get Brastagih then you should hire a car because public transport from Medan to Berastagi limited. From Medan to Berastagi minibus ride from Borneo in the intersection area Pos.ongkos Rp8,000, - From Berastagi to Parapat: Berastagi - Kabanjahe Rp3000 ride public transportation, - Kabanjahe - Pematangsiantar minibus Worth Rp16,000, - Pematangsiantar - Parapat rose L300 Rp10,000, - Parapat - harbor ferry ride public transportation Ajibata Rp2,000, - Ferry crossing Ajibata - Tuktuk Rp7000, -.That's all the beautiful place you must be visiting when was you come to Lake Toba North Sumatera Indonesia.Enjoy!!!
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