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    Friday, April 10, 2015

    Wonderful Lake Toba North Sumatera Indonesia

    Duniacare-Wonderful Lake Toba North Sumatera Indonesia.Here we go to find and explorer more about Lake Toba in North Sumatera Indonesia.If you like to play as well on Lake ,so here the good place tourism for you are.

    Lake Toba is an amazing natural wonders on the island of Sumatra. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful place to visit in North Sumatra in addition to this lake. The atmosphere is cool refreshing, clear water expanse of blue, green mountains and stunning scenery is a small part of the image of a giant lake located 900 meters above the sea level.

    Lake Toba is a lake cratered area of ​​1,145 square kilometers. In the middle of an island with an area dwells almost proportional to the area of ​​Singapore. Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean than a lake considering its size. Therefore, Lake Toba is placed as the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the second largest in the world after Lake Victoria in Africa. Lake Toba also includes the deepest lake in the world is approximately 450 meters.

    Lake Toba is expected to experts formed after a volcanic eruption super approximately 73000-75000 years ago. At that time 2,800 cubic km of volcanic material spewed out of Mount Toba erupted to volcanic ash in the wind spread to half the Earth. The explosion occurred during 1 week and throw the dust up to 10 kilometers above sea level.

    As a result of the eruption of a super volcano (Mount Toba) is estimated to have caused mass death and extinction of several species of living creatures. The eruption of Mount Toba has led to changes in the earth's weather and the start into the ice age that affects the world civilization.

    For the people around Lake Toba has a magical history that is believed to be the place to stay Namborru (seven ancestor goddesses of Batak Tribe). If the Batak tribe will perform a ceremony around the lake mak they should pray and ask permission first Namborru.

    Samosir Island is an island that is unique because it is a volcanic island in the middle of Lake Toba. The altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. Although it has become a tourist destination for a long time, Naidoo is the unspoiled natural beauty. Samosir Island in the middle of this there are still two beautiful lake named Lake and Lake Aek Sidihoni Natonang. The area around Lake Toba has pine forests are arranged beautiful. On the outskirts of Lake Toba there are some seriously stunning waterfalls. Around Lake Toba you will also find sulfur water baths.

    Samosir Island you can also find misty mountains, crystal clear waterfalls to swim, and farming communities. Batak society friendliness will captivate you because wherever you go then immediately can find new friends.

    In Parapat which is a peninsula that protrudes into the lake you can enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Toba. Parapat inhabited and Batak Toba Batak society Simalungan known to possess a cheerful and sociable, well-known also happy to sing songs about love that carefree yet soulful.
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