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    Saturday, April 4, 2015

    Welcome to Karma Beach Bali Indonesia

    Duniacare-Welcome to Karma Beach Bali Indonesia.Karma Beach in Bali Indonesia something different with the others beach in Bali's.The different is you must be doing payment to enter to this beaches.Yes cause this beach very exclusive beach and very difficult to visit.It's mean need a transportation solution like escalator.Okay here we go how and why you must be doing payment to get enjoy this beach.

    Visitors who come to Karma Beach Bali, every day is not too crowded. Because it is very exclusive beach and there is an entrance fee to be able to Karma Beach Bali.By paying the entrance fee of Rp 250,000 per person, you can freely enjoy the beauty of Bali Karma Beach throughout the day. The cost of admission can be used to buy food and drinks sold Karma Beach Bali.

    You must ask, why must pay Rp 250,000 per person,as we know that's beach is public places? The answer is, access to the beach is only two, one through Karma Beach Bali which is owned by the hotel Karma Kandara Ungasan. You will be provided an escalator going down a very steep cliff. A little bit scary, for the fear of heights.That's why you should be doing a little payment.

    Another option to be able to enjoy the beach is to stay at one of the five star resort that is Karma Kandara or Banyan Tree Ungasan. The price is certainly much different than the price of admission are sold Karma Beach Bali Rp 250,000 / person.
    Almost every day most tourists spend their time sunbathing on the beach. The atmosphere is so quiet and peaceful, because there is no peddlers who will disturb your rest. For those who love to swim should be done before lunch. Besides the hot weather, the sea is still very clear and the waves were not so great.The local tourism managers always maintain the cleanliness and safety of the beach Karma Beach Bali. So it is very suitable for beach tourism in Bali.
    Visitors are prohibited from littering around the coast. Furthermore, the area belongs to the hotel beachfront Karma Kandara and Banyan Tree Ungasan, which is always heavily guarded for the convenience of tourists staying.Coconut ice drink and sit back under the tent-shaped umbrella, I feel like being on the seashore of the Mediterranean.
    Do not forget if a holiday to Bali stop to Karma Beach Bali. Not only Kuta beach that offers the charm of white sandy beaches. Bali Ungasan area, located about 30 minutes away by motor vehicle from Ngurah Rai airport, waiting for the beauty of the hills and beaches with white sand and blue sea water.The beauty of the beach, a boon for the inn manager, because guests who stay always feel comfortable and happy. Having to pay expensive to get in, so guests privacy is maintained at this beach.

    Location Karma Beach Bali
    There is a desire to visit the beaches of Bali Karma Kandara? If yes, of course you will need directions to reach the location. One way to get driving directions is to use Google map.You only need to turn on the GPS in your gadget, then the instructions to the location you'll find.
    The next question is, is there any means of public transport to the beaches of Bali Karma Kandara? Of course there is, but the choice is only one, namely the taxi meter.Using the taxi meter would be very good for those who stay in the tourist area of ​​Bali Unggasan. So what if you stay in the tourist attractions in Bali others, such as tourist spots of Kuta Bali?
    Because of the distance from the beach Karma Kandara are located quite far to the tourist attractions of Kuta, then use the taxi meter will make your transportation cost increases. Then another transportation option what? We recommend that you seek the services of car rental in Bali with the driver, the more you find through online search engines such as Google.

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