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    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    Profile Batak Karo Tribes Indonesia

    Duniacare-Profile Batak Karo Tribes Indonesia.Batak karo is a part of bataknese in Indonesia.Most and resource batak karo from north Sumatera Indonesia.here below the detail will explain.

    General Info

    • People Name General         Batak Karo
    • People Name in Country Batak Karo
    • Population in Indonesia         913,000
    • World Population                 913,000
    • Countries                         1 (Indonesia Only)
    • Progress Scale                 3.2 ◉
    • Least-Reached                 No
    • Indigenous                         Yes
    • Alternate Names                     Batak Karo

    • Story/History                          Click Here

    • Location                                 Sumatera Utara Province, north central area west and northwest of Lake Toba; Aceh Province, small border areas.


    • Country                           Indonesia
    • Region                           Southeast Asia
    • Continent                   Asia
    • 10/40 Window          Yes
    • Persecution Rank           47  (Open Doors top 50 rank, 1 = highest persecution ranking)
    • Location in Country   Central and north, west and northwest of Lake Toba.   Source:  Ethnologue 2010


    • Primary Religion: Christianity
    • Religion Subdivision: Protestant
    • Major Religion   Percent
    • Buddhism        0.00 %
    • Christianity (Evangelical 11.00 %)70.00 %
    • Ethnic Religions 5.00 %
    • Hinduism        0.00 %
    • Islam                25.00 %
    • Non-Religious        0.00 %
    • Other / Small        0.00 %
    • Unknown         0.00 %
      Christian Segments                    Percent
    • Anglican                         0.0 %
    • Independent                 10.0 %
    • Orthodox                 0.0 %
    • Other Christian         0.0 %
    • Protestant                 80.0 %
    • Roman Catholic        10.0 %

    Where Are they Located?

    The Batak Karo are located in the Karo highlands, North Sumatra. Most of them live in the Karo regency. Some of them live in Dairi, Deli Serdang, Medan, Langkat or Southeast Aceh. Some of them live in villages known as 'kuta.'

    What Are Their Lives Like?

    Most of the Batak Karo who still live in their homeland are farmers. Some of the Batak Karo live outside their homeland, such as Jakarta, Bandung or Surabaya, some of the Batak Karo men who live outside their homeland work as minibus (angkot) drivers, private chauffeurs for rich families or bus drivers. Some others become truck drivers, or even street criminals (e.g. pickpockets, thugs/premans, etc.). Those who are educated go outside their homeland to become teachers.

    What Are Their Beliefs?

    Some of the Batak Karo are Christians, especially those who live in Dairi, but some of the Batak Karo people are Muslims, especially those who live in Deli Serdang, Medan, Langkat and Southeast Aceh. In Karo regency, there have never been conflicts between those two religious groups. It is common in a village in the Karo regency if there is a mosque and a church which are next to each other, it symbolizes peace and harmony between Muslims and Christians.

    What Are Their Needs?

    Some of the Batak Karo people are very poor, they need to go outside their homeland, or even outside Indonesia. But some of them who do that become poor and jobless. To solve that problem, the local district council send some of them to work abroad. In the Karo regency, some of the roads are damaged, they need the roads to be repaired.

    Find History and Story Batak Karo Detail by Clik Here
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