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    Tuesday, May 5, 2015

    Rasa Sayange Song

    Duniacare - Rasa Sayange Song.Rasa sayange song one of six Indonesia culture as heritage in UNESCO as International culture of this world.Rasa Sayange song is one of the songs from Ambon Maluku Indonesia.The song was include in the category of children's song are the most popular hereditary in Ambon Maluku.It contained a short shapes rhymes advice,to make this song sound like melodious and pleasant to be played a mother to their children.The Rasa sayange song first recorded int the recorded company at 15 august Lokanata Solo Indonesia 1962.This data was found to prove when was malaysian claim that this song owned by them culture.This claim was at 2007.But cause have a history of Indonesia that Rasa Sayange first recorded in Indonesia like in recorded company Lokanta 15 august 1962 Solo Indonesia.

    Sayange Rasa song is one of the songs from the area of ​​Ambon, Maluku. The song was included in the category of children's songs are the most popular hereditary in Maluku. It contained a short and shaped rhymes advice, make this song sound melodious and pleasant to be played a mother to her child. Taste Sayange first recorded in the record company at 15 Agutus Lokananta Solo 1962. This data was found to prove the Malaysian Tourism Ministry immediately claimed the song as the song Rasa Sayange regional cultural promotion in 2007.

    In addition to the official claim of the Ministry of Malaysia, Rasa song Sayange created in an animated video format with changes in the lyrics and the language in the Malaysian version. Indeed, authentic evidence of the (ownership) this song we do not have because our ancestors so that the absence of oral cultured manuscript or other written evidence which contains the lyrics came from. But long before Independence, the song Rasa Sayange sound in Silent Movie Dutch Colonial Insulinde made to describe the Dutch East Indies between the years 1937 - 1940, a film adaptation of Insulinde: Experiences of a Naturalist \ 's Wife in the Eastern Archipelago. Anna Forbes essay.

    Rasa song Sayange, in general tell about their affection for the environment and reveals also how they socialize. Song from Maluku this one form of rhyme advice shouted to each other. Strutur abab rhyming lyrics in every stanza, as well as the orchestration efoni in every lariknya make this song catchy and describes the carefree and pleasant atmosphere.

    So this song is often sung in the birthday parties of children, in child entertainment venues, as well as a lullaby. This song also has been documented in several fersi: Rasa Sayange (Version rhymes), Rasa Sayange (Maluku Hawaiian Orchestra), Sayange Rasa (Poetry and lyriknya 2 languages).

    The meaning of the song Rasa Sayange.

    we can see from the structure of the sentence in rhymes. In the chorus written / Sense Sayange Sayange ... affection ... / Eeee view of distant affection Sayange /, repetition of phrases and words of affection Sayange indicate the emphasis that we understand the sense of the word affection. And on the second line is a statement that the affection will be seen from far away, it speaks about the distance; visibility, mileage, or distance in time between space that will create desire. That affection is longing materialized from a distance. As well as in the composition of the song, the two arrays is positioned as a refrain that is repeated in each stanza pantunnya to be the main message in a song.

    Meanings of affection above reinforced in subsequent stanzas rhyme. The first stanza of the importance of learning in childhood that a happy life in the future. In order not to like deer are pursued and hunted because of mischief. It speaks of compassion viewed from a distance of time, something will happen. The second stanza poem is the advice that we do not rush to do something, said slow not be interpreted as an act of conscientious, and thorough. Just as in Koran Koran, which sought to end the speed is not but a thorough understanding word for word. The second stanza is significant about the importance of the process, mileage, in reaching the goal. And the third verse is talking about the distance of space, separation and meeting physically. Because each meeting will end with a farewell back missed a meeting.

    As a resident in the maritime islands, Maluku society profession is the average fisherman. A fisherman could have gone to sea in a few days and left children and wives at home. Through song Rasa Sayange the one understanding of the affection we can feel from their daily lives.

    That's all about Rasa Sayange song as a culture Indonesia.This song come from Ambon Maluku Indonesia.And this song very unique and have so much art value like from rhymes and melodious.
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