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    Tuesday, April 14, 2015

    Welcome to Berastagi Tourism North Sumatera Indonesia

    Duniacare-Welcome to Berastagi Tourism North Sumatera Indonesia.Berastagi tourist area in North Sumatra is known as an area with a cool climate with typical mountain air. Berastagi is a district in Tanah Karo, famous for crops, such as vegetables and fruits. In the area of ​​Berastagi, there are a number of interesting places for recreation.

    Fresh natural atmosphere and cool you can find in Berastagi. You will find a carpet of trees, gardens, and green grass on the hills. This is why this region is a favorite destination for family tourism, crowded among connoisseurs of travel, both of Medan, Sumatra's other regions, domestic tourists, up to the world through the entrance Kualanamu International Airport in Medan.

    Berastagi travel this region has a similar equation to the tourist area of ​​Puncak, Bogor in West Java, Kaliurang in Jogja, or tourist Batu Malang in Java Timur.Daerah Berastagi travel administratively located in the district of Tanah Karo, North Sumatra. The topography of the region reflects region is located in a row of the Bukit Barisan Mountains, elevation of about 1,300 meters above sea level and is flanked by two active volcanoes, namely Mount Sinabung and Mount Sibayak.

    This is why Berastagi has air that is so cool and famous for soil fertility. Since long, Berastagi is known as a producer of fruits and vegetables the most productive in North Sumatra. In the era of Dutch colonialism, Berastagi has become a center of plantation and lasted until now.

    When entering the tourist area of ​​Berastagi, you can find the greengrocer and fruits are lined along the street selling merchandise. Among the many crops Berastagi, sweet orange and passion fruit is the most famous. Berastagi is also known by a variety of ornamental plants. Every year, usually held Feast Flowers and Fruit on a regular basis.

    Berastagi Travel Address: District of Berastagi, Tanah Karo, North Sumatra
    Map location: click hereGPS Coordinates: 3.1982005,98.5120932

    Interesting Spot Area Tourism Berastagi
    The following are a number of interesting tourist spots and destinations that you can find in the tourist area of ​​Berastagi.
    1. Thermal Baths Lau Debuk-Debuk

    These baths are in Doulu Village, located at the foot of Mount Sibayak. Hot water Lau Debuk-Debuk sourced from cracks in the lava flows south slope of Mount Sibayak. Attractions Berastagi this one is about 10 miles from downtown Berastagi. You can arrive at the pool by using a bus or vehicle pribadi.Setelah climb Mount Sibayak, usually many tourists stop and soak in hot tubs is to nourish the body. The duration of an ascent to the mountain is usually reached within 2-4 hours by foot. You only need to pay admission hot tubs in Berastagi is no more than USD 8 thousand per person.

    2. Mount Gundaling

    This is one of the tourist spots Berastagi which presents you the beautiful natural scenery. In Mount Gundaling, you can get around by horse. The air is really cool in this hill makes it preferable as one of the favorite recreation and relaxation in Berastagi. In Bukit Gundaling, there are shops and places to eat if you want to dine.

    3. Corn in Panatapan
    Berastagi attractions this one is in the village of Douluh. In the language Karo, "Panatapan" means a look-see. Here, you can menimati Berastagi beautiful natural scenery while enjoying eat corn on the cob, corn, coffee, accompanied by a glass of warm milk or hot sweet tea. You can see the type of monkey that is in the region, local people refer to it as "gibon".

    4. Niagara Sikulikap

    Niagara Sikulikap is one of the attractive tourist spots to visit Berastagi. Located in the village of Doulu, this waterfall is about 11 miles from downtown Berastagi. At the border gates Tanah Karo - Deli Serdang, you can find the entrance to the waterfall Sikulikap.Jika you want to get to the waterfalls, you need to go down past the stairs and walkways so far about 800 meters, or about 15 menit.Air Falls Sikulikap altitude of about 30 meters, drain water sourced from Forest Park (Tahura) Bukit Barisan. Natural scenery in the waterfall area Berastagi this one really beautiful. You can watch the dense tropical forest that surrounds it, with rock climbing walls standing upright.

    5. Natural Park Lumbini

    This is one of the attractions in the popular Berastagi, a tourist destination visited by tourists. In the Nature Park Lumbini, there is a beautiful pagoda which is also the largest pagoda in Indonesia.Anda can watch beautiful ornaments with gold color cast when traveling around the pagoda. In addition, enjoy the enchanting beauty of the gardens in the area of ​​Lumbini pagoda is the most frequent travelers.

    6. Botanical Tongkoh
    Located in the village of Tongkoh, you can pick and choose ornamental plants in this garden if you want to make it as a souvenir of Berastagi to take home. Additionally, you can look around the gardens belonging to the community, of vines, citrus, until the strawberries.

    7. Village Lingga

    Lingga village is an ancient village located in Simpang Empat, is about 15 km from Berastagi. In this village, you can search for cultural tourism and gain knowledge of history there. In the village, there are old houses hundreds of years old. In addition, you will also find a museum containing relics of the Kingdom of Karo in the village.

    8. Bukit Kubu

    In Bukit Kubu, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the soothing green pastures. Additionally, you can get around there to witness a number of houses relics of the Dutch colony, including the house that had become a haven Bung Karno when visiting Berastagi in the past.

    9. Fruit Market Berastagi

    Complete your Berastagi travel trip with a visit to the fruit market there. You can find fruits and vegetables fresh in this market. The most popular way tourists do is to buy one of the souvenirs of famous Berastagi, namely orange and passion fruit.

    Travel to the Area Tourism Berastagi
    Berastagi tourist area located in Tanah Karo, is about 78 km from the city of Medan. If you start the journey from Medan, you will need about 45 minutes to be able to get in Berastagi. You can also go to Berastagi through Sembahe, usually it will take as long as 25 minutes drive from Sembahe to Berastagi.

    On the way to this Berastagi tour, you will pass through the area and articles that will serve appetizer beautiful natural attractions. Along the way, you can stop at checkpoints stopping there for a rest.
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