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    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    Jauk Dance From Bali Tribe Indonesia

    Duniacare-Jauk Dance from Bali Tribe Indonesia.Here we go to know the unique and beautiful art from Bali tribe dance like Jauk Dance.Jauk Dance is one of the traditional dance in Bali. Jauk is a dance depicting the giant king who was wandering in the woods. Jauk dance is the basis of the dance - dance masked in bali. Jauk have flexible motion, meaning that there are no specific standards when we danced this dance. Although we are free to be creative with the movement, but it still should not be separated from the grip - grip that has costume or clothing used in this dance costume is the same as that used on the dance line, it's just that there is little difference in the coils are used. Coils are used in dance jauk is cecandian shaped like a crown. Jauk also use a mask and slippers hand containing nails - nails long. While on awiran or garment body, everything is the same as line.In Balinese dance clothes, there are two types of Jauk ie Jauk Jauk Hard and Sweet. The difference between Jauk Hard and Sweet Jauk namely:

    1. From facet mask, hard Jauk using red mask, his eyes bulging with open lips, and more Bringas or fierce expression. While Jauk Sweet white mask, his eyes bulging but more muted expression with smiling lips.
    2. From in terms of movement, hard Jauk dance movements such as the name suggests, is rather hard and Bringas and authoritative. While Jauk Sweet movements softer but still firm and describe the giant authority.

    Here's an explanation of Jauk Loud and Jauk Smooth:

    1.Jauk hard, as the name suggests, the movement was more Furion. where movement is more energetic and gamelan orchestra gong too fast. usually have their own standards movement. Mask in use is the red mask, which describe the fury of the Giants.
    Mask that is used like this. so red, no mustache and bulging eyes sharp. describe fury.

    2.Jauk Sweet, this jauk as the name suggests, has a more authoritative movement. The original sweet jauk same clothes with jauk hard but the difference is in the mask where the mask is white and looks more authoritative.
    Because jauk Sweet is far more flexible than hard jauk, dance artists in Bali finally improvise and dance jauk different form. for example the old mask, mask dance dance including jauk. which illustrates the parents. so the movement is similar as parents. That sweet jauk advantage that the mask is softer than hard jauk.

    In addition jauk dance, dance Equally famous is the Kecak dance, also Pendet and Dance Legon Kraton.
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