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    Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Bali Toursim

    Duniacare - 15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Bali Tourism.If you traveling with kids to Bali here the best things to do in Bali with your kids.18 fun things to do with kids in Bali that will bring out everyone's inner child.We love that people travel with them kids,and search high and low for some awesome fun family activities that will keep your sense adventure alive.In Bali you will find most a place that you and kids enjoy with a passion traveling and comfortable with amazing tourism.No need to stay by the pool,get and enjoy the best that Bali has offer.Your children are the tickets to some of the best spots in Bali.The ones the solo travelers have no idea about.In previous dunicare already share 10 hidden farm in Bali that you and kids love to explore.So here below you can find 15 fun things to do with kinds in Bali tourism as traveling information place.

    15 Fun Things to do with Kids in Bali
    1.King of the swingers A Treetop Adventure (Tabanan)

    What’s the best thing for your little monkeys? A good ol’ swing through the trees! Bali is home to some of the most spectacular forests and jungles in the world fact.Now you can enjoy the view from a whole new angle. After walking under the sea, now you can walk high in the trees thanks to this exhilarating treetop adventure.With a choice of 7 circuits of varying difficulties you can decide where you want to start, and perfect your skills with a choice of 72 obstacles.Starting at just 2 metres up, you can get a feel for heights, before advancing to the more nerve-wrecking levels, up to 20 metres! You will always be attached to a safety wire, but we think that even you might hesitate on some of the challenges (we did!) – while the kids put you to shame. Just watch them scamper from tree to tree without a second thought.For a grand finale, the stunning scenery will literally fly by as you whizz along the 160m zipline back down to earth.The whole family will be exhausted after a day of adrenaline-filled activities, so it will be an early night for everyone.

    Bali Treetop Adventure (Tabanan)
    Address: Bali Treetop, Bali Botanical gardens, Candi Kuning, Tabanan, Bali
    Official website: http://www.balitreetop.com
    Contact: +62 361 852 0680
    Price Range: Family- 2 adults & up to 2 children- $57 ($49 if booked in advance)
    Opening Hours: Daily 8.30am – 6pm

    2.Living, loving and learning Pondok Pekak Library

    Most kids probably don’t appreciate ‘a trip to the library’ or ‘a trip to an art gallery’, but they will definitely love the Pondok Pekak Library.Whether you want to learn how to make traditional Balinese offerings, carve fruit, play the gamelan or dance your heart out – this is a library with a difference.Of course, it has a fantastic display of books if reading is your thing, but wouldn’t you rather learn how to make some beautiful jewellery or a lovely wooden mask? The children can make something special to take home and show their friends – although we aren’t sure how long a carved watermelon would last in a suitcase! The fantastic teachers at Pondok Pekak Library go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome, while offering a fantastically authentic Balinese experience that you just can’t replicate anywhere else.Learning really can be fun, for kids and adults alike. Plus you will sound super smug at the school gates when you tell the other parents that your children loved visiting the library and art galleries during your amazing holiday at Bali!

    Pondok Pekak Library
    Direction: East side of the football field on Monkey Forest Road, Ubud (Enter the laneway off Dewi Sita)
    Contact: 0361 976 194
    Price Range: Starting from $7 per class
    Opening Hours: Daily 9am-5pm

    3.One for the water babies Waterbom Bali (Kuta)

    We know that kids can get pretty cranky in the Bali heat, so cool them off with a day at this incredible waterpark. Not just another mediocre waterpark – Waterbom Bali (Kuta) is the waterpark, number one in Asia and number 5 in the world!Whether you want to relax (mum), eat and drink (dad) or go absolutely crazy on all the fantastic rides ( KIDS!!) then Waterbom Bali (Kuta) has it all.What is your favourite kind of ride? You might want to get dizzy spinning round the Super bowl or feel your stomach drop on the Boomerang.If you are a family of adrenaline junkies then have a go on Climax – we dare you!Stand in a small chamber before the trap door opens, and you plummet 16 metres down a near vertical drop. Fly through the rest of the ride at 70kph, and don’t forget to breathe again when you get to the end.Finally, make sure to check out the lazy river! In the baking afternoon heat, there is nothing better than floating through the gorgeous park and enjoying the cool refreshing water – the perfect opportunity to relax after all those heart-stopping rides!

