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    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    Majapahit Tribe of Bali

    Duniacare - Majapahit Tribe of Bali.Majapahit tribe is a tribe come from java and live in Bali.Actually there are two popular tribe in Bali like Aga tribe and Majapahit tribe.And this section we will explain the Majapahit tribe from Bali.Majaphit tribe also come from Java migrant and live in Bali.The majapahit tribe most live life in low island not like Aga tribe which one live in mountain area of Bali village.

    Balinese people are tribes who inhabit the island of Bali, the Bali language and follow the Balinese culture. Most Balinese are Hindu quarter, approximately 90%. While the rest are Buddhists, Muslims and Christians. There are approximately 5 million people Bali. Most of them live on the island, but they are also spread throughout Indonesia. The Balinese are also available at the West Lombok. Some also immigrated to Lampung, South Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi and South Sulawesi and Papua. There are two ethnic groups Bali. The first group are the Bali Aga, they are the indigenous people who inhabit the mountains. The second group is the Bali Majapahit, namely migrants of Javanese (the kingdom of Majapahit Hindu) who live in most of the island, especially in the lowlands.

    Social Culture
    The main livelihood of the Bali Aga or Bali Majapahit is fished in the rice fields with irrigation system known as Subak. Bonds of solidarity among members of Subak (the same water source) can be seen when held water control system at specific times or when a special religious ceremony attended by senior Subak (the same water source) can be seen when held Subak (no specific time or during ceremony Special religious people followed the Subak. The Balinese also recognize other commitments in respect of certain activities in their lives. Kinship ties are called to be. One or usually occupy a house complex which is bounded by a wall of about 2 meters with an entrance gate decorated and stairs. In it there is also a temple belonging to the family shrine. Other bonds are based on the religious Balinese, Bali is Hindu. There is also a bond based livelihood activities, the bonds between the people of caste, and others. The people of Bali, caste called the house, and as in Hindu culture, Balinese society is made up of Brahmins, Satria, Wesia (called triwangsa), and the fourth, Sudra (called Jabu). Each house has his or her own name, which can not be used by residents of other castes.

    The natural beauty of Bali is also the tourism sector is growing rapidly and has changed the face of the island of Bali with the presence of luxurious hotels, travel agencies and international flights.

    Bali is a Hindu belief Bali. No wonder so many temples in Bali shrine or temple. A small percentage of Muslims, Christians and Buddhists. Although Hinduism big influence on the culture of its people, the Balinese managed to maintain their original culture, as opposed to Indian culture. Balinese Hindus believe in one God, the trinity concept but one. Trine has three significant or manifesto. Brahman, exists that creates; Vishnu, exists to protect and preserve; Shiva, transforming the melt everything. There are five ceremonial (five yadnya): human yadnya (rites of the life cycle from childhood to adulthood), tape yadnya (ritual to ancestral spirits, including funerals until the cleansing of the spirit of ancestors), the god of ritual (ceremony at the temple in general and family), receipt yadnya (ritual consecration of priests / mediksa), blind yadnya (ceremony shown on a giant scorpion and that the spirits that can interfere).

    All they need now is for the government to plan the development of tourism in accordance with the carrying capacity of Bali. Common areas such as the beach, is getting narrower due to the development of environmentally sound and socially in developing Bali as a tourist.

    That's all about Majapahit Bali tribe.If this articles useful please share with your good trough and let's keep in sharing about Indonesia tribe.
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