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    Sunday, July 3, 2016

    Kamuela Villas and Suite Sanur for Honeymoon Bali Villas

    Honeymoon is a moment for a couple that's a new married season.So if you come to Bali for honeymoon here the best villas for stay like Kamuela Villas and Suite Sanur for your Honeymoon season beside your traveling trip on Bali.Experience intimacy and romance like never before Kamuela Villas and Suites Sanur.The best thing about a honeymoon, is the idea of getting away from your everyday life, and enjoying some romantic couple time.And one of the best places to do that? Kamuela Villas and Suites Sanur.

    We love that this lovely collection of villas are situated in peaceful Sanur, where you won’t find crowds – but gorgeous sea views, and private spots to laze at.With a fusion of garden/jungle vibes, Kamuela Villas and Suites Sanur is a walking distance to Sanur Beach where honeymooners will easily enjoy some of the best sunrises everyday.Better yet, the villas themselves have much to offer for honeymooners looking for a secluded romantic escape.Kamuela Villas and Suites Sanur’s exclusive selection of additional romantic services will set the scene for an unforgettable honeymoon oozing with intimacy and romance.For dining beautiful place you can check on The 7 Extraordinary Fine Dining Places for Bali traveling as with amazing nad beautiful you find here while eaten.

    First, dig into a Romantic Candlelit Dinner, that looks as amazing as it sounds.Next, how about having a romantic soak in the flower-filled private pool – its almost like a huge therapeutic flower bath you both can enjoy.And with the walkways of your villa lined with candles providing the perfect ambiance, along cushy open-air seating for you to relax in each other’s arms – you can be sure that every corner of the villa exudes romance.For Cheap pool villas in Bali you can check on The 10 Private Pool Villas Under $100 for your stay in Bali traveling.

    Kamuela Villas and Suites Sanur Rate: From $150 (1-bedroom villa with private pool) Address: Jl. Cemara No.33 Sanur 80228 – Bali, Indonesia Contact: +62 361 270567.

    Affordable luxury honeymoon villas in Bali for a romantic getaway.If you’re planning a honeymoon for right after the wedding, or if you’re just a couple of lovebirds looking to escape into a world of romance – and you don’t have a huge budget for a honeymoon getawayYou’ll be happy to know that affordable luxury + honeymoon villas are a thing. For cheap hotels to stay on Bali here we recommended like The 10 Budgets Hotels Under $45 for stay in Bali traveling.

    We were just as surprised as you, when we found these incredible honeymoon destinations with plenty of incredible things on offer.For one, how about private infinity pools with truly stunning views? There are some honeymoon packages/romantic services here you simply can’t miss out on.Source from TRIPCANVAS Bali traveling tips and Trick.
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