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    Saturday, July 2, 2016

    The Magical Underwater Spot Bali Traveling

    As Bali for the best one underwater spots in this world.Here we can find some destination that's bring you amazing underwater spots in Bali.See the wrecked WWII Japanese patrol boat Lipah Bay, Amed.This tranquil black sand bay near the quiet resort town of Amed is home to a wonderfully rich reef brimming with soft and hard corals and a variety of fish.One of the easiest snorkel spots in Bali, simply walk straight off the beach and with a few kicks – you’ll be right in the middle of a beautifully preserved reef, which gently drops down to a shallow, sandy bottom.And you can find the best 10 underwater spots in Bali for your traveling trip.

    Lipah Bay is also the resting place of a wrecked WWII Japanese patrol boat. The top of the wreck is at just 6m depth, and on a day with a good visibility, much of the wreck can be seen from the surface.The bottom of the wreck is just 12m deep, making it easily accessible for freediving. The wreck is covered in growth, with staghorn corals on the shallow part of the wreck playing host to a variety of fish, crabs, octopus and other tropical critters.You can also check 10 hidden beach in Bali for traveling.

    While Lipah Bay is a protected, gentle site ideal for snorkelers of all experience levels, the abundance of marine life here comes from the rich nutrients that pass by a by further away along the reef.It’s quite safe to snorkel here without a guide, but be sure to stick close to the reef and not venture too far into the deeper ocean.You can also check The 10 Best Beach in Bali for Traveling trip.

    Location: Amed is about 120km from the airport, roughly 3 hours drive.
    Reaching the snorkel site: Amed’s resorts are clustered around Lipah and Jemeluk Bays. You can easily walk between the two, catch a bemo or request a ride from your resort. The best way to explore Lipah Bay is simply to walk off the beach and explore. In calm, clear water, the Japanese wreck is easily spotted just a few metres off the beach.You can aslo check The beautiful Pandawa Beach in Bali for traveling trip.

    Other tips:You can arrange a private transfer with your Amed resort or avail of the private taxi services in the airport and the major resort areas.A private cab is roughly 450,000 IDR from the airport. Shared shuttle buses in the Kuta area are around 180,000 IDR per person.source from TRIPCANVAS Bali traveling.
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