    Waterbom Bali (Kuta)
    Address: Jl. Kartika PO BOX 1055 Tuban Kuta Bali 80361
    Official site: http://waterbom-bali.com/
    Contact: +62 361 755 676
    Price Range: Adult $33 (2 day $52) Child $21 (2 day $33)
    Opening Hours: Daily 9am-6pm

    4.Finding Nemo The Ultimate Seawalker Experience (Nusa Dua)

    Confused by the title? Well, there will be no miracles today, no one is walking on water! Instead, you are going to walk under it. Even the non-swimmers in the family can enjoy this underwater discovery.It does not get better than this, getting up close and personal with the fish and stunning aquatic life – you won’t even get your hair wet.Just a short boat trip from the Grand Mirage Resort takes you to the purpose built ‘dive site’. Prepare to be amazed as you put on your special helmets and descend down the steps into the aquatic paradise.You can hand feed the fish (how fun!), or just watch as they swim around the unbelievably gorgeous live coral formations.Our favourite bit? You get to look like an Astronaut in the cool space age helmets. The kids will be so excited about showing these photos off when they get back to school.

    The Ultimate Seawalker Experience (Nusa Dua)
    Address: Grand Mirage Resort, Jl Pratama No.74 Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua 80363
    Official website: http://www.seawalker.co.id/
    Contact: + 0361 776 322
    Price Range: Adult $75 Child $65 Family (2 adults 2 children) $238
    Opening Hours: Daily 8am – 4pm

    5.Take a walk on the dark side Safari with a difference (Gianyar)

    This adventure will guarantee that you are the coolest parents around. Wild animals, fire, and getting to stay up way past their bedtime – it’s every kids’ dream and you won’t be bored either.Bali Safari & Marine Park boasts a mind-blowing array of over 60 species of animals from small to tall and cute to just plain ugly.The freshwater aquarium, feeding displays; and animal and cultural shows will keep everyone entertained and enlightened.Is piranha feeding too dull for you? Surely you aren’t bored of elephants already? Have you already eaten dinner with tigers? Well, how about a night safari? Once darkness descends, you will begin with a guided walk around the park. It might look quiet, but this is when most of the animals really come to life.Watch the komodo dragons roam below you, or visit the bat cave to experience the flurry of night-time activity.After meeting the owls and lemur in the Bali theatre, it’s time for the highlight of the night – the safari! You will be perfectly safe in a cage as you spend 20 minutes journeying through the African Savannah.Top off the evening with a traditional Balinese fire-dancing show, and a delicious BBQ in the N’kuchiro Bar & Grill.The only downside? With this much excitement after bedtime, you are going to have some grumpy overtired little monkeys of your own the next day!

    Night Safari at Bali Safari & Marine Park
    Address: Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km19,8, Gianyar, Bali 80551
    Contact: +62 361 751 300
    Price Range: Adult $59 Child $45
    Opening Hours: Daily 9am-5pm

    6.Monkey Madness Monkey Forest (Ubud)

    Now if you think that your cheeky little monkeys are a handful, just wait until you see these critters.This will be the highlight of your family holiday, and at only $2 each, it’s definitely a great bargain. With over 600 Balinese long tailed macaques in the forest, that is a lot of monkey for your money.Before the children spend all their pocket money on monkey treats, we must offer a few words of warning; if you leave any food in your backpack or pockets, the monkeys will sniff it out and can get a little scary.The most entertaining/terrifying part of your visit will be watching greedy monkeys jumping on people who have smuggled in some food.Remember that monkeys are wild animals, and while all the monkeys in Monkey forest are frequently screened for diseases such as rabies, a bite can ruin your holiday and this incredible experience.Enjoy watching the monkeys from a safe distance and make sure to remind the children about the dangers of wild animals.If you are really keen to feed the monkeys, then you can buy bananas at the forest entrance –  just dont say that we didn’t warn you!In Bali, monkeys have considerable cultural significance, and in Balinese Hinduism they are thought to embody both positive and negative forces. As such, the Balinese both love and hate them. In any event, these monkeys are well-loved and protected.If you want to extend the monkey madness, consider a stay at the quaint Looking Glass House in Ubud. The monkeys just love to visit, and you will have endless entertainment watching them frolic around just outside your window.

    Monkey Forest (Ubud)
    Address: Jl.Wenara Wana, Ubud, Bali 80571
    Contact: +62 361 971 304
    Price Range: $2 per person (monkey food additional)
    Opening Hours: Daily 8.30am – 6pm

    7.In time for a time out Jiwa Spa at The Conrad (Tanjung Benoa)

    This is the perfect excuse to get a little bit of ‘me time’ whilst still keeping the whole family together. Make your little ones feel like princes and princesses with some special bonding time at the spa.Jiwa Spa specialises in treatments for ‘little souls’ and offers a fantastic ‘Mum & Me’ package. Don’t worry dad, we wouldn’t leave you out. There is an equally good ‘Dad & Me’ package too!Mum can unwind with a foot bath, ocean flow massage and express facial, whilst her little ‘Jiwa Princess’ gets a foot bath, a mini massage, sparkle manicure and mini facial – just like her mum.The men of the family won’t need much encouragement when they see what is on offer. Dad gets a revitalising vitamin scrub, whilst the ferocious ‘Jiwa Warrior’ of the household gets a foot bath, mini massage and chocolate mud bath.After such an action-packed holiday, we think everyone will be ready to relax. And what better way to relax than treatments for mum, dad and the kids!

