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    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    Pendet Dance from Bali Tribe Indonesia

    Duniacare-Pendet Dance from Bali Tribe Indonesia.Here we the most popular dance in Bali.If you ever going to Bali as did holidays so this dance will show in Bali temple.This dance very popular and always in keep for traditional Bali tradition art. Pendet created by the maestros of Bali, I Wayan Rindi (1967), I Wayan Rindi make Pendet as a composer of sacred dance that can stage temple every religious ceremony. The origin Pendet created is to worship the many dance performed in temples, places of worship of Hindus in Bali, Indonesia. Core Pendet Dance Movement is to welcome symbol on the decline of the gods to the natural world. However, along with the times, some of the artists on the island of Bali change Pendet be a welcome dance, but Pendet Dance still carry the sacred and religious elements that characterize Pendet.

    The development history.
    Previous Pendet been born since 1950 before, in 1961, I Wayan Beratha reworks Pendet with a pattern like now, including adding a number of dancers to five people. Intermittent year later, I Wayan Beratha and his colleagues created a mass Pendet the number of dancers no less than 800 people, to be displayed in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta. 1967 choreographed modern form Pendet. In 1967 I Wayan Rindi a choreographer creating modern forms Pendet is (? -1967), A dancer who is widely known as the aspirant dance with dance composing abilities and preserving the art of dance performance through learning on future generations. During his life he actively teaches a variety of dance performance, including Pendet to offspring in the family or outside the family. Besides Pendet still contain sacred-religious elements to include charges of strong religious.

    The characteristics Pendet
    1. Dressmaking Pendet Fashion developments that characterize Pendet Balih-balihan an entertainment or dance dance "Greeting Welcome". Clothing made as attractive as possible in order to captivate the audience appeal. Fashion on Pendet I watch are as follows: Tapih green with a pattern crapcapCara tapih use as well as normal wear cloth, it's just the tip of tapih placed behind and should cover the ankles of dancers. Kamen red with gold motifs - provoking the use of parchment biasa.Cara use of parchment in this dance together with the use of parchment in general. Angkin yellow and wears prada cone motif Red shawl without motive, wound in the body of dancers .

    2. Makeup Pendet Cosmetology is basically required to provide pressure or accentuate the shape and lines of advance in accordance with the character of the dance. In this Pendet use makeup subtle daughter.

    Tool - a tool that is used in cosmetology Pendet are as follows:
    Cleansing Milk (dry milk) according to skin type.
    Toner (face tonic) function to refresh the skin.
    Foundation (Foundation), among others: crayola, queen ayu, sari ayu, viva, ultimate, latulip.
    Powder and solid powder (if needed).
    Using eye shadow yellow, red and blue shading serves to sharpen the eyelids. Black eyebrow pencil. Eyeliner as a confirmation eye line.
    Mascara and eyelashes. Red blush on the cheeks. Red lipstick.

    In Pendet that I watched it already uses the stage or stage makeup. This dance is performed during the day but use too dark eye shadow (use blue color is more dominant) so not beautiful impression in the can but sinister impression.

    Headdress worn in Pendet this is: Bouffant, using Dreamer gonjer Using frangipani (japanese), red roses and flowers mas (sandat flowers and clover. Each - each styled with different rules, namely: Roses are placed in the middle - the middle between frangi-pani flowers and clover. Frangipani (japanese) is placed on the curved top of the right ear to contact with red roses. Clover flowers placed on the left, curving down the stem slipped on a rock way stretcher. Sandat flowers arranged along japanese flower arrangement, exactly behind red roses and flowers japanese. Using subeng.

    Period of property on Pendet The use of property in Pendet I watch is using the bowl on the outskirts of the bowl is decorated with ornaments coconut (coconut leaves are still young and yellow). Leaf ornaments can be decorated with motifs piece suit the tastes of its users. There are decorating the center of the leaf with a piece of patterned box, those that choose motifs slices rhomboid or a combination of both these motives.
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