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    Monday, April 6, 2015

    History of Karo Tribe Medan North Sumatera Indonesia

    Duniacare-History of Karo Tribe Medan North Sumatera Indonesia.Okay here we go talking about the one of the other tribes in North Sumatera Indonesia.In north sumatera Indonesia famous tribe like Bataknese,Karo and Simalungun.But in this case duniacare wanna to share about Karo Tribe from Medan North Sumatera Indonesia.

    Karo tribe is native tribes who inhabited Karo Highlands, Deli Serdang, Binjai, Langkat, Dairi, Medan, and Southeast Aceh Regency.

    The name of this tribe as one of the district name in one of the areas they inhabit (Karo highlands) which Karo.Suku district has its own language called Karo language, and have a typical greeting, which Mejuah-juah.

    While traditional clothes Karo tribe dominated by red and black and filled with jewelry emas.Adapun where traditional house or Karo tribe known as the House of Si Waluh Jabu which means home to eight families, the house consists of eight chambers, each of which booths occupied by one family. Each family who inhabit the house has tasks and functions that vary according to the kinship patterns respectively.

    Karo Tribe History
    According to Col. (Ret) Sempa Sitepu in the book "History Pijer Podi, Karo Tribe Indigenous Nggeluh Indonesia" Karo ethnic explicitly write not from the King of Batak. He argues Karo ethnic lineage derived from oral stories from generation to generation and up to he heard himself from his grandfather who was born about 1838.

    According to him, Karo ethnic ancestors come from South India is bordered by Mianmar.Menurut stories summarized by Sempa Sitepu, that at the beginning of an emperor who was very rich, powerful and dignified living in a country with the empress and her son and daughter, who is very much in across the ocean. The king also has a very powerful warlord, authoritative and respected everyone. Karo is the name of the commander of Indian descent.

    At one time, the emperor wanted to go from country to find a new place and establish a new kingdom. He gathered all his forces and encourages everyone to get ready to leave for overseas. He also invited his daughter Si Miansari to participate wander. Miansari would like to hear it, because he was in love with the warlords.

    Finally maharaja Miansari split the group and choose to join the warlords. They began to sail across the ocean with a raft that they made themselves.

    So they set sail and they arrived the an island called Pulau Pinang. They stay in place for several months. And they hunt to find their food. One day the emperor looked south and saw an island that is wider and more green again. He intends to cross to get there. Later that day he announced to his people that get ready to sail to the other side.

    On the way in the middle of the sea, they have a tremendous disaster, namely hurricanes and huge waves, so they scattered. They are very frightened and thought that they would soon die. Unexpectedly Miansari along with the commander and his entourage were stranded on an island that they do not know but the emperor and his entourage who do not know where it was.

    Thus Commander and Miansari agreed to run away and get married. They set out and brought two maids and three bodyguards. They follow the river and look for a safe place to bersembunyi.Dan arrive somewhere.

    They stay in place several months. On the island they live full of freedom. At that time there was a very important event, namely the commander and Miansari married witnessed by maids and their bodyguards.

    After that they began again to continue their journey to find a safer place. They entered an island that is not so far away from their places, the rag islands (Sumatra), and where it is now called Belawan.Dari where they resumed the journey through the river flow towards the interior. And they arrived at a place now called Durin Tani.

    There are a cave that cave Umang. In the cave that they rest for a few days before the search for a safer place. Because they think it is not so safe place so they decided to seek re safer place. They explore the forest and follow the river to the mountain region.

    After a few days they were up and running in the middle of the jungle and they passed several places named Buluhawar, Bukum, then they arrived at a place at the foot of the mountain. And the place was named Sikeben adjacent to Bandarbaru. They stayed there a few months. However, since Si Karo see that there are still more beautiful place than on the place, he decided to have them back walking through the woods. Finally they arrived at the foot of the mountain Barus. And proceed to the Barus mountain. They were very happy to see the beautiful scenery and cool.

    They are very happy and they all agree that they live in that place. But Si Karo not agree with the request of his friends, because he saw that the land that is in place it is not the same as the existing ground in their country. He then decided to look elsewhere. The next day they rested under a tree "Jabi-Jabi" (a type of fig). The Karo sent a dog to cross a river, to see the state. And the dog was returned safely. Then they also cross the river. They named the river Lau Prickly, and at this point the river is still there.

    A few days later they arrived at the place, and the land contained in that place also has a resemblance to land in their country. They were very excited, and cheering. The area where they lived was named Mulawari opposite to the current Capah Seberaya. Thus the Karo and his entourage is the founder of the village in the highlands, which is now called the Karo highlands (Taneh Karo).

    From the marriage of the Karo (ancestor Karo) with Miansari born seven children. Eldest child until the child's sixth all-female, namely: corah, Performance, Tekang, girik, Pagit, Jile and finally born the seventh son of a man named Meherga which means precious or mehaga (important) as the successor. From there finally born merga for Karo people who came from the father (pathrilineal) whereas for girls called Beru derived from the word meaning diberu women.

    Merga finally married with children Tarlon named Cimata. Tarlon is the youngest brother of Miansari (wife Nini Karo). From merga and Cimata then born five boys whose names are five ethnic merga parent Karo, namely:
    Karo. Given the name Karo next goal when his grandfather (Nini Karo) has gone Karo instead as memory. So the names of their ancestors is not lost.

    • Ginter, a second child.
    • Sembiring, named the mbiring (black) because he is among his most black.
    • Peranginangin, named Peranginangin because when he was born the wind blows with a hardness (tornado-pickaxe).
    • Tarin, the youngest child.
    Okay that's all about Karo tribe from Medan North Sumatera Indonesia.Hope this post can help and something a reference for you are.If need help all about post here in our site as duniacare.com please feel free to contact us by emailing us on contact form support.
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