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    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    Osing Tribe Tradition

    Duniacare - Osing tribe tradition.Osing tribe have so much tradition in keep and hold until at this time.For most popular and unique one is Bridal processing osing tribe.Bridal processing osing tribe doing by carries on the bridal around of village until find woman bridal home.And at woman bridal home there a tradition like War of Bangkat.Okay here we below to find more abou this tradition from Osing tribe Banyuwangi east of Java Indonesia.

    Indonesia consists of various ethnic groups with their own cultural diversity. One of them is reflected in the unique tradition tribal wedding Osing in Banyuwangi, who is a descendant of the kingdom Majalahit.

    At the end of the reign of Majapahit around 1478 AD, the history of ethnic Osing or called Using it started. The remaining strength of Majapahit when it fled to Bali, the slopes of Mount Bromo (Tengger tribe) and became the tribe Osing in Blambangan. They inherited the Majapahit culture different from Javanese culture in general. But they are more similar to Balinese culture, from sendra dance, customs, language and architecture and decoration are mounted on the roofs of their houses. The language used they are ancient Javanese language.
    Not too familiar story and their culture, which raised the perception that if the tribe Osing was closely related to the occult Puputan, which persisted until the bitter end. Historically this is so. They are true fighters against the VOC, the Dutch colonial invaders in the past, continuously. Hundreds of times they fought, until now preserved warfare becomes an attraction at various events, including wedding events.

    Looking tradition dating
    In the tradition of marriage Tribe Osing, wedding dress style is heavily influenced by the style of Java, Madura, Bali, and other tribes. So, it is not too unique. What is interesting is precisely their tradition known as geredhoan, the event find a mate made by the tribal youth. But in principle, they started a new life with the tradition of introductions, then to the final stage and the proposed new to the altar.

    Geredhoan at the beginning held in their isolated enclaves in the interior of Banyuwangi, such as Sub Giri (Village Boyolangu and Penataban), District Glagah (Village Banjarsari, Glagah, Bakungan, Keniten, and Mojopanggang), and Singonjuruh. But later only done once a year in the village of Kabat, Dadapan, and Rogojampi. Implementation coincided at the birth of the prophet Muhammad.

    In some places is done regularly, even there the committee organizers. Each family was asked to prepare flour, rice, sugar, and other ingredients to make a cake and a cone, the material is placed in the home gedek (walled bamboo) near the mosque. While cooking, the young women in the chamber following the salawat and religious lectures.

    Meanwhile the lanceng (youth) making equipment and decoration ceremony outdoors. While working they bustle of the girls peeking through a hole gedek. If the estimate, the event continued with chatting. But they did not speak directly but is limited by partition walls of bamboo. Makin night continued with more serious communication, which requested the willingness of women receiving love.

    What are the signs? The youth enter the leaf stem sticks through the hole gedek. If the girl broke the tip of the rib, the sign of love denied. Conversely when formed spherule-like leaves of hibiscus means love received. If you have this, followed by unrequited rhyme. The next day, cone and the like nagasari cakes, dumplings, fried bananas, lemper, bikang, and satay quail eggs placed in a square container of bamboo. In the middle put the banana stem to stick the egg bertusuk number 99. Then, brought to the mosque to be enjoyed together, while bersalawat.

    In the village Gitik, District Kabat geredhoan event held perfunctory. Not always in Rabiulawal. The houses were held this tradition, the door opened wide. But for all the wedding is not easy, because it could be the parents do not agree. There is another solution, namely mating nyolong or elope, only in a positive sense, that is married to an official. Problem mate Tribe Osing sure, as long as the curved leaf yet, there is still opportunity to marry others. Generally, they are also durable marriage.

    Processing Bridal Tradition

    One more unique wedding tradition Osing tribe Kemiren Village, District Glagah, Banyuwangi is held tradition of the bridal procession. The groom's family and relatives paraded by carrying saserahan. Unique, because who participated procession not only the brides family, but also carry supplies such as pillows, bolsters tied into the mat, following cooking equipment. Not to forget the chicken, ladle (language Osingnya irus-Red), chicken eggs, coconut, banana, yellow rice and betel cutlery or called Wanci chew of betelThis procession beginning of the wedding party bridal Osing tribe. Very interesting, the neighbors passed the procession also joined the ranks. As a result, when I got home the bride, the procession could be along the railway carriages. This was followed by a procession Bangkat War, which is full of advice and counsel from the elders.When it is in the form of drama, the groom (King) and bride (queen) sits with a separated piece of white cloth. Each accompanied by a puppeteer who will pit their heritage. Dalang also be a spokesperson or carries a moral message. Called Bangkat War, since both puppeteer must fight with an argument. After that, they are legitimate as husband and wife by custom. This is proof that the tribe Osing upholds the cultural values ​​of the ancestors. (1003)

    That's all about Osing tribe Tradition.Osing tribe tradition like Looking fot dating and Bridal processing.If this article useful please share with your good through.
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