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    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    Story and History Batak Toba Tribe Indonesia

    Duniacare-Story and History Batak Toba Tribe Indonesia.Still talking about bataknese.Here The Batak Toba Bataknese part of tribe Indonesia.Batak Toba tribe come from Medan North Sumatera like in lake toba around place.Like Balige,Porsea,Toba Samosir,etc.

    Okay here we go to know more the Story and History batak Toba Tribe Indonesia.Toba Batak tribe, is one of the many ethnic Batak clumps found in Sumatra. Toba Batak tribe locality include Toba Samosir regency consisting of Balige, Laguboti, Parsoburan and surrounding areas.

    In ancient times the area of ​​Toba Batak tribe in North Tapanuli and Central Tapanuli, which is referred to as an ethnic unity, namely the Toba Batak tribe. But because there are differences in geographic location and the division of the district, then the current Toba Batak tribe is divided into several Batak tribe, which is referred to as a cluster of closely related Tapanuli mutually culturally, ethnically Batak Toba, Samosir Batak, Batak Humbang and Batak Silindung. In addition to some of the families earlier, Toba Batak tribes still allied with the Batak tribe Angkola and Batak Mandailing.
    One of the proximity between some families above is can be seen from the majority of the native population of Toba Batak tribe is clans Hutabarat, Panggabean, Simorangkir, Hutagalung, Hutapea and Lumbantobing. To 6 genera are descendants of Guru Mangaloksa, one of the sons of King Hasibuan from Toba region. Likewise, many clan Nasution who live in the area of ​​Mulberry are siblings clan Siahaan of Balige, both these genera descended from a common ancestor.

    Although today some writing different states, but based on the history of culture, customs and language, Batak tribes in Tapanuli derived from the same clump of origin. Just because it has been separated for so long, they form communities with their own identity which is now a Toba Batak tribe, Humbang Batak, Batak Silindung and Samosir Batak.

    Toba Batak ethnic communities are concentrated in the district of Toba. Although historically the Batak tribe, that the Batak Toba Samosir also originate from, that centuries ago had migrated to areas across the island of Samosir is considered promising a better life.

    Toba Batak people have a surname that indicates the identity of the seed where they came from. This surname derived from the paternal line (patrilineal) which shall be forwarded to the male offspring continuously. According to the opinion of those Batak, "children" (boy) is king, while "Boru" (girls) means clan broke up there. Clans in Toba Bataknese tribes who marbona Pasogit (encamped page) in the Toba area, dikatakan.Sonak Malela has 3 sons and lowered 4 clan, namely: Simangungsong, Marpaung, Napitupulu and Pardede and offspring Nairasaon consisting of Butar-butar, Sitorus, Sirait and Manurutng.

    Toba Batak society, like other ethnic Batak, since the former has a nomadic lifestyle habits roam everywhere, until now, even the Toba Batak people still prefer to travel overseas to other areas, to all corners of Indonesia to foreign countries. Because of this habit was to wander ethnic Batak, then the Batak "Toba" better known everywhere. The term "horas" which is actually owned mostly from Samosir Batak ethnic, Humbang, Toba, Silindung, Simelungun, Angkola and Mandailaing was known everywhere as an expression of "survivors" of the Toba Batak society.

    Toba Batak tribal society, basically living as farmers and fishermen who live on the coast of Lake Toba. But this time the various fields of profession they have played, such as traders, working in the private sector as well as in the domestic sector. Not a few people Batak Toba successful in overseas, became an important official in the government, the lawyer and as a successful entrepreneur.
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