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    Friday, May 8, 2015

    Tamblingan Lake

    Duniacare - Tamblingan Lake.Tamblingan lake in Bali.In North Bali is decorated with three lakes, which are: Lake Buyan , Lake Beratan and Lake Tamblingan, where nature has been kept almost untouched.  All three lakes are the life-source for the surrounding communities.

    Located by the village of Munduk in the sub-regency of Banjar in the regency of Bulelemg, Tamblingan is a relatively small lake covering  a surface of only around 1.5 square kilometers with a depth of 90 meters. The name Tamblingan is derived from the word  tamba meaning medicine or medicinal, and  elingang meaning spiritual.

    Legend goes that between the 10th to the 14th century the residents of  four villages surrounding the lake, namely the villages of  Munduk, Gobleg, Gesing, and  Umejero were tasked to guard over the sanctity of the lake.

    But one day suddenly all four villages were stricken by an infectious disease. Hereupon, a holy priest went down to the lake to fetch water. He prayed at the lake and through his spiritual powers the sick in the four villages were  cured, cleansed by the lake's healing  waters.

    From that time on,  people built many temples on and surrounding Lake Tamblingan. These are  Pura Endek, Pura Dalem Tamblingan, Pura Sang Hyang Kawuh, Pura Ulun Danu, Pura Pengukiran, Pura Gubug, Pura Embang, Pura Batulepang, Pura Pengukusan, Pura Naga Loka, and Pura Tirta Mengening. While two other  temples, the  Pura Tukang Timbang and Pura Embang are built of ancient stones, believed to originate from the pre-Hindu era even prior to the 10th century. The many  temples together with the lake now form a beautiful landscape that emits its own fascinating aura.

    As Lake Tamblingan lies 1,000 meters above sea level, the climate here is cool. The early morning mist that hangs over the waters, strangely  enhances its mystical appeal.  According to folklore, centuries ago the area was once inhabited by a people who lived peacefully under a well ordered government,and  a well organized welfare and cultural system.

    By Lake Tamblingan near lake Buyan along the south-north highway that links  the cities of  Depasar with Singaraja, live a host of monkeys. These multiply so fast, that they are often called the teeming  monkeys of the jungle.

    Lake  Tamblingan is located near. Lake Bedugul that can be reached pass  three-pronged cross road that lead to the villages of  Munduk and  Gobleg. Two routes are recommended. The first passes Lake Bedugul, then continues straight on until you will see on the  left side  of the road  an entry gate that leads to Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. Drive through this gate and you will arrive directly at  both the lakes' water edge.

    The second route goes above the first.  To get on this road,  drive from Lake Bedugul straight up until you meet a three way crossing. Here turn left. From this vantage point  you will be able to look down on the beautiful panorama  of both lakes from above.

    Think to do in Tamblingan Lake Bali

    It is on purpose that Lake Tamblingan has not been developed for tourism activities in order  to conserve  its serenity and sustainabily. Its local government bans all machime-driven transport on its waters. For this reason you will only find traditional rowing boats here which are  tied to the shore. These are used to go fishing. When you visit the lake,  donot forget to bring your camera to shoot this wonderful panorama. Alternately you can go trekking through tropical rainforests around this lake.

    Tips Traveling
    If you want to see monkeys playing on the road, take the second route. Here you will also find roadside cafes. Rest here and enjoy an invigorating hot cup of coffee in the cool mountain air.

    If you wish to stay longer at Tamblingan you can stay at a number of homestays or guesthouses. Among which are: the Karangsari Guesthouse (+62 821-44844-844) ; Puri Lumbung Cottage (+62 362-7012887); Puri Sunny Hotel ( +62 817-345-869); Manah Liang Bungalow (+ 62 362-7005211); Taman Ayu Homestay ( +62 899-0155-357).
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