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    Friday, April 3, 2015

    Welcome to Virgin Beach Bali Indonesia

    Duniacare-Welcome to Virgin Beach Bali Indonesia.Okay here we with a white sand around of the beach.It's call in Bali Virgin Beach Bali Indonesia.The white sand beaches that will Duniacare share here is the beach which is close to the tourist area of ​​Candida and the local community as the locals call Perasi Beach of Bali. While foreign tourists are more familiar with this beach as White Sand Beach Bali or better known as Virgin Beach Bali.Beach white sand has many names, actually only one beach, so do not be confused by many names. If you ask the local people when searching for this beach, you should mention the beach in Karangasem Perasi village. Because many local people do not know this beach has many names rating as Virgin beach Bali.Pantai Perasi Bali can be said as one of the best beaches in Bali and very often mentioned in the guidebook overseas trips.

    To achieve Perasi Bali beach location, you are just driving for 20 minutes from the tourist attractions Candidasa. The full address is White Sand Beach, Karangasem 80 851, Indonesia.With little domestic tourists who want to visit each other to the beach Virgin beach, because the location is very far from the famous tourist spots in Bali. Moreover, it is not easy to reach location Virgin beach because the beach is hidden. If you depart from the tourist attractions of Kuta, then you need time for 2 hours traveling.But for those who want a quiet beach, away from the crowds, clean and no pollution, the beaches of Bali Perasi you should visit during a vacation in Bali, although the distance rather jauh.Bagi tourists who first came to these shores, will be very difficult to find the location of the beach Virgin Beach. Because Perasi Bali beach is still beautiful, calm, quiet and clean, then the foreign tourists call it by the name of Virgin Beach Bali.If your first visit Perasi coast of Bali, we suggest you to rent a car with driver in Bali. This is in order that you do not get lost on the way and wasted no time in pejalanan when searching Virgin Beach Bali.If you need directions to find the location of this beach, please use the map by clicking the link below.

    The sand on the beach Perasi color is not really white, yellow is more inclined, and a little mixed with black sand, but is known as the white sand beaches.
    Small cafes are widely available here, selling food and drinks would cost far less than the price of food and drinks in the tourist area of ​​Kuta. Not only beach and cafes, you can also see the traditional boats used by fishermen local..Ifyou come here when the weather is sunny, you will see the clear blue sea water with full color and is perfect for activities such as swimming or snorkeling. When you swim in the sea, is expected to be careful, especially if you holidays with children .Also there are chairs (sun deck) for sunbathing and umbrellas, which is located in front of a small cafe. If you want, you can ask the staff of the cafe.

    Means Accommodation & Attractions Nearby
    To date there is no accommodation facilities available at Virgin Beach Bali beach. Nearest accommodation facilities attractions Candidasa.If you visit the beach Virgin beach and came from southern Bali such as Kuta tourist attractions, of course, many people do not want to spend two hours in the car just to visit the beach, if there is no other tourist places near the beach beach.Pantai Virgin Virgin beach are in the category of tourist attractions in Bali east and near the location of the beach Virgin beach, there are many exotic tourist places of interest to visit.Like Taman Ujung Karangasem,Tirta Ganga water palace,Ancient Balinese village of Tenganan.
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