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    Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    7 Affordable SPA in Bali

    Duniacare - 7 Affordable SPA in Bali.Bali is a most powerful tourism in this world.Amazing beaches and beautiful places it's a most popular in Bali for tourism traveling explore.But you must know too that Bali powerful for accommodation like hotels,villas,luxury resort.And now here dunicare tell you that Bali have 7 affordable SPA for your relax after traveling in Bali.SPA is a good relax instruction to make your body and mind feel in free and good situation to doing something in new in your traveling journey in your traveling.In previous dunicare already share 7 the amazing waterfall you must visit in Bali.

    7 affordable Unique spa in Bali
    1.Like Droplets Rolling Off Your Back,Jari Menari

    By far, one of the best options for therapeutic massages on the island consisting of an all-male (yes, another one!) masseuse team, Jari Menari provides customised top quality treatments at truly affordable rates.Famous for its four hand massage treatment, Jari Menari is located in the hub of Seminyak Bali and is designed in accordance to the exquisite Japanese culture of flowing waters and soft melodious music.The  Four Hand  Massage Harmony is a majestic and delightfully choreographed massage where two practitioners deliver a synchronized session that aims to alleviate all your stresses.The best part? Experiencing the magic of twenty fingers working together on your body. If you’ve never tried it before, this massage honestly feels like droplets of water rolling off your back and shoulders – removing tension and aches in your muscles with every ‘droplet’.Another interesting piece of information: Guests may enroll for a one day workshop where they can learn the art of ‘Dancing Fingers’, and bring this useful massage technique home!

    Jari Menari
    Address: Jalan Raya Basangkasa 47, Seminyak
    Phone: +62 361 736740
    Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm
    Cost: The 60 minute Four Hand Massage Harmony costs $38.
    Official Site:http://www.jarimenari.com/

    2.Get That Pregnancy Super Glow Body Temple Bali

    This modern, beautiful and tranquil high-end spa has three branches spread across Uluwatu, Seminyak and Canggu. Each resort includes extremely friendly staff, mesmerizing settings and an easy menu for first timers.Body Temple Bali offers divine body treatments ranging from body scrubs to hot stone massages, and most importantly, their exclusively breathtaking pregnancy ‘cocoon’ massage.This especially designed massage for expectant mothers helps to not only improve blood circulation, but also aid in completely relaxing the leg and back muscles followed by an exfoliating instant glow facial.If you’re looking for the perfect babymoon (honeymoon before baby arrives), come down to Bali and make sure to indulge in this amazing treat!

    Body Temple Bali Canggu Branch
    Address: Jalan Canggu Club, Banjar Tegal Gundul
    Phone: +62 361 848 3939 ext. 132
    Opening Hours: 9:00am to 8:00pm
    Cost: A 60 minute Thémaé mommy-to-be ritual costs $34 including taxes.

    Body Temple Bali Uluwatu Branch
    Address: Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau Ungasan (Semara Luxury Villa Resort)
    Phone: +62 361 848 2111 ext. 5
    Opening Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm
    Cost: A 60 minute Thémaé mommy-to-be ritual costs $34 including taxes.

    3.A Not-So-Simple Traditional Indonesian Massage, Bodyworks

    An all time favorite, Bodyworks is a 15 year old establishment that guarantees excellent customer service. Apart from providing great value for your money, we also love the calm aqua blue décor that makes for a splendid place to slow down and take a well-deserved break.Bodyworks offers Thai and Shiatsu massages, along with hair services and other body treatments including pedicures and manicures. If you want to experience the power of traditional Indonesian healing techniques, Bodyworks is the place to go.Their all time famous Thai and Shiatsu massages involve a vigorous and energising finger pressure penetration of key points, aimed at dispersing excess energy.This helps to stimulating the immune system and to top it all off, customers will also be reinvigorated with a gorgeous warm soak in a flower-filled bath. And if there’s anything we know, a one-time visit is sure to keep you hooked for more.

    Address: Jalan Kayu Jati No 2, Petitenget, Bali
    Phone: +62 (0)361 733317, 735058
    Opening Hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm
    Cost: A 90 minute body massage with flower-filled bath costs $28 including taxes.
    Official Site:http://www.bodyworksbali.com/

    4.Chill Out with The Classic Chill, Chill Reflexology

    With many rave reviews, Chill Reflexology is a spa that specializes in acupressure and foot reflexology. Step into the zen surroundings and you will find that this affordable spa offers great massages delivered by a team of shiatsu-trained body workers.A particularly unique feature to note, is that each guest is provided with an eye mask as well as their personal iPod – allowing them to completely zone out and fully enjoy the amazing treatment.If you’re unsure which treatment to go for, we suggest checking out The Classic chill treatment. Beginning at the feet and ankles, and finishing on the neck and shoulders, get ready to be completely revitalized.