    Jiwa Spa at The Conrad (Tanjung Benoa)
    Direction: On the coast of Nusa Dua.
    Address: Jalan Pratama 168 Tanjung Benoa, Bali 80362
    Contact: + 62 361 778 788
    Price Range: Mum & Me $175, Dad & Me $109

    8.Take an Eco Tour The Green Village

    Yes we know – all the villages in Bali are green with all those rice fields and tropical vegetation, but this one is super special.The Green Village was designed in 2006 by jewellery designer Tom Hardy, and later finished by his daughter. The result? A collection of bespoke, luxury bamboo homes all seamlessly integrated into the Ayung Valley nature.Can you imagine a spectacular mansion made from only bamboo? You have to see it to believe it.Take a tour of the village to learn more about this amazing eco project. Visit the bamboo factory and see bamboo being harvested, treated and crafted into building materials and furniture.The Green School is where you can turn your hand to model workshops, building and joinery classes, and so much more.Got green fingers and would love to find out more gardening tips and tricks? Stop by the Kul Kul farm to learn the art of permaculture and sustainable farming.If you are blown away by what the village has to offer, you can always look at staying in one of the beautiful houses. They are all available to rent for the week so you can wake up in the village every morning.

    Green Village
    Address: Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal, Badung Bali 80352 Indonesia
    Contact: +62 811 3922254
    Opening hours: Morning Tour 10:00am Afternoon Tour 12:30pm
    Prices: Tours for Adult $28 Morning ($33 Afternoon), Children $17 Morning ($20 Afternoon), and free for children under 10. Classes from $55.

    9.You won’t believe your eyes Gallery Trick Art 3D (Seminyak)

    When the kids see what is on offer at the Trick Art 3D gallery, they’ll be sure to have the best time of their life.With over 80 incredibly realistic paintings in a variety of themes, you won’t be stuck for choice. The best part? You can stroll around and pose for photos at your leisure.The kids will love taking photos of you being chased by a dinosaur or squirted by an elephant. There are plenty of family-friendly backgrounds too, where you can all ride a horse together or recline in a cart.Your little Picassos can choose their background pictures and get creative with their poses. There is free wifi available so you can send the grandparents a photo straight away.This gallery not only guarantees hours of family fun but also the best holiday photos – making it the perfect time to get snap-happy!Trick 3D Gallery (Seminyak) has been open for less than a year and is growing in popularity every day, so it’s well worth a visit before everyone finds out about it.

    Gallery Trick Art 3D (Seminyak)
    Direction: By the Swiss-Belinn Hotel. Free parking available.
    Address: Jl. Sunset Road No.789 Seminyak, Badung Bali
    Contact: 0361 8496626
    Price Range: $12 per person
    Opening Hours: Daily 9am -10pm

    10.Mud, mud, glorious mud Mepantigan (Ubud)

    You spend your lives trying to keep your little ones clean and tidy – now it’s time to let them run wild and get filthy with some wholesome family fun.If you already know what Mepantigan is (without googling it) then we are very impressed with your Balinese knowledge. Basically it means mud games!Mepantigan are traditional cultural games, which usually take place in the rice fields as a token of respect to Dewi Sri, the rice goddess.Join Putu and Ayu for an afternoon of wrestling, frog catching, tug of war and mud horse racing. These lovely locals offer an authentic Balinese experience that you will never forget.Let kids be kids and burn off some energy wrestling in the mud. If you are really lucky, they might even learn something about the tradition of Mepantigan. Mums can also have a relaxing mud massage – it might be a bit different compared to your usual spa experience though.No point bringing the baby wipes for this one, you are going to need something more substantial when it comes to cleaning up. Maybe a hosepipe!

    Mepantigan (Ubud)
    Address: Ubud
    Price Range: from $40

    11.Save the sharks Eco Tour (Denpasar)

    The whole family can earn some karma points with this marine conservation and eco tour.Your fantastic tour host Wayan rescues young sharks from local fishermen,  rehabilitates them in his shark conservation nursery, and releases them back into the wild.This is an incredible experience to get up close and personal with these majestic animals. And if you are really brave, take up our challenge and have a swim with them if you dare!Prefer smaller aquatic animals? Then the sea horses might just be the highlight of this adventure. Just watch them curl their tails around each other and sway in current before they swim away.And if you love turtles, then you will be blown away by the visit to the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre.Your kids will be simply delighted to interact with the baby turtles. If you are really lucky, you might also get to see them be released back into the wild.This is an amazing educational and enlightening experience for the whole family. And better yet, the profits from this activity is re-invested into the shark conservation programme.If the great tour wasn’t enough, then knowing you are also making a difference to the otherwise declining shark numbers will definitely make it worthwhile.

