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    Monday, May 4, 2015

    Jaipong Dance

    duniacare.com - Jaipong Dance.Jaipong dance otherwise as jaipongan when playing jaipong dance with traditional music is cal jaipongan in java Indonesia.Jaipong dance is a dance that was introduce in 1961 by gugum gumbira indonesian.At that time when president prohibit rock and roll and another country like western tourism coming to Indonesia so this dance will show and introduce to tourism at java Indonesia.Jaipong dance is a fusion movement between tilu tap and banjet mask dance and silat like picture show for you are.If you want to see this one just coming to Java Indonesia you will find it easy.

    Jaipong dance - Tap tilu very popular in the village, but at that time was considered among the urban poor, because her movements were sensual, even erotic. Not infrequently tilu tap dancer also serves as a prostitute. In his work, Gugum Gumbira at that time trying to preserve the basic shape tilu tap, but with an accelerated tempo music. Thus making the dancers become more active. He also maintains the shape tradisioanl tap tilu, where dancers doubles as a singer, tetepi combined with urban gamelan with sounds plus drums. Jaipur is the onomatopoeic name of the drum sound is often heard among this dance. Mouth audience and musicians usually shout accent imitation of the sound of drums: ja-i-pong, ja-ki-nem, or ja-i-nem. There are also those who say that the name refers to the sound of drums jaipong: plaque, ping, pong.

    At the initial appearance, Jaipur is a modern dance that is different from traditional Sundanese dances before that emphasizes courtesy and refinement of the dancers. Dancers (which usually women) even lowered her gaze, and should not be looked at his partner. Others with jaipong which at that time was also influenced by Western culture in the ball room dance, dancers are required to focus staring at his partner as a form of visual communication.

    Dance jaipong begin appearing in public in 1974 in the Hong Kong Arts Festival, involving the singer-dancer tatih Saleh, Gugum Gumbira as a choreographer, and Nandang Barmaya, a musician and puppeteer. When the government was trying to ban this dance because it feels inclined amoral and sensual. But instead of fading, jaipong even more popular, especially in the '80s. Jaipong dance form when it is no longer presented as a social dance like the dancers, tayub or tap tilu, in which the spectator position parallel to the dancers, but as a dance stage. Jaipong usually done by female dancers, but it can also be done in pairs.

    1.Movement Jaipong
    Jaipong has two categories within the movement:
    a.Ibing Patterns (Patterned Dance)
    This dance is usually performed rampak (groups) choreographed, presented on the stage for the needs of the spectacle alone.
    b.Ibing Saka (Random Dance)
    Presentation This is popular in the area of ​​Subang and Karawang, also known as Bajidor. Bajidor itself is often associated as an acronym Barisan Jelama Boraka (Barisan People Durhaka). This dance is more populist because, spectator position parallel to the dancer. And the audience can come to dance.

    2.Pattern Jaipong
    Jaipong series of dance movement can be divided into four parts:

    • Openings, an opening movement,
    • Pencugan, is part of a collection of movements,
    • Ngala, could also be called a termination point of a series of dances, and
    • Mincit, a transfer or transition.

    Basic dance movements are often called 3G acronym of Geol (rotating hip motion), Gitek (jerking and swinging hips movement), Goyang (hip swing motion without tapping). Jaipong dance today may be called as one of West Java's identity, it is apparent on several important events in West Java. Guests from foreign countries who came to West Java regular jaipong greeted with a dance performance. Similarly, the artistic missions to foreign countries.

    Jaipong dance too much influence other art-art that exist in West Java community, both in the performing arts puppets, gamelan, Genjring / Terbangan, kacapi Jaipur, and almost all folk performances as well as on modern dangdut music which collaborated with Jaipong.

    That's all about jaipong dance from Javanese tribe.javanese tribe Indonesia.Who ever come to indonesia and live in java surely already know abut this dance.Cause this dance very popular in java,javanese Indonesia.If this post helpful please share with trough.
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