    Chill Reflexology
    Address: Jalan Kunti, Seminyak, Bali
    Phone: +62 361 734701
    Cost: A 60 minute The Classic chill treatment costs $18++.
    Official SIte:http://www.chillreflexology.com/

    5.How about a Head Massage? Prana Spa

    This rather unique and magnificent Indian/Middle Eastern inspired spa, oozes simply exotic vibes creating the perfect settings for an out-of-the-world experience.Prana Spa is a part of The Villas Seminyak complex and provides guests with a menu full of treatments to choose from. In addition to their decadent bath rituals, you have to check out Shirodara (“literally meaning head flow”).This signature treatment includes a deeply relaxing and healing Ayurvedic head massage accompanied by the slow pouring of medicinal oils that provides meditative stimulant.Whether you believe in chakras or not (read: “a slow pouring of medicinal oils cascade over your sixth chakra, stimulating your third eye and window to the soul”) – this interesting massage is recommended for those prone to headaches and insomnia.

    Prana Spa
    Address: Jalan Kunti Seminyak, Bali
    Phone: +62 361 730840
    Cost: A 30 minute Shirodara massage costs $30.
    Official Site:http://www.pranaspabali.com/

    6.Feel Younger, Both Inside and Out, Glo Day Spa

    Glo Day Spa’s great customer service and reasonably priced spa treatments have long attracted an extensive clientele of travelers and locals alike.With its wide range of staple services and body treatments of all kinds, it’s hard to pick a particular massage to recommend – we suggest you start with the Glo Signature Massage first.Using Safflower, Geranium and Orange essential oils for restoring skin moisture and elasticity while releasing tension and fatigue, you’ll definitely feel younger both inside and out.Expecting mommies, if you’re looking for another babymoon option, Glo Day Spa also provides a great treatment for expecting mothers.Mommy and unborn baby can enjoy a safe, effective and nurturing tailored massage as the masseuse work their magic with Glo Day Spa’s special nurture massage oil, a balancing facial and an oversized pregnancy pillow!

    Glo Day Spa
    Address: Kunti Plaza, Jalan Kunti 119, Seminyak
    Phone: +62 361 738689, 282826
    Cost: A 60 minute Glo Signature Massage costs $28.
    Official Site:http://www.glospabali.com/

    7.A Fully Organic Spa? Cantika Spa

    Truly one-of-a-kind, Cantika Spa is situated right in the heart of Bali, in mystical Ubud. The pathway towards this destination can be achieved by foot through the rice paddies – and it will be well worth both the journey and the visit.The founder, Ketut Jasi, creates her beauty recipes from scratch using only organic products (much like popular beauty brand LUSH) which have earned her a five star client rating. Think shampoos, conditioners, face masks, soap, massage oils, face cream and so much more.If you’re into healthy living or even the raw/organic lifestyle and are constantly on the hunt for natural products, Cantika Spa is a must visit.Apart from her organic products, Ketut Jasi also introduced a unique massage style taught to all her spa therapists for a memorable and whimsical journey to the world of calm.Lastly, a 60 minute workshop is also available for those who wish to learn how to make your own products with herbs from the garden, and Cantika massage techniques.xcited to get yourself down to Bali for some incredible spa experiences yet? Start crafting yourself a tranquil traveler’s itinerary, and head  for your favourite spa on our list – wrap yourself in a fluffy robe for a soul-soothing treatment and get ready to indulge and rejuvenate royally!

    Cantika Spa
    Address: Jalan Raya Penestanan Kelod, Ubud, Bali
    Phone: +62 361 7944425
    Opening Hours: 9:00am to 7pm
    Cost: A standard rubdown charge starts from as low as $19.

    Enjoy your body message and relaxations with this 7 Affordable SPA when you in Bali.And keep traveling on Bali and stay at hotels with amazing view or you can check here top 10 the best hotels in Bali.And if you want to stay on villas you can check top 10 the best villas in Bali for stay.Enjoy Bali and enjoy your traveling journey.Duniacare always support and share the best traveling tips for you are.
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