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    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    10 Best Late Night Super Sports in Bali

    Duniacare - 10 Best Late Night Super Sport in Bali.Super sport for late night as open 24 hours you can visit and enjoy in Bali.With street food on Bali with traditional receive.SO who you like to explore a alive at night here the best place you should visit in Bali.As we know Bali is most popular with a amazing and beautiful places of tourism.And the Balinese people always give a good welcome for who enjoy in Bali.As duniacare care to share Indonesia tourism and traveling information so here we to enjoy Bali at night.In previous duniacare already share like 9 Best magnificent waters villas in Indonesia tourism.So now it's time to tell you the bali late night super sport for a night explore.Here below the detail how you get there and traveling information and traveling tips.

    10 best late-night supper spots in Bali
    1.Hearty and homey Italian fare – Zibiru

    Zibiru sets itself as the place that provides homey Italian food that one can enjoy at the heart of Bali, Seminyak.Using the freshest of organic produce harvested from their very own environmental-friendly farm, Zibiru offers their diners top-notch quality Italian food that doesn’t hurt your wallet.So if you’re looking to socialise, have a good meal or even just to unwind after a long day frolicking on the sand and at the club, you are promised a good time here.As you dine in the open area surrounded by lush flora, you’ll feel like you’re being transported to the countryside in Tuscany. If not, head to the rooftop terrace for a more intimate setting and enjoy the Bali air as you dine.As if all of that isn’t inviting enough, this joint also has a live jazz band playing every Wednesday and Saturday for you to move your feet and dance to.

    Zibiru traveling Information:
    Address: Jl Drupadi 7 Seminyak, Bali 80361 Indonesia
    Contact: +62 822 36631302 / +62 361 733265
    Price Range: From USD $5
    Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 12am
    Official Site: http://zibiru.com/

    2.Dig in like the Javanese (spicy-food lovers, heads up!) – Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika

    When you’re thinking of how you can go local, head to Jalan Raya Kuta and look for Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika.Directly translated, Ibu Andika means ‘spicy mother’ – and true enough, it’s famous for its super tasty, and equally super spicy sambal. A modest eatery with wooden tables adorned with plastic chairs (typical warung-style in Indonesia), eating here is as local as you can get.Ibu Andika boasts cheap authentic Javanese fare where one simply picks and choose among the many dishes displayed in the glass cases, to go along with your plate of steaming white rice.Even if you’re a first-timer in Bali, finding the warung is way too easy. Open 24 hours, 365 days a year, Ibu Andika’s warung is a permanent fixture in the Bali scene and has been for the past three decades serving and feeding the folks in Bali.So if you’re lost on your way, you need only to ask a local and you’ll find yourself seated and having your meal in no time at all.A word of caution for those with weak stomachs, avoid the fiery sambal if you’d like to spend your holidays to its maximum potential.

    Nasi Pedas Iu Andika traveling Information:
    Address: Jl.Raya Kuta, Gg.Kubu, No.120C, Benoa, Badung, Kuta Sel., Bali, Indonesia
    Contact: +62 81558318187
    Price Range: From USD $1.20
    Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

    3.Comfort chinese cuisine – Laota

    Whether you are jetlagged or just out for a carnage after alcohol-binging and all the dancing – there’s nothing better than to stuff yourself with steamy meat congee with greasy fritter doughs that crunch when you bite into them.Even if you’re not a fan of mushy congee, you can always order the classic Chinese dishes like braised hotplate tofu, and garlic fried prawns off their menu.When you are in doubt about the quality of food in Indonesia, the best thing to do is look for eatery that is bustling. Laota has been around for some time and have pool loyal customers who speak highly of their famous ‘rainbow porridge’ – porridge served with several seafood platters.Apart from the rows of photos of local actors and actresses who have visited Laota displayed on the wall, Laota has an unassuming ambience. They get away without grandiose decor and still attract people who loves a good and extremely satisfying Chinese meal.

