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    Tuesday, May 5, 2015

    Aga Bali Tribe

    Duniacare - Aga Bali Tribe.There two most popular tribes there in Bali and according to history of Bali tribes.That's Aga Bali Tribe and Majapahit Tribe.In this case will explain about Aga tribe in Bali.Aga tribe is grou of people who inhabit in the mountainous region and is a though society subjugated during the Majapahit Empire in Bali.Difficulty majapahit empire in Bali subjecting it gets the resistance of the people of Bali Aga which can be felt by King Sri Krishna Kapakisan that's place by gajah Mada king of the Bali.

    Bali Aga tribe society which still obey and hold custom and tradition untill at this time.Like tradition found in village and one of them is call Tenganan Village.The people who live in Tenganan Village is indigenous.Balinese retaining traditional life style until today.Just like if you are come to Bali,so the fist you will see the people who still wearing the cloth of Bali tradition.It's look like Balinese always custom the tradition util today.

    History Of Bali Aga Tribe

    Bali island has experienced a vacancy, ie before any occupants. According to the sound of the book: "Markandeya Purana," and "Agastyaparwa" that at one time there is a yogi named Markandeya do hermitage on the hill Damalung located in Central Java. The hills are mountains Dihyang environment, which is now called Dieng.
    Therefore there Markandeya often plagued by jinn and devils, and then immediately moved from there isa marbles Mount roar which lies in East Java. There he continued his hermitage, diligently doing yoga and bersemadhi. Thanks to the firmness of his faith, he achkirnya gain inspiration there. Magical voice told her to do service to the neighbor in persons, with the open jungle highway that lies to the east of where imprisoned.
    At the foot of Mount roar that there are several pieces village, populated Java are those who already hold a blood mixing with the Hindus of India, they are called "Wong Aga". Those are driven by Markandeya, to carry out the magical voice.
    Markandeya first departure to the place designated by the magical voice, was with a group of "Wong Aga" is about a 8,000 people. Once there, where there are many springs, therein Markandeya began telling people that his followers do the work merabas forests for the fields.
    However, their activities have failed, because those people are overwritten many diseases, some of which died because attacked by the tiger and snake bitten big ones. It's known there is still a dense forest, where the beasts nesting.
    Markandeya convinced, that effort is doomed to failure, he then ordered his followers to stop working in advance. He immediately set off back marbles Mount roar, the place of the original hermitage. There he yoga again, please generosity and noble Gods instructions, how to continue the work, so managed to survive. After he got the inspiration again then he departed again to place it together entourage as much kl 4,000. Arriving there he then planted metals consisting of 5 types of so-called "Pancadatu" which is considered by him to have magical power to avert danger. Pancadatu planting took place at a spot at the foot of Mount Agung, which is seen by him as a holy place and austere.
    When he finished it by saying harbored pancadatu Mentera-Mentera to give the soul, then Markandeya told his followers it again to continue the work of the forest merabas. Clearing for the second time, it then managed to survive. Therefore lands have been opened it is sufficient breadth to serve rice paddies and fields as well as to the grounds of residence, then it's then their activities were, suspended for a while. Division of the lands began to set, each determined inherit enough land area for farming and housing.
    Where for the first time made them do the division of the land, now has become a village named P uakan. The village name is a reminder, that there occurs the division of the land mark. Q u a c a n means the division. Furthermore, narrated in the book, that where Markandeya yoga, has now also become a village, with a named P ayoga n. That name reminds, that's where Markandeya first yoga. Not far from the village Payogan, there is now a temple called P ecampuhan. Therein Markandeya said first rounding copyright, so the effort was quickly successful.
    Incidentally the temple lies at the confluence of two rivers Wos west side village of Ubud, then selayaknyalah temple was called that. P ecampuhan means meeting or blend. The temple is also called Mount Bees, perhaps because it is a low place. Bee "low.
    It was said place Markandeya harbored metals called Pancadatu it, because the place was considered sacred or holy, then called B Asaki or W asuk i. But now called B esakih, after becoming a village. About naming it will be narrated further in chapter 7.
    Markandeya after the completion of the distribution of lands, then perform the Hermitage again at a place that first gave the name S arwadh a. Now there are a large temple to worship the gods, the hermitage was already a village called T ar o. The village name is taken from the figurative name of the hermitage, namely S aradha, which consists of two broken words "sarwa" and "no" means convenience. T aro the origin of said "taru" means wood, then of words that is figured into kayun wood, which means desire. So the words "S arwadha" that initially defined so that gets the title "T aro" in Bali Kuna to name the village, with the understanding that there is achieved every desire, because of convenience.
    From there Markandeya moving the fence west hermitage again. There he made a mandala, as well as the establishment of a temple to worship the gods. Pura was named M Urwa, which means the beginning. The temple was located now in the village of Ubud, was the name of the village is Pahyangan origin, meaning the place worships gods (the hyang). The place around the common call now Payangan village.
    Descendants of the people who make the shift that is now called "WONG BALI AGA" or "WONG BALI MULA" because their ancestors were regarded as natives, which initially opened there so that it becomes a forest country. Gradually they breed, here and there, making more settlements and founded several villages fruit, in fact now they become residents of villages whose names are mentioned below.
    The villages are mostly located in the hill country, giving rise to the notion, that the words "Aga" it actually means mountain. While the word "Mula" is real already means the beginning or the beginning. Given that Markandeya able to return to Java when the business first opened the forest almost failed, because of that he then places it was later named Bali, as described / explained in Section 1 above. So it is considering naming Markandeya's journey, initially the first time succeeded in building community in Bali.

    That's all about Bali Aga Tribe.That's who live and custom the tradition Bali's until today.If this articles useful and help please share with your goog trough.And if there a question please contact us or comment here below.
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