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    Tuesday, April 14, 2015

    Sikulikap Waterfall Berastagi Karo Island North Sumatera Indonesia

    Duniacare-Sikulikap waterfall Berastagi Karo Island North Sumatera Indonesia.Here we go to find a unique and beautiful and absolutely amazing waterfall in Berastagi karo Island north Sumatera Indonesia.

    Niagara Sikulikap is one of the waterfalls on the border Karo and Deli Serdang which is about 50 km from Medan.

    To achieve these locations can be reached by going down the stairs right on the border between the two districts mentioned above. In addition, the site can be done in sport climbing. This waterfall has a height of 30 m, the place is surrounded by a tropical rain forest dependent gibon.

    Sometimes shouting rapper-replication, around this location there are butterflies colorful. Distance from City Berastagi to this attraction 11 miles and can be reached by using small or large bus-Berastagi Medan. If you are bored, take a stroll to panoramic Berastagi.

    There is much to be enjoyed, there are grilled corn on the cob and delicious. If you want to enjoy the natural scenery Penatapan hang out in the shop. You can let go of saturation by inhaling the fresh mountain air.

    Its location is not far from Aqua Mineral Water Factory, District Berastagi, Karo. You may have visited these places, but it never hurts to go back there because the natural scenery is very charming.

    After about half an hour exploring the forests, waterfalls Sikulikap visible. The water is clear and fresh. Rhythm steady water, bring all those thousands of liters of water every minute. Even when the dry matter did not stop the water flow.

    Around the waterfall gives sensation, even winds often bring waterfall splashed faces dismissed. Below this, the unsaturated large rocks capturing the water. Flow into tributaries continue to sweep the water to become a source of drinking water run water company.

    Sikulikap water source comes from Forest Park (Tahura) Bukit Barisan. The forest is the Leuser Ecosystem (KEL) Gunung Leuser National Park.

    Around Sikulikap, only rhythm falls into a musical accompaniment. The rest, tranquility there. There are several places to sit, including the right before the waterfall. All around the waterfall is a dense tropical forest, with a bulge of rock walls in some places. And surrounding seen perpendicular cliffs. A number of rock climbers often use the rock next to a waterfall.

    A number of stakes planted iron hook visible on the surface of the cliff. In addition to high pretty good, about 30 meters, the track is quite challenging. Enjoy the natural scenery and beauty Sampuran Sikulikap, thus giving the name of Karo elders, with the splitting wilderness we ever did about two years ago.
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