    Loata traveling Information Bali tourism:
    Address: Jl. Raya Kuta 530, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
    Contact: +62 361 7429068
    Price Range: From USD $4
    Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

    4.Your burger is served! – Bo$$man

    Fancy yourself a burger? It’s mandatory to get your hands on the juicy burgers by Bo$$man.Established late last year, this hip burger joint has already got people talking. Adopting a ‘gangsta’ approach, they’ve given a twist to classic hamburgers and upped the ante with extremely witty names like Al Capone, and Notorious P.I.G – that has proven popular with the tourists and local hipsters.Open till 4am every single day and positioned in Seminyak among other trendy clubs, Bo$$man sets itself to be the perfect stop as you barhop, or before you head back to your bed after a dance till dawn session.Whether you find yourself uptown, downtown or holed up in your hotel room with an after-hour craving for fast food – you’d certainly come to appreciate the delivery service rendered by Bo$$man.

    Bo$$man traveling information in Bali tourism
    Address: No. 8B, Jl. Kayu Cendana, Bali 80361, Indonesia
    Contact: +62 81239167070
    Price Range: From USD $5
    Opening Hours: 11am to 4am daily
    Official Site: http://bossmanbali.com/

    5.Fine-dining the Indonesian way – Republik 1945

    Apart from modest Indonesian warungs, how about turning it up a notch with fancy bonafide Indonesian cuisine – in an entirely different atmosphere? Republik 45 is the place to go for exactly that, in a gorgeous fine-dining setting. Priding itself for authentic Indonesian food in beautiful settings, Republik 1945 has well made it to the hottest restaurant in Bali with its industrial high-ceiling roof, designer dim lights and live acoustics.Republik 45 and its team promises to delight their diners with a wholesome experience – catering to your senses with great tastes, sights, and sound. Even their Pecel (Indonesian salad) is styled so pretty, that you’d feel bad eating it.It’s definitely a must-try establishment for those who appreciate the finer things in life, and for people looking to linger over a nightcap or enjoy those made-to-order tipples.

    Republik 1945 traveling information in bali tourism:
    Address: Jalan Raya Kerobokan 86A, Seminyak
    Contact: +62 819 167 418 44
    Price Range: From USD $15
    Opening Hours: 12pm to midnight daily
    Official Site:http://www.republik45.com/

    6.Craving Japanese? – Warung Okinawa

    Like the name suggests, Warung Okinawa is a Japanese restaurant serving Okinawan-style food. Food served is often fusioned and influenced by the melting pot culture of Okinawa and its neighbouring cities.If you’ve never had a purple croquette before, you ought to give this one a try. Made from sweet potatoes and fried to golden perfection, their Beni Imo Croquette is one not to miss.Or if you fancy some sashimi, the sushi chef will be more than happy to slice some up for you!Popular with Japanese tourists and tourists, this warung is run by a native Japanese, and is the place to go after hours. Especially perfect for those who want to get their fill eating unpretentious food without the skyrocket prices at most Japanese establishments.

    Warung Okinawa traveling information on Bali tourism:
    Address: Jl.Patimura No.55, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
    Contact: + 62 361 758505
    Price Range: From USD $3.40
    Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 4pm to 12 midnight
    Official Site:http://warungokinawa.com/

    7.Have a first taste of Nasi Campur – Warung Indonesia

    Similar in style to Nasi Pedas Bu Andika, is Warung Indonesia in Gang Ronta near Poppies Lane.This humble warung has gained rave reviews among locals, budget conscious travelers and foreigners alike, for serving cheap yet delicious Indonesian Nasi Campur. If there’s an award given for consistencies to warungs in Bali, the ultimate winner would be Warung Indonesia.Throughout the years, they have successfully maintained its reputation as an eatery that provides not only great taste, but quality food too – hence the longevity and popularity of the establishment.Regardless of your dining preferences, there are dozens of dishes to suit any palate – simply choose from the rows of dishes to create the best meal combination with your rice.Those who fancy something off the display case can always go ala-carte, and pick something from the extensive lists of dishes on the menu too!