    Eco Tour (Denpasar)
    Direction: Hotel pick up and drop off
    Price Range: $86 per person for a group of 6 (The bigger the group, the cheaper the prices!)
    Opening Hours: Latest booking 1pm

    12.Dive (and dine) into Ubud’s very own rabbit hole Maha Restaurant

    As much as we can’t get enough of cat and dog cafes, how about a rabbit cafe for a change? Dining at Maha Restaurant will leave you feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland – bringing you up close and personal with the cutest bunnies you will ever see.Especially if you have kids who are tired of walking around Ubud, bringing them to Maha Restaurant will be a great refresher for them, as they get to pet the bunnies and interact with them.Order coffee, pancakes, crepes, juice, or even an espresso martini (we hear they have fantastic cocktails!) and get set for one of the many lovely afternoons to be had in Ubud.Watch the Maha rabbits hop around, do bunny binkies (google it) and nibble away as you steal a restful moment from your packed itinerary of plans – your kids will thank you for it.

    Maha Restaurant
    Address: Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
    Contact: +(62) 361 973196
    Prices: From $5 (for eggs, bacon, avocado, tomato and toast, as well as a fruit salad and any coffee of your choice)
    Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 11pm

    13.When in Rome Go for a Balinese cooking class

    Not all Balinese food may fit your tastebud, but it’s doubtless that this tiny island houses some of the greatest food out there, and its tropical dishes are increasingly popular.And since you’re visiting, why not add some of these exotic dishes to your cooking repertoire? You can sign up for cooking classes with Bumbu Bali, an award-winning Balinese restaurant and cooking school. Classes are helmed by Heinz von Holzen, a famed chef and cookbook author.You’ll be introduced to the exotic history behind traditional Balinese dishes, shop for ingredients yourself, and even get to make popular dishes such as fried rice, grilled chicken and lamb stew.By the time the lesson is over, you’ll be able to return to your home country with your Balinese Master Chef certificate.

    Location: Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua
    Contact: +62 (0)361 771 256
    Cost: From US$80
    Official Site:http://www.eoasia.com/

    14.No Willy Wonka here at Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

    Even though this is not exactly free (you will have to pay 10,000 Rupiah ~ 1 USD to purchase the soap before entering), but this place is too cute to miss a mention.Named after its owner, Charlie’s Chocolate Factory in Karangasem – we found that this factory uses only locally grown cacao beans to create delectably healthy raw dark chocolate. (Perfect for those on a raw food diet!) Be prepared for free chocolate tours and sampling sessions as the staff bring you around the unique ‘smurf hut’ – armed with a sampling tray so you may indulge in some premium Balinese chocolate.After tasting the chocolates, head out to the other attractions in the compound – like a giant swing where you and your kids can have tons of fun. (Older kids only as it might be too dangerous for the little ones.)And if you want a souvenir, there even is a small soap studio where you may purchase handmade Balinese soaps!Charlie’s Chocolate Factory will definitely give you one of the sweetest times to be had here in humble Karangasem.

    Charlie’s Chocolate Factory
    Address: Jalan Pantai Jasri, Karangasem, Bali,
    Official Site:http://www.charlyschocolate.com/

    15.Climb Up the Craziest Treehouse – Rumah Pohon Desa Batu Dawa Tulamben Karangasem

    Explore one of nature’s amazing quirks when you visit the Tree House at Batudawa Karangasem.With its branches wrapped around the little house, the tree looks like it pushed the house up in the air as it grew out of the ground!Apart from the unique Tree House, there are other interesting structures you and your kids may explore, and climb up – like the little stone terraced hill with steps for you to climb all the way to the peak.One of the many off-the-beaten-path finds you’ll be glad to visit, don’t miss out on the quirky little Balinese wonders here!Ps: It isn’t exactly free, as donations are recommended, but we definitely had to share this crazy unique find with you!

    Rumah Pohon Desa Batu Dawa Tulamben Karangasem
    Address: Desa Tl.amben, Kec. Kubu, Karangasem, Bali.

    That's all the best 15 Fun things to do with kids in Bali.As we know Bali is the paradise of travelers from worldwide.To stay in Bali you can find here top 10 the best hotels in Bali with amazing nature view.And you can find to 10 unique hotels in Bali or top the best 10 cheap hotels in Bali.Enjoy your traveling journey in Bali. 
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