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    Saturday, May 9, 2015

    Carita Beach

    Duniacare - Carita Beach.The Carita Beach for great family holiday.A vast stretch of white sandy beach decorated with rows of sheltering trees and the magnificent view of the Krakatau volcano on the horizon, that is what awaits at Carita Beach. Situated pleasantly on the shoreline facing the Sunda Straits at the western end of Java Island, in the Pandeglang regency, in the province of Banten, this indulging beach is only a three hours’ drive away from the bustling capital city of Jakarta.

    Here nature graciously offers some of her best features, from the majestic sunrise beyond the hills of Mount Aseupan Pandeglang all the way to the romantic sunset on the horizon over the sea. The various planktons on the surface of the sea would glitter under the brightest moonlight radiating a beautiful scenery. When the young Anak Krakatau is active, its spewing burning lava offers a fascinating scene unlikely to be easily found elsewhere.

    With relatively calm waves, anyone can enjoy swimming safely and conveniently along the beach. For a different sensation mixing swimming and surfing, visitors can try the swim boards rented at many spots along the beach at a very affordable price. The beach is also a perfect place for various funs and exciting water rides such as the Jetski and Banana Boats.

    As a tourist destination, Carita Beach has complete supporting facilities that range from an extensive parking lot, restrooms, tourist  information center, children playgrounds, shelters, swimming pools, sunbathing area, excellent communication and internet networks, and professional lifeguards to ensure safety and convenience. There are also renting facilities for diving and fishing equipment. For accommodation options, there is a wide range of hotels and inns available nearby.

    While the beach offers enough reasons to visit, Carita boasts another attraction which lies in the forest area. Established as a protected forest in 1975, the 95 hectares forest area is a sanctuary to various flora and fauna. Among some of the animal dwellere here are the long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis), the lutung ape (Tachypitechus auratus), giant lizards (Varanus salvator), Python snakes (Phyton sp), wild boars (Susvitatus), bats, eagles (Falco moluccensis), hawks (Spilornis cheela), and various other  bird species. The vegetation found here include teak (Tectona grandis), Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), African Mahogany (Swietenia khaya antoteca), and Bungur (Lagerstromia speciosa).

    Located not too far from the capital city of Jakarta, offering magnificent sceneries and a wide range of activities fit for every age, and supported with all the necessary facilities, Carita Beach is a perfect vacation spot for the entire family.

    Since Carita beach is located on the main road on the northern coast of Java, you can rent a car from Jakarta or take a public bus in the direction of Labuan. Taking approximately 2.5-3 hours drive, take the Anyer toll road and continue on the Carita main road. Alternately you can take these routes:

    Jakarta-Serang-Anyer- Carita Beach (Approximate distance 170Km)

    Jakarta-Serang-Palima-Batukuwung- Carita Beach (Approximate distance 160Km)

    Jakarta-Serang-Pandeglang-Labuan-Carita Beach (Approximate distance 160Km)

    Bogor-Rangkas Bitung- Pandeglang- Labuan- Carita beach (Approximate distance 150Km)

    Think to Do
    Carita Beach offers a wide range of activities for everybody of every age. On its soft white sands, you can play Beach Volley, Beach Futball, building sand castles, or simply just lie down and enjoy the indulging sunshine. Swimming, Jet skiing, and banana boat rides, are some of the exciting activities that you can have as you jump in the clear blue water. As the sun descends in the afternoon, get ready to witness one of nature’s greatest performances of a fascinating sunset.

    Heading even further off the coast, fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the sensation of reeling the big fish of the Sunda Strait. Or, for an up close and personal experience with the dwellers below the surface of the Sunda strait you can dive into the marine park.

    For an alternate activity, venture into the conservation forest of Carita for a totally different experience.

    As one of the prime tourist destinations in the province of Banten, Carita Beach comes with a wide selection of accommodation options including hotels, cottages, villas, homestays, and inns. There is also a spacious camping ground inside the conservation forest for those who wish to set up tents.  For a selection of hotels with websites,  click Find a hotel. Here are some of accommodation options near Carita Beach:   
    Lippo Carita Hotel
    Address: Jl. Raya Carita Labuan.
    Phone : +62 253 801919

    Mutiara Carita Cottage
    Address: Jl. Raya Carita KM. 7.
    Phone : +62 253 801069

    Resort Pantai Carita
    Address: Jl. Raya Carita Labuan.
    Phone :+62 253 801127

    Pondok Karisma
    Address: Jl. Raya Panimbang.
    Phone : +62 253 801650

    Guna Sanghyang
    Address: Jl. Raya Carita Labuan.
    Phone : +62 253 801285

    That's all about carita beach from banten Indonesia.Enjoy a beautiful and amazing Indonesia sweet tourism place.
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