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    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    Osing Tribe

    Duniacare - Osing Tribe.Osing tribe from Bayuwangi Javanese Indonesia.Osing tribe is call as "wong blambangan" This tribe knowing since the end of the reign of Majapahit aroudn the year 1478 AD.The fall of majapahit kingdom make some resident ran to several place,including to mound bromo,Bali and Blambangan (The osing tribe)one of them,until again with new history when was a Hindu - Buddhist kingdom there in javanese.Thta's a Tengger tribe live in Bromo mount area cause this happend and Majapahit tribe gone to Bali.That's source from the old history javanese tribes.

    If the note of its history, the tribe Osing initially embraced Hindu-Buddhist teachings are believed to be their religion as well as the kingdom of Majapahit. Until the development of Islam in Area Pantura, Osing rate slowly so embrace Islam. Even Kyiai have major otritas in matters of faith. But not only that, the tribe Osing most maysarakatnya also still holds such Saptadharma other beliefs, namely the belief that his prayer is in the mecca of East like China and Pamu. The tribal belief systems Osing still contains elements of animism, dynamism, and monotheism.

    As described earlier, that the tribe Osing is a native of East Java as a result of the expiration of the Majapahit kingdom, of course the language used is the ancient Javanese language. Even so, they use different dialects with the Java language in general. There is a particular emphasis on the words that preceded consonant (B, D, G) and given insertion (Y). For example if you want to mention the word "brother" then changed to "Abyang".

    Judging from the layout Demographics, Osing tribe is adjacent to Java, Madura and Bali. The closeness of this demographic layout affects multiple systems of organization, culture, the arts also there. Familial and societal patterns Osing rate equal to the tribes in Java to another, ranging from housing, food, and health very nature Javaneseness. Osing rate often compared to Balinese culture, such as traditional clothing, wedding dresses, and more. However, in this case social stratification, caste system attached to the culture of Bali does not apply in the tribe Osing. This occurs because of the influence of Islam is very strong there.

    Kinship patterns are formed in parts Osing is more directed at the bilateral patrilineal pattern, according to the pattern in general society that embraced Islam. The tribe now Osing, community agencies ranging from the formation of the village head, village secretary, LMD, kaur government, kaur People's Welfare, kaur development, and financial kaur.

    If a note of the location of the topography, the general rate Osing on the slopes of the volcano have livelihood as farmers and planters. Various types of agricultural products which consists of over rice, maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, beans, eggplant, cucumber, and others. There is also a crop that consists of coconut, coffee, clove, kapok, mango, durian, banana, rambutan, papaya, avocado, citrus, and blimbing. There are also people who breed also trades, so the livelihood in these diverse ethnic Osing. Even the results of any industry, there are many results tenu, Plismet, carvings, and other craft items. If we pull into the area Kemiren livelihood many leading society in governance, such as the armed forces, teachers, private sector workers, farm workers, ordinary workers, and labor services.

    Basically as farmers and ranchers, people have the ability armpits Osing too advanced even still very traditional. Therefore, they need training and the introduction of small-scale appropriate technologies to increase their productivity. As for some of the equipment which has now been used are as follows:

    Supplies means of livelihood: Teter, singkal, pecking sangkan, boding, machetes, kilung.
    Equipment shelter: type of home Tikel cockscomb, Baresan, serocokan with fitted amperan, bale, and pawon.
    Weapons: a sword, a dagger, cundik, tolop, tolop shovel.

    Osing tribe is a tribe that has a mix of culture, the arts are diverse, coupled with the culture of the people there were so friendly, mutual cooperation is still awake, community service, friendship, even visit each other and contribute discordant still do. This diversity makes Banyuwangi mainly rural Kemiren serve as a tourist destination that still preserve the cultural values ​​of ethnic Osing by the local government. Cultural festivals and other annual art events are often held in the village Kemiren.

    Until right now the most popular Tradition keep by osing tribe is the bridal processing and Bridal processing Bangkat war.You can fin here Bridal Processing arakan and war of Bangkat here to find more about this tradition from Osing tribe Javanese Indonesia.

    That's all about Osing tribe from Bayuwangi Javanese Indonesia.If this articles help and useful please share with your good trough.
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