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    Tuesday, October 27, 2015

    Top 10 Budgets Hotels Under $45 in Bali

    Duniacare - Top 10 Budgets Hotels Under $45 in Bali.Incredible Bali budgets hotels you won't believe under $45.As we know Bali is magical place,magical for traveling goal,amazing place,beautiful place,and you will find a tons of paradise hotels.How about going budget in Bali? It doesn’t mean having a boring cookie-cutter overnight experience in a cramped space, at least not in Bali.Several lesser-heard of budget hotels have fancy designs, provide unique experiences, and may even cosy you up so much you won’t want to leave!Don’t believe us? Keep your eyes peeled – we bring you through 13 budget hotels that will be sure to impress you.
    Cheap Hotels in Bali

    1.Beach, parties, shops – a holiday in paradise: The Bene (From USD $45)
    If you love to party, the beach, and good food, you will love The Bene.Nestled in the heart of Kuta, this modernly styled boutique hotel is near all you’d want to find in Bali’s popular party district.Apart from the vibrant nightlife, you can also explore streets of souvenir shops for the perfect gift to bring home, not to mention that Beachwalk shopping mall is just ten minutes walk away from the hotel.And if you fancy the sea and a tan, the famed Kuta beach is also five minutes away, where you’d be sure to meet fellow beach lovers.You can further enhance your Kuta experience the Bene’s in-house Plumeria restaurant on Wednesdays with an Italian Night Buffet, and Special BBQs on Saturday – combined with live music.You may want to locate the various artistic Instagram-worthy spots around the hotel too – it’s time to make your friends envious!

    2.FRii Bali Echo Beach Hotel (Rooms start at USD 37)
    If you are planning to surf in Bali, Echo Beach must be somewhere at the top of your list.But even for non-surfers, the beautiful coastline of North Seminyak and its breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean are hard to resist.At this gorgeous place, where best to stay other than the Echo Beach Hotel itself?Yes, the pool is right outside your door. Doesn’t it remind you of some gorgeous water villas? At this gorgeous place, where best to stay other than the Echo Beach Hotel itself?
    Yes, the pool is right outside your door. Doesn’t it remind you of some gorgeous water villas? If you’ve gotten a room on the upper deck and away from the pool, you’ve still got an equally good deal – ‘cause you’re closer to the awesome sundeck.

    3.Diamonds and glamour for the fashionista: Love F hotel
    If the name sounds familiar or reminds you of a popular nightspot in Singapore (hint: F Club), you probably guessed it right. Love F hotels is owned by the renowned Fashion TV which prides itself as experts of the lifestyle and fashion industry.Living up to its reputation, the Love F Hotel is nothing short of being the fashionista of Bali’s hotel industry. Having opened in late 2014, the hotel is modernly and glamorously decorated to make you feel like a celebrity, complete with an amazing rooftop swimming pool – perfect for sunset chill outs instead of crowding with the hordes of tourists at Kuta Beach.The hotels closely follows the design of their main logo, which consists of a diamond, so don’t be too surprised to spot various diamonds located in and around the hotel, that are perfect Instagrammable corners.And if you can’t sleep without partying, you’ll love the Love F Bar that opens till 3am! With the party located just a few floors above your hotel room, you won’t even have to worry about trying to find a cab to get back safely – just take the lift down and your comfy bed awaits you.Shopping along the streets of Legian and Seminyak is also just a five-minute walk away from the hotel, with Kuta Beach a 20-minute stroll away.Who says living a glamorous life means burning your cash? Make all your friends envious with everyday #ootd shots that looks like twice of what you paid for.

    4.Tastefully modern ‘island getaway’: Fontana hotel
    Tucked away in a corner of Kuta lays Fontana hotel, which seems like an island getaway on its own. You wouldn’t believe this hidden gem exists along the busy streets of Kuta.The design of the hotel is minimalistic yet with a hint of character. With little art pieces that add a splash of colour to white canvas walls, you’ll never be bored while walking around the property.Enter the lobby to be greeted by a snake-long couch, perfect for chilling with your friends over coffee – without the hassle of having to argue over who gets the comfier seat! You can also choose to enjoy artisan coffee at Sunny 16 Cafe, open 24 hours – perfect for bookworms to catch up on their stories, even at 3am.And what’s a beach hotel without a pool? You can simply chill by the poolside, surrounded with greens and serenity, and take a long-deserved breather from the everyday hustle and bustle. Perfect for a relaxing swim to calm your nerves too!Even its restaurant, Portabella Bistro, has an outdoor seating area that allows you to reconnect with mother nature, and feel the warmth of the morning rays above you. If you’re an indoor person, enjoy the other side of Portabella that’s filled with unique decor.The hotel is just a 10-minute drive away from Seminyak and Double Six Beach, and a 15-minute drive away from the shopping streets of Kuta!

    5.Summerhome (Rooms start at USD 37)
    The name Summerhome already speaks for itself.This charming blue and white nautical themed décor will remind you of a cosy family home in the South Hamptons instead of a budget hotels.

    6.Brown Feather (Rooms start at USD 37)
    Located merely 10 minutes away from the trendy Seminyak shopping and dining district, Brown Feather is a hidden gem in the up-and-coming Batu Belig area.Your room comes with a soothing view of the windblown paddy fields.There’s even a small garden for you to have a night-time chitchat with friends.If you love greenery, this is exactly the place for you.

    7.DeKuta (Rooms start at USD35)
    If you’re looking for comfort and style on budget, this modern boutique hotel is the place for you.Situated just behind the Beachwalk mall near the famous Kuta beach, the location of DeKuta is hard to beat as well!Rooms are bright and airy with a tasteful décor.Its stylish lounge bar is worth a visit too!

    8.Ion Bali Benoa (Rooms start at USD 35)
    Nusa Dua/Benoa Beach is the place to go for water activities.And if you’re a fun-loving banana boat enthusiast (and also on budget), you’ll definitely fall in love with the cute and cheerfully colorful Ion Bali Benoa.Even its Lobby Lounge and Restaurant follows its whimsical theme.

    9.Surprise Room in Ubud Villas (Rooms start at USD 39)
    Ubud Villas are chic and classy, but notorious for being expensive as well.But do you know – you can actually stay in one of these fabulous villas on a budget?The folks who manage a group of these villas offer a special rate to stay in one of the spare rooms in their villas at a fraction of the published rate!So where’s the catch? Thing is, there isn’t really one. You just have to be OK with having to potentially move to another room during your stay (since this offer is for a spare room).But for short term stayers, chances are actually very low, so you’ve gotten yourself a really good deal.

    10.Bliss Surfer Hotel (Rooms start at USD 30)
    Laidback, cool, and pragmatic – all that you’d associate with a surfer dude best describes this budget hotel.Located in the busy Legian, Bliss Surfer Hotel is also one of the best spots to enjoy the spectacular Bali sunset.Check out the spacious lounge!What better place to relax with the sand between your toes and share stories around the bonfire?Who says you can’t enjoy Bali with the little ones?You can even pamper yourself (yes in a budget hotel!) at the Waves Senses Spa located on the fifth floor – with a mini haven of sea-inspired therapies.
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