    Warung Indonesia traveling information on Bali tourism:
    Address: Jalan Poppies Lane II, Gang Ronta, Kuta Bali
    Contact: +62 361 759 817
    Price Range: From USD $1.20
    Opening Hours: 8am to 12 midnight daily

    8.Traditional delicacy for the adventurous – Soto Ceker Pasar Kuta

    Soto comes in many variations and is a comfort food for many Indonesians.A typical soto is made of rich tangy broth from chicken stock and poured over thin rice noodles (beehoon), and topped with shredded chicken, boiled egg, diced potatoes and beansprouts.In Bali you can find Soto Ceker (chicken’s feet soto) nestled in Pasar Kuta where the locals flock to for a good bowl of Soto. This is no 5-star place, so be prepared to huddle and sit close to other diners on the row of wooden tables – Indonesian style.Boiled for many hours in the thick soup, the ‘ceker’ is cooked to perfection. Tender and chewy with a strong flavour and aroma of the broth.And while the idea of nibbling on chicken feet may intimidate those who unaccustomed to this traditional dish – for the locals and many people around the world it is a delicacy, and Soto Ceker Barokah is the answer for those craving for yummy ‘ceker’.If you are game to try something a little different, ‘ceker’ is a good dish to start with. Otherwise, you may always opt to have yours without!

    Soto Ceker Pasar Kuta traveling information on bali tourism:
    Address: Jalan Raya Kuta No. 129, Pasar Kuta, Bali
    Price Range: From USD $0.80 (!)
    Opening Hours: 7.30pm to 2am daily

    9.For even the pickiest of eaters – Chandi

    Gastronomes are in for a treat as owner and chef to Chandi, Agung Nugroho whips up dishes that will please even the pickiest eater.With experience from his time working at a number of award-winning restaurants in New York like Nobu and Spice Market under his belt, Chef Agung sets his restaurant apart by creating elaborate gourmet food – without the over-the-top prices.A native Javanese, Chef Agung incorporates traditional Indonesian cuisine in his menu along with Western fare he’s well-acquainted with, cooking glamorous yet healthy dishes.Dishes are created using organic local produce, and the finest meats flown from New Zealand and Australia. With supervision from the chef himself, one can be certain that only the best are served.If you are ravenous, and feel like having a little bit of everything, get the tasting menu and be treated to some of the most delightful creations this elegant place can offer.

    Chandi traveling information on bali tourism:
    Address: Jalan Kayu Aya No. 72, Seminyak, Badung, Bali 80361
    Contact: +62 361 731060
    Price Range: From USD $5
    Opening Hours: 12pm to midnight daily
    Official Site:http://www.chandibali.com/

    10.Belgian food with a serving of jazz and the blues – Mannekepis

    If you are a fan of jazz and the blues, you’d have a ball at Belgian bar-bistro, Mannekepis.Especially for those looking to avoid the younger, wilder crowd, and simply want to kick back and relax after a long day, you’d like this unassuming bar – where mature and more refined crowds come to chill.Offering a diverse menu mixing Belgian and Western fare, Mannekepis does what it does best, serving you a good meal with a dose of tune-worthy jazz and blues as your backdrop.Drink and eat up as you make connections with the other bar-goers, and enjoy yet another delectable meal in Bali!

    Mannekepis traveling information on bali tourism:
    Address: Jl. Raya Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
    Contact: +62 361 8475784
    Price Range: From USD $3
    Opening Hours: 10am to midnight daily
    Official Site: http://www.mannekepis-bistro.com/

    Bali is most world wide tourism place knowing with a beautiful and amazing Beaches.But as above already we share you can too enjoy Bali in night mid night until 24 hours as super sport in Bali.Enjoy the balinese street food with traditional food.For stay you can check top 10 the best hotels in Bali.And you can find too top 10 hidden beahces in Bali.Enjoy Bali with your passion traveling and explore with a new surprise from us as we care to share Indonesia tourism and traveling information.
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