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    Wednesday, June 29, 2016

    Underwater Spot Blue Lagoon Padangbai Bali

    Snorkelers underwater spots on Bali Indonesia.This make that's bali the amazing and spectacular underwater spots on this world.here we go to find as Blue Lagon padang Bai underwater spot bali with amazing view.Great for newbie snorkelers and packed with tropical fish – Blue Lagoon, Padangbai.Apart from Tulamben, Padangbai on the mid-east coast, is the other main centre for diving and snorkelling in Bali. Popular because of its proximity to the world-class sites at Nusa Penida, there are also very good snorkelling opportunities closer to Padangbai itself.The most famous of the Padangbai sites for snorkelers is the Blue Lagoon.You can check also 10 underwater spots Bali traveling.

    While the name is somewhat misleading (it is not in fact a lagoon but a shallow coral reef), Blue Lagoon is one of Bali’s most popular snorkelling spots – thanks to its location a five minute boat ride from Padangbai’s main beach.Almost always flat and calm and packed with tropical fish, it offers plenty for experienced and newbie snorkelers who like to get up close with the wildlife.Some of the boat operators at Blue Lagoon feed the fish here, so they’re quite tame and definitely not afraid of swimming up to snorkelers for a closer look themselves!Being in the midst of a fish feeding frenzy is quite the experience!

    Blue Lagoon, Padangbai
    Getting There: Blue Lagoon is probably the number one site for snorkel tours in Bali, so you should have no problem finding a tour in any of the resort towns.
    Recommended Operators: There are plenty of freelance boats and ‘tour guides’ offering snorkel tours in Padangbai but we can’t vouch for their safety or environmentally sound practices. Best hook up with a licensed operator like Geko Dive, or if you’re staying closer to the Sanur area, try Aquamarine in Sanur, one of Bali’s biggest and best organised dive/snorkel tour operators.
    Reaching the snorkel Site: Once you reach Padangbai, it’s just 5 minutes by boat to Blue Lagoon. If you have a group, you can negotiate a private charter from Padangbai Beach.

    Other tips:Expect to pay about $75USD per person for a one day snorkel tour to Padangbai including lunch and pick up from the Kuta or Ubud areas.Of course, it’s much cheaper to visit Blue Lagoon by staying in Padangbai itself. A super chilled out beach resort, Padangbai is about 90 minutes by taxi from the airport and the trip is around 360,000 IDR.Source from TRIPCANVAS bali traveling.
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