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    Friday, April 10, 2015

    Transportation and Acomodation Lake Toba North Sumatera Indonesia

    Duniacare-Transportation to Lake Toba North Sumatera Indonesia.Okay here we go to find the detail transportation and acomodation lake toba north sumatera Indonesia.

    Medan is an international gateway. Many flights are available every day between Medan and all major cities in Indonesia and international flights from Medan to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The main airport is Kuala Namu Airport Medan. There are several airlines serving routes from major cities in Indonesia to Medan, including Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, AirAsia, Sriwijaya Air and Merpati. Ticket varies. Most cheap, tickets at Rp400,000 and Rp800,000 can achieve the high season. Long trip from Jakarta to Medan taken for 1.5 hours to 2 hours. From the airport, the journey to Lake Toba continued by train, bus or taxi to the bus terminal Pinang Baris Medan.

    There are several choices of ground transportation to Lake Toba, one of them using public transport. From the Bus Pinang Baris, the largest terminal in the field, you can go by bus (ticket Rp40,000 to Rp 50,000) taking the bus department to Parapat (within 176 km of the field and taken for 6 hours away by bus).

    To be more convenient and faster, you can also use the car travel, although more expensive ticket prices are Rp70.000-80.000. Another alternative is to hire a car like the Toyota Kijang and APV with Rp600.000-700.000 rates per day. Traveling by rental car is recommended for the group. However, if traveling alone or as a backpacker then you should use public transport.

    Towards Balige of Jakarta no Lion Air aircraft to service in Balige Silangit. Transiting aircraft formerly in Batam but this route to save time Balige. Another option could be to Batam Airport Balige in Silangit with Susi Air. Long trip from Batam to Balige is 1 hour.

    Parapat is 176 km from Medan and can be reached less than 6 hours by bus. There are two bus route, Medan-Parapat or through field-Berastagi, the fare is approximately Rp40,000, - the travel time of about 4 hours. Booking tickets for the bus to Lake Toba is served by many travel agents at Polonia Airport. You can ride an air-conditioned taxi from Medan to Parapat approximately Rp75,000, - one way. The trip takes 4 hours. Travel agents in Medan can also provide car rental with driver. Buses to Parapat also you can get easily at the airport in Medan. To make it easier pmencari bus to Parapat - Toba, you should arrive in Medan morning. This bus will take you directly to the Toba region. On arriving in Parapat, you can boarding the ferry to the island. The ferry runs every half hour from 9 am to 5 pm.

    In addition to passing Parapat, there is another path to Lake Toba from Medan, namely through Berastagi. The cost is approximately Rp40,000, -

    Samosir Island can be done morning with purchase ferry tickets for 10,000, - per person. While waiting for the departure of the ship, you can hunt photos around Lake Toba. There are two types of ferries serving the route to the island of Samosir, the ferry that transports passengers and ferries carrying only four-wheeled vehicles. When using the car can ride ferries carrying both types of four-wheeled vehicles. During the crossing will be treated to the beautiful natural scenery of the lake, blue sky, and the air is cool. Lake Toba weather can even hypnotize visitors to linger here.

    Parapat there are a lot of hotels with prices ranging from hotels, bungalows, villas and guesthouses, to homestay. While in Samosir, there are many hotels in Tuk Tuk where you can adjust its budget. Tuk Tuk is a strategic place to explore the surrounding islands and has a comfortable amenities. You live look for in accordance with the budget. In fact, here too there are many budget class accommodation with clean and comfortable conditions. Tips to get the hotel or place of stay clean is look for hotels that are always crowded.

    Shopping on Lake Toba
    In Parapat you can buy souvenirs such as T-shirts and accessories ancient Batak calendar with original writing Batak, Batak guitar from wood and a variety of other unique souvenirs. There is also a traditional market held twice a week.

    If you want to buy souvenirs unique antique even try shopping at Samosir. Visit also Jangga (traditional village) if you are interested in buying the famous Ulos fabric with motifs and subtle weave, you can even see directly how to weave cloth Ulos. This fabric is predominantly red, black and white are usually woven with gold and silver threads. Cain Ulos various types, including: star maratur, ragiidup, Sibolang, ragihotang, Mangiring and Sadum.
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