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    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    Marriage Ceremony (Pawiwahan) Bali Culture Indonesia

    Duniacare-Marriage Ceremony (pawiwahan) Bali Culture Indonesia.Okay still talk about Bali culture.Another post duniacare already share Bali culture like Ceremony Birth Bali Culture and Teeth Cut for Adult Bali Culture. So now here we go to another Bali culture like Marriage ceremony (Pawiwahan).

    Bali is the last link of the ranks of the islands lush tropical Indonesia. East of the island, along the strait that separates Bali Lombok Lombok island, visible line of distinction between the flora and fauna of the race turned into a sub-tropical flora and fauna of Australasia race.

    In terms of ecology, "Australasia" is an area that has a uniform evolutionary history and a number of flora and fauna that can only be found in the Australian region, the island of New Guinea and surrounding islands. Including the island of Lombok and Sulawesi and islands in Indonesia are located east of the two islands. Shadow line dividing the Asia Australasia is the Wallace Line - Borneo and Bali to the west, namely in Asia.Okay here we to talking about one of others Bali culture like Marriage Ceremony (Pawiwahan).

    Marriage ceremony (Pawiwahan)
    Another important transition ceremony wedding in Bali language called Pawiwahan. Pawiwahan is testimony before the ceremony Sang Hyang Widi and to the public that the two persons concerned have bound themselves as husband and wife.there are preparations that need to be prepared for the ceremony are as follows:


    • · Segehan chopped five colors.
    • · Fire takep (fire made from coconut fibers).
    • · Tetabuhan (fresh water, wine, wine).
    • · Padengan-in / pekala-kalaan.
    • · Pejati.
    • · Mat impromptu (small mat made from pandanus).
    • · Yoke (consisting of a hoe, cane, wood branch dadap tipped pot, basket containing money).
    • · Bakul.
    • · Pepegatan consists of two branches dadap associated with white thread

    Time: Usually been a good day, in accordance with the requirements (ala-Ayuning adult).
    Place: Can be done at home the bride Iaki male or female according to local customary law (village, kala, patra).
    Executing: Led by Pastor / Pinandita / Wasi / Stakeholders.

    · Before the ceremony natab offerings pedengan-by, first bride and maprayascita mabhyakala.
    · Then the bride surround Kamulan corrected and corrected Pesaksi three times and proceed with the sale and purchase of the bride of men men with the bride, accompanied by tearing mat bride of men impromptu by men.
    · As the last event performed Mejaya-jaya and ends with natab dapetan offerings.
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